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Which Chinese movie series should I watch? I want your opinion! [Copy link] 中文

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crazy stone, you may feel very good

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Originally posted by izzyfish at 2006-8-12 23:26

Those are what I love.

I also like the 雍正王朝. As I mentioned earlier that I didn't update my list before posting. As a result, 雍正王朝 was not crossed out. I haven't watched the rest of your recommendations yet. I bet they are good. I will add to my list for future reference. Thank you for sharing your favorites.

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Originally posted by firefly1982 at 2006-8-13 00:04
crazy stone, you may feel very good

Is "crazy stone" a new movie? Please elaborate. Thanks.

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My Recommendation List

Hi Birdy, I will give you my recommendation list. Since some good movies are already recommended by others, I just pick out some which are not mentioned above but are really too good to miss. They are of different themes and styles.

437 粉红女郎(39) Pink Lady, based on a famous caricature by Zhu De Yong, a portrayal of 4 lovely girls, their life, love and adventures. The highlights are the performance of Liu Ruoying(also appeared in 人间四月天,as the arranged wife of Xu Zhi Mo. She is one of the most talented and elegant actresses of these days. By the way, I recommend 天下无贼(A world without thief), by Liu and Andy Lau, a very good movie) and you can see her superb performance and elegance. Another highlight of the play is Chen Hao, a rising, beautiful star, her part in the play made her famous overnight.

230 恩情(26)Gratitude. It is based on a true event. 3 newborns were mixed up by a careless nurse, the 3 families all live in the same city and when the kids grow up, they discovered the mistake and tried to correct it. But it is much more complicated than they think, it calls for reflection on love, forgiveness, family and so much more.

215 长征 Long March(24)  You can know the content from the name, it is said to be a good one, but I have not seen it myself. I recommend it to you as I think you may be interested in the Long March.

238 青衣(24)(the demure middle-aged or young female character part in Chinese operas) It is about the dream and life of a talented actress. She worked so hard all her life to get the lead part, her life and love are all affected by her persistent of arts, you will find that it is a life similar to some people just around us.

331 过把瘾(8)It is based on a novel by the famous writer Wang Shuo and it is a hit in 1990s and reflects the life of early 1990s. It is worth seeing.

307 上海滩 (16) It is a all time classic of TVB and is starred by Chow Yun Fat and Zhao Yazhi. It is about gangs in old Shanghai. The handsome and manly Zhou and elegant Zhao stole the hearts of millions of people. They are one of the best actors and most beautiful people in my mind. It is a must see.

316 空镜子(28)It is a hit in 2001 and has been aired again and again since then. It is about 2 daughters of an average Beijing family, their pursuit of love and a better life. They are different, the elder sister is sort of a material girl, beautiful and cunning, the younger sister is a pure and lovely girl. It is one of the best TV series in recent years and all of their performance, even the supporting parts are also impressive. The play is imbued with a thick Beijing culture and the life of ordinary people is vividly presented to you. You will find your heart always feels warm when you see it. I like it very much, the music and theme song are also very beautiful. Seeing the play you will be immersed in the Beijing life.

4183 话说长江(8) Yangtze River It is a documentary about the Yangtze River, and if you are a geography lover, I recommend you to see it. Many inaccessible places of the origin of Yangtze River is filmed in the documentary, snowed covered mountains, permanent frozen earth on Tibetan Plateau, famous mountains, cultural relics, key ports and cities on the river are all covered.

509 东北一家人(20) A household of Northeast China. People in Northeast China have a unique accent, their language is very humorous. This is an indoor comedy and many people can not help laughing from the beginning to the end when seeing it.

610 篱笆女人和狗(12) Fence, women and dog. It is a hit in 1990s and I still think it is a classic TV series. It is about the rural life in Northeast China and is well worth seeing.

中国失离婚(23)A Chinese Style Divorce. It is a very influential TV series of 2004 and is starred by Chen Dao Ming and Jiang Wen Li. Both are outstanding actors. It is about love, distrust, mid life crisis and divorce. As the title suggests, it is a Chinese style divorce. The TV is shot in the beautiful seaside city Qingdao, but most of the backgrounds are black and gray, as are the moods of the protagonists and viewers. Sometimes I feel heart-wrenched when seeing it, but I just could not stop viewing it. It is really too good.

The following are 3 influential manly military theme TV series

507 历史的天空(36)The Sky of History. I missed the chance to see it, but it won wide acclaim. So I recommend it to you.

710 激情燃烧的岁月(22)I can not think of a suitable English name for it. It is a hit of recent years and depicts a military officer, his specially arranged marriage in that special era, his complex about the army, his marriage in the old age, his children and their choice in life. (many army officers are still single and did not have the chance to get married during the war, the leaders helped to arrange marriage for them. It is typical after the liberation of China). I give it a 5 star rating.

亮剑 It is not in your list and it is a hit of last year. It is also a 5-star rating TV series.

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Reply #38 thunderbird's post

Yes,it's a new movie and a good choice for relaxation.I just watched it last night.There are many funny coincidences that push the story forward.You can also hear some dialects in it,such as Chongqing dialect,Hebei dialect,Shandong dialect and the like.

The motto of the movie:"I didn't know Nike is producing cameras."--The man mistook Nikon for Nike.

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Originally posted by thunderbird at 2006-8-12 00:48

Thank you for your detailed descriptions and recommendations. You truely took me through an excellent movie preview of all the wonderful movies. I will mark them all down for my must-watch list ...

You're welcome:)
Now I see how good it is being a student
Sometimes I stay up watching a series and could finish it in one day and a half

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Originally posted by thunderbird at 2006-8-12 00:59

...I bet my wife would love to watch this movie...

Hope she'll like it
Many who have watched it would like to go to that small town and see if they could find such love:)..........including me

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