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FOOD - fun, pleasurable, necessary, and strengthening bonds all over the world! [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by caringhk at 2006-5-19 10:05
Superkylin - "You hate washing plates... "
You can have an amah
or just invite me.

Somebody has to do the job.
Otherwise the rats will do it for free.

It's a waste of such a talented person who's skillful in food if I invite you...what's more I might probably end up with a scrubwoman and you become the cook  

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unusual food experiences

several years ago whilst on holidays in vietnam I found myself in a snake meat restaurant. after being shown the menu ( a large cage full of snakes) I pointed out a rather angry looking cobra which was then unceramoniously butchered in front of me. as an appetizer I was presented with the still beating snake's heart in a glass of rice wine.... not real tasty, but supposedly good for the yang I was then served a number of different dishes which were made up of various parts of the snake cooked in various ways.... to be honest none of it tasted much good.... quite bland with a chewy consistency not unlike calamari.

not the nicest meal i've ever had... and to top it off I spent the next couple of days doubled over in a hotel room with food poisoning... I'm a little less adventurous these days when it comes to eating exotic animals.

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I love all delicious food, and I am very interest in try various of food.

Eating is a wonderful thing, it can make you feel the sweetness of life.

And I prefer to eating nothing if there is no good food. :)

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Reply #10 sringfall's post

How long can you stand without food.

I get stomach pain after few hours.

Look, look ,glorious FOOD.
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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What are some of your favourite foods? I'd haveto say CHEESE..chocolate.. anythign sinful i shouldn't eat
Tell us some unusual food experiences or warm memories.
i've eaten lots of weird foods.. warm memories though. best one i have is going to visit my aunt who lives on a farm.. and we would all go out and pick vegetables and cook a huge meal for like 30 people and sit at this long table.. I miss those years .. so long ago now.
Have you ever been without food for a long time? OH yeah. i lived in a tent for 6 months. needless to say no home, food is sparce. lived on the streets for 6 months too. But i had friends who would bring me home and feed me. I've probably gone a whole week without a single thing to eat. I don't think anyone even wants to ear the thingsi had to do to eat. NEVER WENT IN A TRASH or anything though
Do you love cooking, or dislike it? I love cooking.. but odd thing i don't like cooking for myself/

I was bored so i thought i'd answer those questions.
and now i think i'll go drink a beer.

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Oh my goodness peaches... I discover more in common about us almost every day lately... LOL... I spent almost a year in California (from NJ) traipsing around mostly living "on the streets", occasionally in a tent or van, or with whomever had a place to crash and took a liking to us that day or if we were lucky, that week. Haha... There was a pizza place in San Francisco that would give out the rest of their pizza at night when they closed. And a bakery that did the same... some shops handed out their daily leftovers rather than throw them away, so some people just knew they did it, so they'd show up at their back door at closing time.

I also helped collect money to feed the homeless ....  funny, I never used that word to describe us, we said "living on the streets". Maybe there were two differences. One might be the stigma attached to "homeless", and another might be that even though I swore I would NEVER call my dad for help, I guess I *could have* if it was really an emergency (and I eventually did.)   So I was not TRULY without any family, it was just that my family was 3000 miles away and I chose to move away from them, and my moving "failed". Though I wouldn't take back the experience for anything.

Sorry... back to food... I collected money for food for the homeless, which fed a handful of people, myself included. I also helped out a few times at a soup kitchen, also eating there.

FOOD is such a necessity, and such a DESIRE. And there's potential for greed there, which may go unnoticed because we think we NEED FOOD.... what I mean is, when I was hungry and without a place to sleep, I imagined the people wishing for a million dollars. I didn't wish for that, I wished for a nice cozy soft warm bed and a refrigerator full of food. That was my "biggest" dream. Actually all I wished for was one day's worth of eating something and sleeping somewhere safe, but that image of a soft, white, warm bed & a refrigerator was heaven....

THEN.... or should I say NOW.... that I have a nice warm bed & a fridge.... I look in it, full of food and think... Oh, I don't want that, I'm not in the mood for that..... *sigh* there's nothing to eat...... How could I be so greedy, to not be happy with the food in my own house, food that I CHOSE at the store, but am simply not in the mood for? It's terrible when put that way.
But i'm not perfect. I have issues, like everyone else.

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Oh peaches... (or anyone else it applies to)

I'm not trying to be nosey, but I'm just wondering if you got sick from living on the streets (or the tent). What ended my year on the streets was that I was so worn out, worn down, immune system low, sick really.... I don't know exactly how I was sick, I didn't go to a doctor and I don't think I had a particular "illness", I just knew I was feeling the effects of not eating enough, sleeping out in the weather etc (I guess I was noticing the malnourishment).... that I finally told my dad I was thinking about coming home. It wasn't long before I was fine again. (Not that I ate very well at home anyway, but...)

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