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I am very confused about that why Taiwan do not want to return [Copy link] 中文

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mengzhi, one more thing

Raymond gave me an answer of why he is in America, but you haven't said anything about why you migrated to the UK from your motherland China. I know you are thinking that it's none of my business, which is true, just like how the Taiwan issue is also none of your business because you are no longer a Chinese citizen.

If you want to give your inputs, get the facts right first!

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You are being a hypocrite.  I form my own independent opinions regardless of what other media, countries, entities, organizations, and political parties have to say, not say, edit, or not edit.  Just because someone may want to brainwash you, doesn’t mean you are brainwashed, especially if you are intelligent enough to form your own opinions.  See the difference?  

I’m quite capable of forming my own opinions independently.  That’s part of the reason why I’m here, because I don’t need anyone to tell me, show me, or influence me on how to think and form my own independent opinions.  I can do that myself, thank you very much!  

When you label others as “brainwashed” just because they do not agree with you, you are guilty of hypocritically doing the same thing that you lament others not to do.   Contrastingly, I’ve always supported open, vigorous debate, without censorship, but I do accept the editorial policies here, since I’m just a guest.  

The term “Taidu”, loosely translated just means Taiwanese Independence.  It is appropriately descriptive.  You could have cited better examples of name-calling.  

Anyway, this is only a BBS, so chill out, and don’t take things so seriously.  I hope for your sake, that you have enough positive affirmations going on in your life, that even if someone was calling you a name here, it is no big deal.  I don’t care what others call me here since I already get enough positive affirmations in my life outside of this forum.  A colorful exchange actually adds some real life to this BBS, since the real world is not always a sanitized, polite, and diplomatic place.  It’s not always a bad thing to have some true grit, instead of false diplomacy and fake politeness.

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You are the hypocrite that enjoys riding on the CCP bandwagon, that's why you come in here and write so many posts, which just so happen to be bolded and put on top of the "recommended posts". Only the hypocrite would enjoy voicing in a hypocritical forum: you get positive affrimation from posting here because you feel like your view is very popular among the moderators. Whereas in real life, especially in the west, where you prefer to live, people could care less about what you say. Get a life!

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for raymond usa

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What the Moderators do is their business.   I don’t control which postings become pinned.  You should take that issue up with the Moderators if it is that important to you.  I don’t take these BBS seriously, but it sure looks like you do.  I much rather you focus on more important issues, instead of which postings get pinned.  

Before you lament about other people, do check your own hypocritical actions here.  You claimed I’ve been hypocritical, yet you cannot give me examples of it.  What CD, CPP, or others do is their business.  I’m not responsible for what third parties decide to do, or not do.  What examples can you give me where you think I’ve been hypocritical?     Be specific!

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Gi Joe:

Whatever joe.  You are the guy stuck in sacto.  How pathetic that you cannot live in some place better!  It is so sad and pitiful that your Governor doesn't even want to live there.  I understand you are just a sixth class bear hunter.  If you were somebody, why reduce yourself to just sacto, as in sacto11.   Hah!

Joe, you are sounding more and more like a pathetic white guy, the type of white guy that has the Asian fetish.  You claimed you are Taiwanese, yet you can't read Chinese.  Hum.    Then you disclosed that you are a bear hunter.  Hum.   A Taiwanese bear hunter?   Yeah right!  Then you use the interracial card.  A Taiwanese using the interracial card?     

There are white guys who are so pathetic, and desperate to feel better about themselves that they pull out the familiar interracial card, like what redneck joe just did.   

Let look at the facts:  

White guys cannot say they are more educated than Asian guys.  Look at the census, and go to any first class prestigious university in America and you will see overwhelming representation of Asians.  It’s no secret Asians generally excel in education.  Whites are second to Asians.  

White guys cannot say they are richer.  Look at the census, as Asian Americans have the highest per capita income, and medium household income.  White are second to Asians.

White guys cannot say they are better in relationships.  Look at the divorce statistics in America.  Whites have the highest divorce rates, and Asians have the lowest divorce rates.   

These facts are easily verifiable by census and other databases.  Women, please pay attention.  Redneck joe has just reduced women to chattel status.  He is so desperate to feel good about his kind that he looks at women as a form of one upsmanship.  What a creep!  Redneck joe is revealing how he sees women.  He knows factually he cannot compete with Asians, and that is why he retreated to the familiar redneck retort, the interracial card.   

I’m sure you still don’t get this point, and how you gave yourself away, but real smart Taiwanese got it!

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for raymondusa

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