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Worse case of... [Copy link] 中文

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I was about to put down "Worse Case of Chinglish" when I realized what I had in mind cannot be qualified as Chinglish. It cannot be called broken English or pidgin English; in fact, it is more like gibberish.

Let's see if you can understand the following. (Amazingly the author, and some of the super-moderators and moderators of that forum can--or at least pretend they can. This is a set of rules for their English forum.)
A. [ the 69English ] of not summit to restrict in a quantity in hair, but must value the quantity.Not swollen because we hope 69 the sky of literature areases are gorgeous, pure but not the  is muddy!Strictly forbid the water!Once hair contain aqueous and suspect !The all strict do not treat!

Two.Do not want deletion own a son of the random or replies as far as possible.Because relation that this forum system establishes, delete an a son or replies, the system will button up 10 centses automatically!  

A post  from the same forum.

The farthest distance in the world ………………
The remotest distance is not in the world ; Raw and dead but; I stand in front of you; But you do not know that I love you ...
...The remotest distance is not in the world ; It is unable to keep out this burst to miss obviously ; It but must pretend on purpose it place on in the heart at all you but; Use one's own cold and detached heart; Have dug a piece of irrigation canals and ditches that can't be crossed over to the person who loves you !!
Another similar post on the same subject (and of course, with an insistance that this Chinese poetry written by relay, is a work of Tagore.)

On the boundary farthest distance
Is not to living with die

I guess it takes special talent to write them.

The first thing to do to get rid of incomprehensible English is to raise people to the level of being able to tell what's right from wrong. What I failed to understand is why  when so many students in China are encouraged to memorize the gospel according to Alexander (*),  they still fail to even recognize non-English.
(* New Concept in English.)

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The worse case might be the art of machine translation?

Recitation or memorization approach is popularly employed in language teaching classes even though it used to be abandoned or regarded as obsolete. It is generally a good way to learn a foreign language ,but memorizing the passages from NCE(new concept english) is one thing, knowing how to use the active lexis is another thing. Most of the recitation is rigid,mechanic and broken. It is really a great pity to see so many Chinese studnets spend so much time on English but what they have achieve does not match their efforts at all.

We need more competent teachers of English, besides much more idiomatic reading materials instead of innumerable gibberish rubish. Teach them to be critical and give them proper advice since some learners  are addicted to such fake bilingual versions and reciting them Proudly.

I don't know what to do with such cases either. Can reading more make a big difference?

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they will add a few grey hairs to everybody, so i assumed.
It is important that man dreams, but it is perhaps equally important that he can laugh at his own dreams...............5555

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compared with listening, reading and writing i personally reckon speaking is more difficult.

i have been to an english-speaking country for almost a month and i still feel to speak english fluently is

beyond me. perhaps i need more time to try to think in an english way.

don't know when i can speak english fluently and appropriately. hope soon~

welcome to give me tips on learning spoken english!

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