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I am very confused about that why Taiwan do not want to return [Copy link] 中文

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Entertainment centre.

Dear arthur,

Froth is our residential pet clown. He is an offering from across the Pacific and his special talents include being a fool without trying. He demostrated repeatedly what the American education failure is all about ; cannot spell, cannot string two phrases together and has no clue as to what the world is about. He however is unabashed and unembarassed about showing his ignorance. In fact he wears it like a badge of honour. I like the guy, who with his twin Fish would often make Abbott and Costello old flicks look like a serious sunday sermon. Watch this space for furthur entertainment and more inane prattle. Cheers .:)

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Meng trying to avoid the truth

Originally posted by mengzhi at 28-7-2006 03:03

Polls ? Are you this desperate that you are grasping for some two bit poll result to support whatever you wish to support ? For a man who dismissed the encyclopaedia Britannica as " unreliable " you should stay well clear of straw poll results. You can conduct one yourself today and tell me by tomorrow that 100% of Taiwanese want to migrate to the UK

Why are you so obsessed with the Encyclopaedia Britannica? Is it the basis of your "understanding" of the world, and thus are rattled that anything you think could possibly wrong? I think you really have put too much faith in it. Well, if you're a schoolkid who needs to look up some info quickly (because he hasn't done his homework) then it is a useful resource. But if you're approaching a topic seriously, you shouldn't rely upon it for everything. How many people being interviewed on TV do you see quoting from it? None that I can remember!

And I couldn't conduct a poll like that if I interviewed a sufficiently large enough part of the population. Polls can be extremely useful - an average taken from the ICM polls predicted the share of the vote at the last UK general election. How far have Taiwanese polls been out for elections? If they're fairly accurate, they should also be able to research the feelings of Taiwanese on unification.

You can tell me this actually. If you look at the present parliament ( yuan) numbers, there are more opposition MPs than government members

So? Whether or not people want unification is not the only thing they vote about. People will vote KMT because they think the country will do better under it. But the KMT has shown it won't unify under any circumstances and has meaty preconditions that China has no chance of meeting for many, many years to come. And whether there is unification would be up to Taiwanese people in a referendum, so they can vote KMT without having to worry about Ma making their minds up for them.

Besides the DPP has almost as many members in the Yuan as the KMT. Yet I do not believe everyone that votes DPP wants formal independence. The economic management of the country is almost always the top deciding factor.
"People are the water, the ruler is the boat; water can carry the boat, but it can also capsize it."

-- Li Shimin (2nd Tang Emperor, "Taizong")

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There are so many relations in Taiwan internal and outer,People's belief,Parties struggle and international press,but these factors must be lead to a conclusion:who will benefits people most,who will win the people,may  be that bypassed china have a fear impression in Taiwanese,but it is turning change now,althought still can not compared with 'USA democracy' in some parts,but china has its own cultural and traditional.It seems that that is too difficult to get a standard rule in such a instant time,I believe in the wisdom'Development is more importand'.

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they prove my point again

I really find people like mengzhi amazing because he can keep on arguing with you based on the wrong info..... 18 billions dollars annually, what a baichi.... and if it wasn't for Taiwan's democracy, the moron CSB would have paid that 18 billion dollars to Uncle Sam already. So for those of you bashing Taiwan's democracy, you really have no idea because it actually puts the CCP in a better position to by-pass the leader and reach directly into the Taiwanese people.

At the end of the day, people like mengzhi still doesn't understand what it means to tolerate other people's view. A baichi is someone doens't have the ability to interpret a piece of information when it is presented right in front of him. A baich is not someone whose opinions differ from yours!

And about that argument about POLLs between mengzhi and mencius, if you conduct a poll today asking the mainlanders if they want to migrate to the USA, I can and will tell you by tomorrow 100% of the people surveyed want to migrate to the USA. And just taking a guy like mengzhi for example, if you are so patriotic about China, then why are you in the UK? Why don't you go back? Why don't you go join the PLA and attack Taiwan?

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chinese abroad have no idea

those of you chinese living abroad holding the citizenship or permanent residencies of other countries have no rights to comment on the taiwan issue because whatever happens it probably won't affect you anyhow.

i would like people like mengzhi and raymondusa to tell me how taiwan's status affects their lives.

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for arthur

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