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How do Chinese study English? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by a__lucky_boy at 2006-8-6 22:50
...the fact is that many Chinese study English even from preliminary school and when they graduate from U ...

So you're focusing on the spoken part, ha?
As far as I'm concerned, they can't speak well because they don't speak often or because they don't have many chances to be corrected. Teachers usually  focus on the reading and writing part since they don't have much time in class and they make up a greater part in exams Accordingly, students spend most of their time in these parts and when they realize that speaking problem, it's already late or it has come to a time when bettering their oral English would be difficult.
I also agree that imitation helps a lot. The saying goes that "ractice makes perfect" but I'd say "erfect practice makes perfect".

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Reply #6 candy123's post

hmmm, really an interesting idea.
makes me think about what good English is. Is it when you're speaking like a native speaker of English or when you're speaking with your own accent?  = =
what do you guys think?

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Originally posted by candy123 at 2006-8-8 22:05
Freakyqi - you seem to believe the best way to learn English is via native speakers. Why? Doesn't people from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Thailand speak good English without resorting to the native (Caucasian) slang? You still can be great in English without losing your national identity. Must we slang like the native speakers (to be good in English)? To them it is their identity. So it seems you believe that slanging is a part of the English language?! Zhu Rongji & Lee Kuan Yew, educated in US & UK respectiovely, speak excellant English with their Chinese accents, Both are well-regarded worldwide. I don't think they will be respected if they were to slang their English. Learning Chinese from the Chinese is NOT necesssary, 100% correct....just because they speak so fluently, flowery & what I heard many people said about the lao wai's English. Must be first-class......then why are they here???

I didn't say anything about slang or national identity. I wouldn't want to learn too much slang in any language. And I can learn Chinese from Chinese people without losing my national identity. Maybe I just don't understand what you mean by "national identity".

But yes, I do believe the best way to learn any language is from native speakers of that language, or from people who are near-native. In the initial stages of learning it may not be as important, but if you want to sound native, then you must listen to native speakers. I was lucky enough to have some Chinese people helping me learn Chinese from Day 1 of my interest, and as a result I am always complimented on my pronunciation, even though I still know few words and consider myself to only know "survival level" Chinese. When I spoke just 1-2 sentences in Chinese to waitresses, shopkeepers, etc in China, they would start jabbering away quickly in Chinese to me, thinking I knew how to speak it, when in fact I had only memorized those few sentences and didn't understand their fast lengthy responses. I was hoping to only hear yes or no.

I don't know those people you mentioned, but you said they were educated in the US & UK, so you can see that maybe their English is so good because they heard it every day from many different native speakers.

There's nothing wrong with having a Chinese accent in your English, but wouldn't you want your pronunciation to be as good as possible, to have the least risk of people misunderstanding you? And accents aside, there are other things like tones of voice, stressed syllables, etc, that make a dialogue sound more natural rather than forced or robotic.

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Originally posted by chris-k at 2006-8-9 02:29
hmmm, really an interesting idea.
makes me think about what good English is. Is it when you're speaking like a native speaker of English or when you're speaking with your own accent?  = =
what do ...

I don't think having an accent is a problem or looked down upon unless it interferes with people understanding you. We should all try to sound as clear as possible, with the best pronunciation possible, in my opinion. But a small accent is no big deal.

I think what makes GOOD English is: using the right words, the correct verb tense, etc.

What makes you sound more NATIVE or FLUENT is: good pronunciation, use of contractions, appropriate words (sometimes Chinese people choose "big words" when smaller ones are more natural), understanding of some common idioms, unusual phrases, some common acceptable "slang" if you will be among average people (not necessarily vulgar language, and you don't have to use it, but you will hear it, so you should just be aware of it)


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International English

Apart from American English and British English, there is a new term called "International English".

Lot of people, like Japanese, Korean and Chinese do not have chance to communicate with British and Amercian, but they do use English to communicat.  They understand each other, they negotiate their business contract and exchange emails in English.  See their web sites in English if they want to deal with foreigners who are neither  English nor American, they may be French and Italy etc.

They more you practise, they more you understand each other.

We are in the age of International English.


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everything in the world is supposed to be handled in simple and natural other words..each thing has its own law to follow in its development...learning a foreign language is no exception...i dont think there is a short-cut in english learning...practice is the only way the proverb says: practice makes perfect...

learning a foregn language is just like doing chinese takes time and energy...u are supposed to have daily contact with the language...exactly the same way u do with chinese kongfu before u are able to master it...

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Originally posted by a__lucky_boy at 2006-8-6 22:50
"English is easy to learn,Chinese is hard to learn",I Know many people say that ,but the fact is that many Chinese study English even from preliminary school and when they graduate from U ...

yeah, this is a fact that also exsists in my classmates around me,,
they learn the english just for the test, for the certificate of CET,,,,,
i learn it not only for the test but most important is i love language .

i think reyquer  said
read it aloud. do not read it fast
this is the good way for learning, do u remember the "Crazy english" ??
the highlight is to read alound and concentrate.

also like freakyqi  said
I think it really takes spending time with native speakers.

exchanges are a good idea
it is, but for some  students who stay in  the school that  has not this condition,
they just can depend on themselves.

when i was in middle school, we had not this condition, we just praticed with each other,
but the chance was rare cos  most of my classmates didn't like to practice.

when i was in the colleage, i had the chance to practice with our foreign  teacher who is from British.
but  not everyday, cos we just had 2 oral english lessons per week.
So,everytime when we had the lessons, i'd like to talk with him, while other classmates didn't like.
i was nervours when my first time to talk  with native english speaker,
but my teacher encouraged us ,also my interest, i love english more and more...

  i think listening radio also helps a lot,,,,,,, like english evening(every everning at 9:00-10:00), BBC,,,,,,,
when we want to practice, we can listen more ,  try to speak more,
or can pratice with ourselves, sometimes i will do like that, and i think it's not bad,
  of course it's better if  we have chance to talk with native speakers  but if we have not the chance,
  we still can practise with our mates, there will be sb's english is excellent ,i think.:)
  and  we also can learn from others.
  we can compare the speaker's pronounce  in the tape/CD/DVD/ radio,
  and try our best to learn how to say ,
  as long as we listen and read more with our mind, our writing will improve  gradually,,,,,,:)

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