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The "Good" Behavior of Foreigners in China [Copy link] 中文

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A foreign man scattered massive coins to deliberately lure Chinese passers-by to pick them up in order to wait for an opportunity to take photos in Jintai Road of Chaoyang District in Beijing at 4 p.m. on Monday.

What he has done has aroused popular indignation. Finally, he had to pick up the coins by himself and left in a panic.

The matter lasted less than five minutes, when a crowd of people queued for buses beside the bus station sign at the Northern intersection of Hongmiao Road in Jintai Road. Mr. Mei was one of them.

Mr. Mei recalled that the foreigner was a young man with golden hair and blue eyes. He wore a Chinese old green military uniform with a "Lei Feng" army man's cap. The foreigner came with a young woman who also had blond hair and blue eyes and an Asian man.

"The woman wore a red cheongsam, and the Asian man a white T-shirt," said Mr. Mei.

The two foreigners both with blond hair carried a camera and took photos all around before the matter happened. Suddenly, the foreign man threw numerous coins to the crowd as well as pointing at these coins to an old man who has been picking up mineral water jars at the roadside. Afterwards, the two foreigners begin to photograph standing over 5 meters away.

There were over 30 coins thrown on the ground, both Renminbi and foreign currency, both Fen and Jiao coins.

"You insult the Chinese."

"Pick up the money."

"Get out of China."

The crowd waiting for the bus was filled with righteous indignation, and the scolding sound continued.

"Even if you throw 100 Yuan, 1,000 Yuan, 10,000 Yuan or much more, nobody would pick it up," said an old woman pointing at the foreign man.

The foreign man responded with low stiff Chinese, "Are you not Chinese beggars? Why don't you pick up the coins?"

What the foreign man said was heard clearly by Mr. Mei and other surrounding people. They encircled the man immediately. Some of them raised their fists in a rage.

On witnessing people's indignation, the three foreigners hurried to bend their waists and picked up the coins scattered by the foreign man. Meanwhile, they tried to flee towards the outside of the crowd. Finally, they left in a panic.

There was still a cent coin left on the scene after the incident.

The Chinese old man carrying a plastic bag with mineral water jars inside it, whom the foreign man had once tried to lure to pick up the coins, has the surname Tu.

He said, he is a retired worker and doesn't live by picking up jars but exchanging it for some pocket money for himself.

Referring to the insult from the foreign man, he said in a rage, "He just wants to insult the Chinese. However the Chinese would not pick up the coins."

By People's Daily Online

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By the way

the one with an Asian look in the article is probably a Singaporian,

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Just another "Hate'Story' Mr.HateLaowai

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Originally posted by teadrinker at 2006-8-4 09:46
Just another "Hate'Story' Mr.HateLaowai

WOW? Very good behavior. Mr. HateChinese!

So you think the Laiwai's behavior in the news story is a good one, do you?

So if reporting how badly foreigners behave in China, it's a "hate" story... what a logic?

Hey, I quoted word by word from Peope's Daily. :)

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definately singaporean...ha ha ha we got to BRIBE cooperate with us..

and to think, how hard MALAYANS try with SUCH neighbours!

Thank you China for paying off, bribing the nasty LIONs "off our Malayan backs"!

thank you China!
thank you China!

Green Dragon
Third Force

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The three scumbags are probably Western news media staff

Like CNN, BBC, VOA, they wanted to create distorted news about China.

They would write: "Chinese are hungry!", etc.etc.

The Asian man is probably Singaporean, hmmmm, a jap dressed as a "Chinese descedent'?

Let the green worm enlighten us who that Asian man really was.   Perhaps, also a worm.

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This is the worst you could come up with?

Could it be that foreigners are generally well-behaved in China?:)

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