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Self-defense or terrorist action? [Copy link] 中文

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You don't care about hundreds of innocent civilians killed in order to free two "kidnapped" soldiers, then, why would you "care" about north koreans being starved? Isn't your eco-sanction DIRECTLY responsible for their dire situation? and what about the cubans?

GET LOST gringo!

You are not welcome everywhere.

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Imagine, for a moment, that, wait, the every life analogy doesn't really work here....forgot, China...

Anyway, last time I checked Hezbollah IS part of the Lebanese government. Same way Hamas is the Palistinian government. The stuff in Gaza and Lebanon basically is where a soverign power (Gaza, you might be able to debate) invaded a country and took its citizens from non-disputed territory. Israel had withdrawn from Lebanon 6 years ago so nothing about occupation at all. What they did is an act of war, going into another state and abducting its soldiers. Last time I checked, China and the USSR almost went to (nuclear) war over something similar in the late 60's. But since it's the Jews, who cares, right? Just kill them all, they're just anglos who're taking the land from the rightful onwers, right?

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Hey you ugly evil jew

You forgot before Hamas "kidnapped" a soldier, MANY innocent civilians including a family on a beach were killed in GAZA  by Israeli missiles (and only after that did Hamas declare an end to ceasefire)!!

How convenient!!

The world has been shown once again that Jews are evil, and Jews don't respect human lives.

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Um....Human Rights Watch could find nothing to descredit the IDF's report that if anything it was either a misfired Hamas missile or unexploded ordinance. You know, a non-biased orginization and all...

And you're still dodging the question on Lebanon. Oh, and you seem to not be making a distinction between Israel and the Jews, kinda just a little racist....unless you do think that all Jews are actually evil...

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how do you compare "racists" with murderers in Israel?

Are "racists" so much worse than murderers in Israel with the fresh blood of hundreds of innocent lebanese on their hands?


Again you have shown to us that Jews are evil, and Jews don't respect human lives.


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Oh yes, you've caught us, we're the ones that killed 12 million in the Holocaust, the 30 million in the Great Leap Forward, the 50 million during Stalin's reign, the million in Sudan and Rwanda, the 5 million in the Congo, the thousands by the Jordanians in Black September, the 25,000 by the Syrians in Lebanon, the other 35,000 by the Syrians in Hama, the thousands by the Russians in Chechnya, and everything else. Yep, you've found us out. We're evil and Satan....

Ooooh, can't forget Cambodia, or the Crusades, or the Pogroms, Jews so evil they're killing themselves. Or the Mongols, Jews were behind that too. I mean, only 200 in Lebanon, we can sooooo so better. I mean, for god sakes, we're even warning them to leave. We've deffinitely slipped in our pure evil...

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Jews are liars as shown clearly by you here, just-mice (with a fat nose).

Hitler should have gassed you once and for all.

The world would be a much more peaceful place.

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