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The Chinese Code [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by chinese_yang at 2006-5-17 16:39
"In the past, Chinese did a lot, such as building railroads, trainning doctors and tecnicians, etc. " --- is the principle of China as carried out by the Chinese government that I can rec ...

Facts speak louder than assumption. As I am not sure about your impression on Chinese government, I'd just tell out what I got from books and internet.

About the railroad, at least, Chinese government helped the Tanzanian and Zambian government built up a railroad running through the two countries.

About the doctor training, my French teacher in college told us that her cousin, once a  doctor professor in China, went to Tanzania and stayed there for 5 years training local doctors.

Then, the history book. Well, I mean the Chinese ones. I really have no idea of what Western history book about Africa tells about. Manbe, you'd like to tell me about it. I'd be so happy to know that.

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I am not sure how many helpful things Chinese do for the African. But I wonder, at least, it might be more than what the Americans do.

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Wealth brings democracy or democracy brings develpment?
Just read the history and see how those rich Western countries became rich.....rob the resource from the black continent, ..slave the black people, and that wealth accumulation process had been continued for several hundred years. Democracy came only after they became rich, not the other way round.

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This is not about being rich....

....or Democratic.

Something is missing in the Chinese......

very kind people...

....but how can they just watch Darfur?

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Mr. Fish......are you like on order from the CIA to repeat the same..

..Darfur nonsense over and over again?

The Sudan crisis is a creation of the CIA...
First they gave weapons to the Christian Sudanese to fight with the Moslem Sudanese....
kindling a 2,000 year old "Christian burden" on the Sudanese government...
then after the "improverished Sudan government".....couldn't support the Western Sudan region...
The Amerikan Regime provided arms to the Darfur region...
and a civil war began by the Sudan government protecting the sovereignity of the Darfur region....

What's going on!

Why the great effort to destroy Sudan...
what did the Sudanese do to the Amerikan Regime to deserve such a treatment...

Yes the Mesopotamia Empire neutralization strategy is understandable..
as Western Europe worries about another resurgent Empire based on the Euphretes river valley...
that can threaten Western Europe civilization...
using a fake Caucasion Jewish nation and a ever unstable Christian vs Moslem Lebanon...

and the Amerikan Empire is bring same destruction like we see in Indonesia and Phillipines...
with the same techniques....

Green Dragon

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We are not the ones standing by and watching a genocide.... the Chinese!

The world can see this. If I a lowly fisherman in America can see....what must the people
in Darfur think?

I give the money to the government of Sudan for oil but....

...something just ain't right.

The Chinese people I know just would not stand by and watch...

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