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Why I back to reunify Taiwan by force. [Copy link] 中文

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1,Taiwan educates their kids that Taiwan is a complete country when they are born,how can we convince them to come back in that condition?

2,Most Taiwanese who have received higher education in West never think they're Chinese,they prefer to be one part of either USA or Japan to China,as they think China is a dictator and scroundrel.

3,Some super powers will never give up to back Taiwan secretly

All Chinese ,please wake up,our generous kindness and assistance to Taiwan will not change Taiwan be back.We should show a deadline to them,and try our best to convince them to talk with mainland within this deadline ,if they refuse finally, naturally,force will come into being.

I don't like war either , but China should be harder on Taiwan sometimes. Otherwise, more and more young Taiwanese will never think they have the Chinese identity at all.

   some pro-independance guys' latest exciting news: (one taidu man writes it  on a forum)
  finally, some good news.
   According to the latest news, a TAIWANESE national anthem long promoted by Legislator Chai Tong Rong has made it to the DVDs.
  Finally a common rallying cry the Taiwanese can identify with.

The pan-green group leads Taiwan to be independant gradually, from history,culture,language initially, and then law,"athem","flag","constitution"..........without ending, how can we bear it? If kids know that from birth, how can we win them to let them admit they are Chinese???????Force is the sole access to solve this problem eventually if they continue independance acts......

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Based on the current trend, one can make a better agrument that Taiwan is moving more towards unification, than de jure independence.  There is no need to take things by force.  Allow the nature progression and economic integration to run its course.  China is sitting in the catbird seat, as it has time, leverage, and world influence on its side.  Ultimately, don't be surprised to see practical Taiwanese choose economic cooperation with China, trumping their political ideology, since political ideology can only get you so far.

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1. What do you expect them to do; you cant. Isn't that the whole point?
2. China is a dictator, but not a scoundrel. Scoundrels steal. China makes open demands. China is an armed robber.
3. Good.

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So when will you be volunteering for the PLA's front-line infantry sqauds? Or are you telling me that you're encouraging others to go die for your views?
"People are the water, the ruler is the boat; water can carry the boat, but it can also capsize it."

-- Li Shimin (2nd Tang Emperor, "Taizong")

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To the most ardent Taiwan supporters:

Why is CSB having so much trouble attracting FDIs (lack confidence in Taiwan from around the world)?

If the typical Taiwanese is so positive and supportive of Taiwan, why can't CSB slow down disintermediation?  Some Taiwanese have formed shell corporations, and incorporate outside of Taiwan just to get around CSB's restrictions on investments outside Taiwan.   If the typical Taiwanese believes in Taiwan's future, there is no need to restrict outside investments, since the smart money would rush into Taiwan to invest.   If people were truly confident in Taiwan's future, there should be signs of over investments, where too much FDIs and monies are coming into Taiwan.  But Taiwan is experiencing the opposite, so all this rhetoric of positive support is just that, rhetoric, since the actual monies invested, FDIs attracted, disintermediation stopped or at least slowed down, tells the real story.

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I thought this was pretty good

"The fact is that Taiwan is and has been a sovereign state for decades, with its own government, its own

army, its own flag, its own flourishing economy, and full possession of its territory. Since the early 1990s,

moreover, Taiwan has been a democracy, and nothing could be clearer than that the Taiwanese people

want to remain separate from mainland China as long as that territory is ruled by a d1ctatorship. Until

there can be one democratic China, they insist, there must be two Chinas. "

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