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Hezbollah leader apologizes, but Jews don't !!! [Copy link] 中文

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Hezbollah leader apologizes for attack's child victims
Nasrallah: Militant group not harmed by Israeli attacks

Thursday, July 20, 2006; Posted: 10:28 p.m. EDT (02:28 GMT)

(CNN) -- Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah apologized for an attack that killed two Israeli Arab children in northern Israel, saying the youngsters were "martyrs for Palestine."

In a Thursday interview with Arabic-language news network Al-Jazeera, Nasrallah accepted responsibility for the Wednesday attack, while conceding that an apology to the family was not sufficient.

"To the family that was hit in Nazareth -- on my behalf and my brothers', I apologize to this family," he said.

"Some events like that happen. At any event, those who were killed in Nazareth, we consider them martyrs for Palestine and martyrs for the nation. I pay my condolences to them."

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Over the past few years Israel has killed around 900
Palestinian children. It was shown in most cases
that  the killings were professional, through the heart
or head as if done deliberately. It does appear that
Israel kills children as a terror tactic

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Caption for the pic above

Two brothers waited Sunday at a hospital in Tyre, Lebanon. Three of their relatives died while fleeing north when their van was struck by an Israeli missile.

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Ye, and when

Israeli childrens goes to school on the bus, and some palestine explodes on that bus, thats cool he?
When students in the north of israel get bombed from lebanon rockets on their way, thats cool he?
When old ppl are shopping in markets in tel aviv and jerusalem, and some suicide bomber ----s their and their family life, thats cool he?

Well, as an x-army man, I can say that they are bull----ting you. do you really think that we bomb children, on purpuse? There are some mistakes, but when a missille louncher is aimed twards israel, ready to lounch, and they put a few kids around it, do we suppose to spure the kids and let them shoot at us? We are fighting terror, that one day will get to your country, and then you will see why we were right. we worned them many times. we gave them time to leave theyre villages. Now we will flatten it down. Village by Village. every person that is holdin a gun against us will go down, and i dont give a damn how old is he.

Israel dont need to apologise that Israel exist.

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the state of israel was founded on terrorism

Originally posted by israeli at 2006-7-24 17:19
Israeli childrens goes to school on the bus, and some palestine explodes on that bus, thats cool he?
When students in the north of israel get bombed from lebanon rockets on their way, thats cool h ...

between 1938-1945 the zionist leaders in palestine directed three terrorist organisations, the haganah, the irgun and the stern gang. many of israel's leaders were drawn from the ranks of these terrorists.
these organisations conducted a campaign of terror against members of the british armed forces, british police, palestinian police, and the palestinian civilian population.
this campaign included political assassinations, the taking of hostages, sending parcel bombs to england, planting remote-control detonated land mines, planting bombs in arab market places and cafes, blowing up buildings, goverment offices, police stations, railway stations, hotels, and arab houses, throwing bombs into passing cars and into arab crowds... yes... you taught the palestinians well...

in 1948 the zionist leaders launched their premeditated plan to expel the palestinians from palestine and to usurp their homes, lands, and possessions. they commited massacres throughout palestine, they erased hundreds of small arab towns and villages and converted them into jewish settlements, they destroyed, desecrated and usurped muslim holy places.

israeli terrorists (past and present) are praised as national heros.

whether or not you admit to targeting civilians is beside the point... israel has killed far more civilians than the palestinians have.
and you can't deny the fact that israel is very deliberately targeting lebanese civilian infrastructure, which (as l've said elsewhere) is clearly a war crime.
you say you "warned them" to leave their homes, yet when they heed this warning they still run the risk of being targeted.
hezbollah conducted a raid into israel to capture two soldiers (legitimate targets) in order to bargain for the release of some of the thousands of arab men, women, and children being held in israeli prisons. israel has responded with typical heavy handedness.

personally, l hope hezbollah can get their hands on precision guided munitions so that they can lauch some "surgical strikes" of their own...

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