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Because the Chinese have watched the devastation left by 300 (or was it 350) years of western intervention in Africa.

If the West's so called "humanistarian" ways worked, Africa would not be were it is today.  The whites claimed that they have tried.  But everything they touched turned to bitter ashes.  The ground is poisoned and the people suffer.  

That is is why the Chinese will not stand down.  It would not be right to subject our African friends to another cycle of "same ol'".

China left Africa for a couple of decades.  In that same period, there was death by disease, death by war, death by poverty, and negative growth.  In the last few years China was back, and there are already signs of marked improvement.  In 2005, with the brilliant execution of key infrastructure projects, with increased trade, with technology and experts from China, Africa already saw 5.25% growth. Some of the nations that went into high gear with China, such as Nigeria, saw even higher growth - with 6.3% overall, and 8.2% in the agricultural sector.  

Now the sour grapes white losers are demanding that China stand down, and let them go back and lord over the natives once more.  NO!!! The Chinese are not going to let the African friends down this time, and will not let the West cast them back into the grinding cycle of penury hell.  The Chinese cannot afford a lot, but China treats other nations with respect and do not intefere with their internal affairs.  It is a formula that works.

For the sake of the African natives, white men should keep their hands off this time.

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Little lizard...

are you Dai Li's son? Did you get the thread of Darfur deleted.

You can a little lizard....

...but you can not hide.

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China has helped Africa when most 'Western' nations were ripping Africa of her wealth ( the name 'Africa' comes from the Egyptian "Af-ru-ika" = The Birthplace ( or Motherland))

The problem today is that as China becomes more 'Westernized," the racist and genocidal policies carried out againt Africans and Middle Easterners over the past 1300 years - since the Arabs were soundly defeated by Emperor Kalydosos of Nubia-Cush ( see "Susu Economics," ), SHOULD BE REJECTED BY CHINA BECAUSE TO CARRY A SIMILAR POLICY FOR SELF-INTEREST OR OTHER REASONS WILL BRING SEVERE BAD LUCK TO THE CHINESE.

So how does China deal with what is called genocide in sudan?  They contribute to bringing JUSTICE, ATONEMENT, REPARATIONS AND PEACE IN SUDAN.  It is that simple.

China's oil imports from Sudan is low, compared to other places, but what China has to worry about is their own future, when nations on the Western borders of China who are also Islamists decide to adopt the 'Islamize the infidels' policy of conqust, war and destruction that is occurring in Sudan in the name of religion and might.

China may be economically well off today, large and powerful, with a large population.....but so was Sudan  before the 1500' was Rome, so was the Soviet Union, so were the Arab Caliphates, so were the Turks, so were the Germans.

The issue is whether when China decides to pull inward, whether the Chinese will be remembered as a people who supported justice and freedom around the world.

It has been said again and again, the greatest threat to world peace are people with the type of mentalty WHERE THEY USE RELIGION AS JUSTIFICATION FOR DESTROYING OTHER PEOPLE.....AS IS THE CASE IN SUDAN, WEST PAPUA, THE MIDDLE EAST AND SOON CENTRAL ASIA,.

China needs to put pressure in the name of justice and peace, reparations and reconciliation. MORE ON DAFUR;

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It seems everyone thinks they are right...and everyone else is wrong.

But just so you know....

I am the one that is right.:)

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Boy....Mr. just like a

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Boy....Mr. just like a "ping pong" game..

....ha ha ha ha....

You are wrong! China is right not to interfere with the internal matter of Sudan!

Green Dragon

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Nice poem , Fish. Grats.

Some complain about Chinese closing eyes on the scary things happening just in front of their noses. And it is understandable ( such feelings).

BUt just think what will happen , when Chinese military power gets to the place number one in the world and they begin massivelly help others...

Your poem may be will not get to the school books for Chinese kids, but your voice will be presented as the valid point backing up Chinese military efforts.

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Andy Dob

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