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What age is suitable for sex education [Copy link] 中文

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Yup, animals in the wild, FIND their own territory.

As 'animals' we are nomadic and do find our own territory in the wild but we also 'survive' alot better than the overly pampered and home-cradled Chinese 'boys and gals'.

No, enough of them, got a bit ennui from those western female tennis players.  Sometimes I tuned my volume to mute to shut out their grunts

Its not only Western female tennis players which do that, even Chinese female tennis players make grunt noises and moans as well.  With this said, for all the lovely ladies you speak against from the above, I like to say that they speak a language called Women, now which language do you speak??

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~All that which glitters is not gold~

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What, little mongrel?

You’ve become a line.

Yes, though pencilled thin, it is long.  I am sure it can go through the entire length of sockmonkey’s nostril.


In badminton and table tennis, we have the war cry, CHO!

Who's moaning?  My deepest condolences to you.

When asked what they least admired about the West, they replied
MORAL DECAY, PROMISCUITY and pornography which...

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I must applaud you for failing to answer anything which I have wrote. This truly shows your ability for comprehension and interpretation with usage of your cowardly tact.

Eyeopener: How sad of you to break Tennis down to Table Tennis and Badminton when you could of been civil and specific from the get go.

The tennis which both you and I were referring to initally is with a green fuzzy ball sponsored by Spalding or Wilson...not a shuttlecock so get your mind off that.
~All that which glitters is not gold~

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Whampoa, I don't think there's anything wrong with teens of a reasonable age having safe sex. However, porn (legal age=18+) is different--younger teens might be experimenting clumsily, but porn is a lot more explicit, plus it's made for an audience. Of course I don't think younger people should be doing it.

As for it degrading men--well, if women get insecure from watching female porn stars with huge fake boobs and fake multiple orgasms or whatever, I'm fine with guys getting insecure from watching male porn stars with enormous dicks who can have sex for hours or whatever.

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Originally posted by whampoa at 2006-6-17 01:18

We’ve seen it before and how many naked women has he already posted on CD forum?

Notice that I am just reposting China Daily photos...

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Originally posted by whampoa at 2006-6-17 01:02

Lost or trying to feign ignorance or be evasive?

I wasn't feigning anything, I didn't know what you were referring to.

Even sockmonkey, idiotic as she is, got the drift and you couldn't?  

You're pretty rude to someone you've barely ever spoken to (me).

As for pornography being degrading, I think it depends on the type of pornography and the opinion of who's watching it. There's porn where everyone's of age, and they're having fun, all seeming to enjoy themselves, all seeming to take part of their own free will. Like "Girls Gone Wild", advertised on late night TV on certain channels. I don't see that as degrading. I wouldn't want my kid seeing it, and I wouldn't give them money for it, I don't necessarily like it personally, but I wouldn't call it degrading and tell others they shouldn't watch it. I've also seen some porn (photos I'm thinking of in particular) where the woman's eyes looked like she was on drugs and it made me wonder if she was even a willing participant. That disgusted me, imagining that maybe she wasn't even fully aware or able to decide clearly. In that case I'd think it was degrading.

As for men being degraded, I think it's equal for them. Just because they're the "active" one, doing the act TO the girl, doesn't mean he's not being degraded. If I saw him as a rude abusive man, taking advantage of girls in the scene, I'd think that's degrading and shows a bad image of men. But if he is acting in a loving way, and they are both enjoying themselves, then I don't think I'd see it as degrading to anyone.

I think that's what I think, though I'm no expert!

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