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what type of woman do u expect me to be? [Copy link] 中文

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Travelbug's life is on here

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Originally posted by johnyou at 2006-7-27 02:09
go back to yr sudy and consult yr dictionary before u respond to my post next time... (joking too)

ur joke doesnt make sense... as i was not reponding to ur post... why did u quote mine anyway?
- We don't dwell on the past, we remember it.

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Originally posted by theconfused at 2006-7-28 01:03

ur joke doesnt make sense... as i was not reponding to ur post... why did u quote mine anyway?

I guess he/she was talking to me.

In my view, language is a living being. So let me present more perspectives on the term "Sassy" for the viewers. One definition from the "American English (informal)" is a bit narrow.

Actually, the word "sassy" is a very interesting word. In order to collect some live samples, I did some clickings and collected some samples from Canadians and Americans regarding the daily/common usuage of the term "Sassy" from a site called Yahoo! Answers. Canada. Those samples represent a wider range of usage in real life. They are also entertaining and fun stuff too. I hope we can all be amused by the examples. Please see examples as follows:

Examples of the term “Sassy” being used by common people in Canada and the States. Answers came from different walks of life.       

1)what does Sassy mean??

Sexy, assertive, self-assured, secure, and...insert positive adjective beginning with "y"...

2)Does anyone like the look sassy 4 yourself or 4 a friend?

Yes, I like to looks sassy for my fiancee and for myself. There is nothing wrong with looking sassy for yourself or anyone

3)Do most men like soft, feminine women or sassy,independe... women?

Different men like different types of women, naturally. Personally, I have always been fond of women who are somewhat unpredictable; capable of being soft and feminine sometimes, and sassy and independent other times. Many men are intrigued by versatility.

4)does any know anything about the book called Cold Sassy Tree?

Yes. I taught the novel for several years in high school English (10th grade). Read it. You will love it!!! It is an amazing story of a young boy coming of age in the South at the turn of the 20th Century in a small town called Cold Sassy. Bigotry, prejudice, love, acceptance, and fulfillment are among its themes. I highly recommend it to you.

5)GUYS: On a first date, what do you prefer...sweet or a bit sassy?

I understand that women are a little sassy initially because they get approached so much. Once I get past that shield, there is often a very sweet woman underneath, and that sweetness is what really melts my heart. Once you're out on a date, you should be way beyond that point of ball-busting; now it should be more about building trust and comfort.

6)why are girls so sassy?

becuz we have monthly problems and sum get aggervated ez!

7)Who thinks Kendra Leigh is one Sexy and sassy redhead?

Awwww Thank you Scott! You're making me blush! Very sweet of you. :) Big hugs!!! ~Kendra Leigh

PS...Thanks for the nice email, too! :)

And Thank you, Knitting Guy, for the nice compliment, too! ;)

8)Men how do you like your women? Sweet, sexy or sassy?
What are the most important characteristics a woman can have. Also, which physical attributes do you find most attractive. Yeah i know real beauty is on the inside.

beautiful eyes and a smile to match...that's what always catches my eyes first...

9)i have long hair and ite srait i want a diff. hairstyle i want something sexy and sassy. can someone help me?

try long or short layers, which ever one you perfer and a shampoo that will give you volume so it won't be to straight

10)What natural remedies have you found (which worked) for "hot flashes?" I need help! "Hot and Sassy" in Cali..

Started drinking soy milk (yes, it does taste good) comes sweetened, flavored, enriched, you name it.
Use it for cereal and also as a beverage. 8oz/day
Over a month, noticed a difference without any other changes in diet or any medications.
Hope it works for you.
Soy supposedly has 'phyto-estrogens'. Plant-based estrogen-like chemicals.

11)I don't fit my astrological sign?

Here are the cahrictaristics of the female Taurus- I am Virgo with Taurus rising, and I can say, Taurus- being an Earth sign is gentle in nature but can be very sassy and strong willed, mostly they are cautious and keep that hidden by appearing bombastic and balls-to-the-wall, but are gentle people underneath, they can even be quite shy people, but most are playful.

If you want to read more examples regarding the term "sassy", please look up the site yourself.

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I came across a cute, informative and interactive Chinese site ( Please check it out. Many materials are mirror images of some of the questions discussed in this forum. I have saved an excerpt form there to share with viewers as follows:

我是同性恋怎么办 [寄信]  [检举]
xiaobudianmabi [伴读书童]
提问时间:2006-07-19 02:19:32 ( 还有 4 天 投票到期 )  
赠点:10 阅览:0 回答:5 意见:1   

回答 开放投票中( 目前有 6 人投票 )   五音先生 [学士]
2006-07-19 02:22:06  [检举]




  1980年,《精神疾病诊断与统计手册》第三版(DSM—Ⅲ)不再视同性恋为精神疾病,但是自我认同困难同性恋 (ego—dystonic homosexuality),是指对自己同性恋取向不满意、且感到持续且明显的困扰者,仍归属于心性疾病(psychosexual disorder)的一种。另根据世界卫生组织出版之《国际疾病分类》(ICD—9),亦特别注明「同性恋」已被取消,但是「自我认同困难同性恋」仍列入疾病项目中。一般而言,无论是男同性恋或是女同性恋,除非是他自己亲口告诉你他的性取向,否则一个人的性取向是一种心理活动,无法从个人的行为表现加以判断。其实同性恋与异性恋一样,拥有正常的智商、工作能力与表现,只是爱恋的对象是与其性别相同的人罢了!换句话说,只要对自己同性性取向能认同者,皆如一般正常人一样,同性恋不再被认为是精神异常的行为。







淡蓝色 [饱学秀才]
2006-07-19 03:37:02  [检举]
shiyong50 [进士]
2006-07-19 07:11:47  [检举]
安安 [宰相]
2006-07-19 07:13:07  [检举]
jsszwjfzp [伴读书童]
2006-07-19 19:54:50  [检举]
不好 认识,我想问问你是男的还是女的啊,  

意见[其它]  shea [举人] 2006-07-19 14:45:44  [检举]

Hope you enjoy!:)

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