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Should Chinglish be encouraged or discouraged? [Copy link] 中文

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I must say!!! There's just one big block

of nothing... not even noodles up your skull...

Originally posted by rovi297 at 2006-5-16 13:25

You have misunderstood my post regarding the definition of Chinglish, too.

I have told you not to categorize Chinglish with pidgin, flawed, and broken English.

Chinglish = China English:v ...

Broken English, is English, that could be mended. Flawed English could be polished...

CHINGLISH is a LANGUAGE ON IT"S OWN!!! Totalled!! It's like a pirated copy of English with all the shit that comes with piracy. For those who just wants to speak and understand a bit, no harm in that, but you devalue English as it's own language. Chinglish's future is going to be similar to Singlish. It sounds nice to the ear, but it's catchy (even for people who speak English as a native Language).

I don't think any Chinese person would appreciate foreigners giving our English, German etc proverbs translated directly to Chinese and not making use of all the beautiful Chinese proverbs.

As for empty vessels making too much noise, is name-calling all you can do to defend your Chinglish and it's "value" to your society? Come on, give us 3 advantages why Chinglish should be encourage... and do avoid stating that Chinglish is just easier...

Oh, all those "funny signs"... it's Chinglish... :lol

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rovi297 has been deleted
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I'm fed up of receiving PMs from people telling me what an incredible retard you are-to put it lightly.

It's funny how you try to put sarcastic humour in your post to conceal all the rage you have inside.

"lease tell me what "friggin loser" means" Look in the mirror. There's a very clear-cut definition!

As for "Anyhow, it is an unwinnable war against people like you suffering from pms. Your behaviour is shockingly poor and pathetically lousy as a “decent lady guest” invited by China. What a joke! There is No other cure but a special therapy to quench your pent-up burning fire."

We are all allowed our opinions;-) As for mine about you, I'm still allowing the empty vessel to make noise... What do adults do when kids are yapping away? We just leave 'em be.

P.S: Don't bother analyzing what I wrote, I'm not writing a book, nor am I getting graded. I might commit errors, who doesn't? I spend 2 minutes typing to you, how many minutes do you spend typing to me? An hour?

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Notice ALL your posts are edited

My last one had been edited for edited only for the moderator

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Originally posted by partimer at 2006-5-16 06:04
and i am not "created"

yeah, you were born a few months ago

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Anyway mon frere, as much as I like to "keep you company" I'm sure we're both fed up of the same squat everyday so I'm off...

Until my next PMS... so long...

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Reply #41 divina's post

Next  PMS???

Funny, i see as next premenstrual(pms)

Make it a short one.

Is there a feud?
I read Chinglish to decipher the fun.
On principles, forget it.
Have you watched "mind your language"?
One may have a good laugh.

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What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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