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10 Most Useful Phrases for Foreigner in Beijing [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by diogenes at 2006-6-15 04:45
Sorry if I sounded like an ugly American, but near the end of one tiring day in Beijing I couldn't get rid of one especially persistent and obnoxious vendor with "no thanks", "bu yao ...

:-( poor vendor to be treated so coldly... oh well, I guess they can be a bit too persistent sometimes!

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Reply #8 divina's post

Yeah, I kinda lost it I guess.  I was tired, cranky, and had already had my pocket picked, so when this guy was right in my face and wouldn't get out of the way to let me pass my courtesy string ran out.

Hope your exams are going (or have gone) well.

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Originally posted by divina at 2006-6-15 04:40
啊哈哈哈哈哈! 现在我的中文说得不太好!不流利!怎么办呢?慢慢来!

P.S: 我觉得你可能写错了。。 你写了“的”应该是“得”。。再看一下那(个)语法。。;-)

Uh....... yeah. What you said.
I had to look up some of that, I really am at a baby level... but you'll be happy to know that as soon as I saw your "说得" I thought,  "oh no! Did I put the wrong one?"

What exactly is this saying, in English: "再看一下那(个)语法。" I know what each word means, but I don't quite grasp what you're trying to say. I learn from a variety of places, sometimes that's good, and sometimes it's bad. But it will all come together someday! (hopefully in China, and quickly, not when I'm about to leave)

谢谢 for the encouragement -  也许,有时候我 will be brave and try 写汉字。

Oh! LOL...
So is this where the whole "How to do?" comes from? "怎么办呢?" Do they say that often?

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Hi Freakyqi

I knew it was something you'd know so I just told you to look again at that grammar (double-check?).... my Mandarin too is limited and I try to keep it simple too because majority of us who are learning Mandarin are still in "basics"..

"怎么办呢?"- yeah, through experience, it's said often here... it's as if to say " What to do?"

I think you'll be a great student if you were here Freakyqi, you're very keen and should stop WASTING anymore energy learning much slower there when you can grasp things much quicker if you were here!!! LOL...

A Masters student here from another country (rather not mention) told me that the 4 years he spent learning Mandarin, was nothing compared to one month spent here!!! YOU DESERVE TO BE HERE NOWWWWW!!!

regards and 加油!!

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Aww, thanks so much for the encouragement!!! And I don't think anyone's ever called me "keen" before. How cool! Ok, I will start packing now... oh wait, first I need a job there..... and I need to save some more money.... 我要卖我的车.... and empty out my apartment....

It just so happens that on this beautiful spring day, 星期六, here I am in my house online--- looking for a job. I should take a break and go out for a bit. It's 4:30pm and it's gorgeous out.  也许我步行去商店买些 fruit.
苹果,香蕉。。。 That might feel productive and nice.

Add oil? Does that mean "make it snappy"?
I am not rich.  :L

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Oh how my days go by fast!!

It is as if I have been here in China for less that 3 months, when in fact I have been here for 10 months already and in three weeks, it will be the end of the whole Chinese course... How sad:-(

Do you watch Mandarin movies Freakyqi? And if you do, how much can you understand? For me, I sit and watch a movie in Mandarin, over and over again. I'm not “很努力” but I am aware that I have a whole lot of food on my plate and I somehow, by any means necessary must find a way to eat as much as I can... and I think analyzing movies is a good way to sharpen my listening skills, probably the biggest problem most foreigners have?

I think I have played truant almost half of the year or more (God forbid!)... I don't know how I will do for the upcoming exam!

Here's a good phrase I can share for those who especially like to say "----!!"  One can simply say “哎呀!” ( āiyā!). It's more "polite (lol) and it's widely used... also, it wouldn't bother anyone!

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I watch  movies in Mandarin sometimes, but I barely understand any of it. I can pick out some basic words, like pronouns & some verbs.... Sometimes this is what I understand:

wo yi ge.............meiyou...................... .........(yawn)........... xihuan............. ......hongse........... ......... ...(stretch....)... ...............  .................Zhonggou...........        bu yao!..............           ...........  

I've learned a few new words - because of The Emperor and the Assasin I can now say "kill" and "die". I was very excited - I heard them repeated and figured them out from context, then I looked them up and sure enough I was right!! I was so proud! You just don't learn those handy words in Chinese 101.

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