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What age is suitable for sex education [Copy link] 中文

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the sex education don't  need to teach by the formal construction
owing to there are abundant informations furnished by various webs for the child to learn the knowledge
and the barrier between sex and traditional action is trouble us to make a good decision

the current tendencious policy made the sex course taken into the middle school
abundant bad phenomena formed by little students  have attracted many parents attention
how to solve the shortage of sex education that becomes important for society

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Originally posted by leejee at 2006-5-30 12:00

I appreciate ur frankness....u had ur first sex experience at seven?how could
ur dick erect?

Erections happen in boys from birth on throughout their lives. Babies often get erections while they sleep, and sometimes wake up with them, just as older boys and men do. It has nothing to do with sex, it happens even in the womb. (maybe it's exercising!) As boys get older, sometimes some fluid comes out while they're sleeping. It doesn't even mean they dreamt of sex. So when we girls were learning about getting our periods, the boys were learning they weren't broken or abnormal or something...

SOCKMONKEY - Yeah, I just answered his questions as they came up. Those ages were approximate for my son, and for a couple other people I remember talking to about it a long time ago. Of course every kid may ask different things at different times, but it is so much easier to answer them in simple but "honest" ways from the beginning, following their own natural timing of learning. You just follow their lead, not giving them TOO much (or they might get weirded out or not understand it anyway. A 4 yr old doesn't need to know sperm comes out of a penis while mommy screams in delight, he's happy with "the mommy's belly".)

(Oh man, my bird just pooped on me!)

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Originally posted by whampoa at 2006-5-30 03:47

My view is that sex education should be taught over stages and it should be taught by qualified personnel (doctors and nurses preferred), which is important.

Sometimes I think you come from another planet. Or at least from another time.

Sex education in modern countries (i.e., in Europe), is integrated in all curricula. If a topic of sex is brought up during literature class, it is discussed. Likewise if it is brought up during English class. Likewise if student have a private conversation and the teacher wants to raise it to general discussion. Teachers are prepared, and they are as knowledgable as anyone in the matters of sex.

Bringing doctors to the discussion will do no good, because all they can add to the topic is details how your body actually work. And that is physiology, not sed education. Sex is about emotions and behavior, not about body parts.

I won’t advocate that sex is a “beautiful” experience to teenagers and youths at schooling age (which I think is irresponsibility) as that would only encourage them, being naturally curious at that stage.  Rather I would emphasise abstinence.  I would stress on the consequences of sexual intercourse like babies will be produced and the sexual diseases associated with it, but more importantly how they should grow up to be responsible adults.

You know, sometimes I think you come from another planet or something... Oh, I already mentioned that? Nevermind.

Teenagers have sex to practice for sexual matureness in adulthood. They are ready to have sex whenever they have developed physically and emotionally, which is usually around 14 (give or take a few years). Practicing makes them responsible. If they have no practice, they can't be responsible.

Abstaining from sex is a religious method. It will do no good to the kids. It will only make them frustrated, and it won't work unless the majority of society also practices it (like in religious communities).

Teenagers, and kids in general, need to learn how to have sex, with themselves, and with others. Especially girls need to practice masturbation (the guys just do it anyway), in order to learn how to reach an orgasm. If they wait till they are adults, they may have a hard time reaching a climax, and the guy will not be able to help her reach it.

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you sick sick sick sick *breathes* sick sick man!!!


There, I already put in the words for you.
~All that which glitters is not gold~

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Freakyqi, your method seems pretty good.  It is similar to the approach we and many of our friends took in educating our kids.  They all knew most of the mechanics before getting sex-ed in school.

Age of consent at 14 or lower seems to me to make too many kids vulnerable to child abuse.  I know the body is ready and the feelings are there.  But the judgment often is not.

Speaking of child abuse, I am curious to know more about spiritrace's experience, such as how old the other person was.  Based on what he posts on this forum it doesn't seem to have warped his mind.

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Remove duplicate post.

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Originally posted by diogenes at 2006-5-31 02:45

Age of consent at 14 or lower seems to me to make too many kids vulnerable to child abuse.

No. You just make it illegal for adults to have sex with people under 18. Teenagers can still have sex with each other.

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