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Genghis Khan and the Mongols in China? Good or bad? [Copy link] 中文

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Hello All,

I am doing a report on Genghis Khan and the Mongols in their first crucial years in China from 1206 till 1279 when Kubla Khan fully conquered China.

We are taught that they were viewed as evil, ruthless and blood thirsty barbarians.

But some historians say that the Chinese viewed them more of visionists (wise leaders) because of their superior military tactics and they had a very efficient way of doing commerce (business) all over the world.

Please tell me what the Chinese now in this present day view them?


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Those historians are wrong. They were seen as the invaders they really were, and they never learned the Chinese culture and customs. It is one thing to conquer China, another to rule it. This is what many have learned the hard way.

Contemporary Chinese don't think of the Kahn when they see a Mongolian, they see him/her as an ethnic minority in China, a Chinese just like everybody else, although not of the Han majority. The same is true of the Nüzhen, the Manzu and other ethnicties that once conquered and ruled China for a while.

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This is one historical problem of the inside country.China is a nation of multiracial fusion.The written Chinese turns to have the biggest attraction, it all draws on each races to come in.A forerunner's civilization has the strength of this kind of culture more.


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wait until........outer mongolia comes back.........


before we start talking, ok ?
It is important that man dreams, but it is perhaps equally important that he can laugh at his own dreams...............5555

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Kubla Khan

Kubla Khan is overall a wise leader,say Chinese historians.

When Kubla Khan was very young, he had already begun recruiting talent, and learned modestly knowledge of governance. In the year of 1260, he became the Khan. He did make some of the state's political reform. Year 1271, he changed the national title from “Mongolian State” to "Great Yuan", which was definitely a significant development during the transition from the Mongolian to Great Yuan dynasty. This was also an important step towards Chinese localization of Mongolia's national system.

After he unified China,he began to reform the old system,and tried to  establish a system of the feudal dynasties trunk centralized system. Khan's political, economic reforms helped a lot to recover the long-term war-torn economy of the Central Plains.

Unfortunately,during his last period of ruling, he became increasingly conservative. He began to alienate Han Chinese. Political reform went to a halt. He also launched several wars of aggression, most of which ended up in failure. All those brought great disaster to the people.

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China's history is hardly for the chinese to see it correctly. it has become a rule rather than an exception. even official historians could give you very shocking answers on china's hisotry.

if you ask the famous historian Fan wen lan 范文澜, he would tell you that the Song dynasty's rule was too corrupted, any nation had the right to overthrow and replace it. So the Mongols becoming the master of the Chinese was historically a step forward.

I am of the opinion that Chinese should read history written by westerners whose minds are not totally corrupted by Marxism.
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History itself is not easy to explain

As we all know, It's the fact that makes the grasp of laws possible that a similar phenomenon happens again and again. However,the causal link of social phenomenons usually don't have as much universality as a natural phenomenon,History covers most part of social phenomenons. Also,due to different intent of different persons, the causal links between things can be interpreted differently. It's not easy for one to see the true face of history,let alone to work out the law of history.To make the situation more complex, despite that certain basic facts or types shared by different historical events, the content of each one is always so different.

Marxism history is just another way of explaining history.Time will prove it right or wrong.But we Chinese are simply too addicted to it.

Fan Wen-lan and other Maximum historians are not so popular among university students,but they still have a great influnce on high-school students,whose history textbooks are written following Marxism.

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