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Dear Sir

Referring our meeting in my office in Vientiane on the dated 22 April 2006 regarding for long term corporation of business investment projects in Laos People Democratic Republic between both parties.
I've preparing the (Draft) " Memorandum of Understanding" for Long term corporation.
Please fell free to seeing and send it back to me your commence about that.
I hope you will be able to come back Laos again as soon as you can.

I'm looking forward to join Business with you.

Best Regards

Dr Chanseng Phimmavong
Chanseng Phimmavong博士
                      Memorandum of  Understanding
                    for Business corporation in Lao PDR


           Add : 46/3  Nongbone Road,  Saysettha District,  Vientiane  Capital   Lao P.D.R
           Tel: ( 865-21 ) 451845.   Fax: ( 856-21 ) 414143
           Representative by Dr.  CHANSENG PHIMMAVONG, President.
甲方: CS集团有限公司
地址: 老挝人民民主共和国首都万象Saysettha区Nongbone 路46/3号
电话:( 865-21 ) 451845.   传真: ( 856-21 ) 414143   
代表:Chanseng Phimmavong博士 (职务:会长)


                  METALS GROUP CO.,LTD
                      Add: Chu Hai, Guang Chau , Guangdong, China.
                        Tel: (86) 20 876 49979 ; Cell : (86) 139 288 366 55.
Representative by Mr. GUO SHENGZHOU, President                                       
                      Chinese Citizen, Passport No: ………………
  电话: (86) 20 876 49979 ; 手机: (86) 139 288 366 55.
法人代表:郭 胜州(音译)(职务:总裁)            
                BEIJING HAOTIANLONG INVESTMNT CO.,LTD                       
                      Add:.Beijing, China
                        Tel: (86) 632 96697 ; Cell : (86) 13801030 858.
Representative by Mr. JI YUAN BIN , President   
Chinese Citizen, Passport No: ………………………
北京豪天龙投资有限公司 (音译)
电话:(86) 632 96697 ;  手机: (86) 13801030 858.

Through out the discussion and consideration on the date 22/04/2006 in
Vientiane Lao PDR.   Both parties have agreed to cooperate the business for the concession of the Mineral, Cement plant and Hydro power projects investment in Lao PDR as the following terms:
通过2006年4月22日在老挝人民民主共和国首都万象的讨论和仔细考虑, 双方同意就在老挝人民民主共和国(以下简称“老挝”)矿石开采许可、水泥厂和水电项目投资进行业务合作,并达成如下条款:
Article 1:   The purpose of investment:
第一条: 投资目的

The purpose of the business investment corporation projects are: The Mineral Project,
Cement plant Company and Hydro power electricity project
1.1   The Mineral Project:
1.1 矿石项目:
To concession and establishing of the minerals project such as the Copper (Cu),
Silver (Ag) and Tungsten (W) in Laos People Democratic Republic in order to survey, exploration and invest the factories to processing minerals product to export to China or to the Third Countries. The Mineral Projects to be take over from the private companies for concession of the mine such as following:
1). The Copper (Cu) mining with the located in Huaphanh, Louang Num Tha, Champasak and Attapeur Province and others Province Of the Laos People Democratic Republic.  Estimate of the Raw mineral Quantity is 1,500,000 Tons, with the quality 65% of copper raw materials. Estimate cost of investment is 35,000,000 USD.
1) 铜矿主要分布在老挝的华潘、琅南塔、占巴塞和Attapeur省和其他的省份。估计原矿石量达150万吨,原铜质量达65%。 预计总投资成本需要3,500万美元。
2). The Silver(Ag) mining in Huaphanh, Xieng Khoang, Louang Prabang Province. and others Province Of the Laos People Democratic Republic.  Estimate of the Raw Silver Quantity is 500,000 Tons, with the quality 55% of Silver Raw materials.  Estimate cost of investment is 25,000,000 USD.
2) 银矿主要分布在老挝的华潘、川圹、琅勃拉邦省和其他省份。估计原矿石量达50万吨,原银质量达55%。 预计总投资成本需要2,500万美元。
3). The Tungsten (W)  mining in Houaphanh and Xieng Khoang Province. Estimate of the Raw Tungsten Quantity is 500,000 Tons, with the quality 45% of W raw materials. Estimate cost of investment is 30,000,000 USD.
3)钨矿主要分布在老挝的华潘和川圹省。估计原矿石量达50万吨,原钨质量达45%。 预计总投资成本需要3,000万美元。
1.2  The Cement plant Company.
1.2 水泥厂
   The Cement plant Company project is local in Mahasay District, Khamuoan province.
Capacity of the production is 150,000 Ton/year and can be extension up to 300,000 Ton or more.   Total estimate cost of investment is 10,000,000 USD and/or 20,000,000 USD. Cost of production is 35 $/ ton, selling price is 50-55 $/ton..  Net present value income will be 15$/ton or IRR 20%.
1.3  The Hydro power electricity project.
1.3 水电发点项目
    The Hydro power project is local in Num Hao 1, NumHao 2 and Num Hao 3, in
Houa Phanh province.  Estimate Total Capacity installation of the production is 25-30 MW Total estimate project cost of investment is 25,000,000 USD.  Estimate Cost of production is 0.025 $/ 1KWh, selling price is 0.055 $/ 1 KWh.         Net present value income will be 0.025 $/1KWh. IRR 20%
水电发点项目所在地分别为华潘省的NumHao 1, NumHao 2 和NumHao 3三地。预计总装机容量为25-30兆瓦; 预计总投资成本为2,5000万美元。 每千瓦小时生产成本为0.025美元,每千瓦小时售价为0.055美元。净现值收入预计每千瓦小时为0.025美元或内部收益率(IRR)为20%。

Acticle 2:   Investment Cost estimate:   
第二条: 预计投资成本
The total cost of investment estimate about: 100,000,000 USD to 150.000.000 USD or more.
Acticle 3:   The Company Share holding:
Party A: 20% Company share holding of total amount of projects investment.
Party B: 80% Company  share holding of total amount of the projects investment, including:
          1. Expenses for surveying and exploration of mines
1. 矿藏勘查和勘探费用
2. Supporting Fund for take over of mineral projects, and office building,  constructing the infrastructure of the projects.
2. 接管矿藏项目的扶植基金、办公楼房和项目的基础设施建设费用。
3. Supplying all vehicles and all accessories of the said project, Complete sets of Machineries, equipments Vehicles and Completes set of Spare Parts
3. 提供上述项目的所有车辆和所有的配件、全套机械、设备、车辆和全部零部件。
4. Working Capital.         
4. 流动资本
·        Daily expenses ( salary ,  social welfare ,  insurance  )
·        Expenses for requesting on establishing the project.
·        The concession fees and compensation to the land owner and royalty to Lao government in the period of Agreement.

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Acticle 4:   Responsibility of each party

4.1 Party A:
4.1 甲方责任:
·        Register of the “Mineral company, Cement company and Hydro power company” from the Laos Government, Committee for Planning and Investment, the Ministry of Industry and other Government concerning of the Laos PDR.
·        Request for surveying and exploration of mines and to be concession of Mining , Cement Factory and Hydro power electricity projects from Foreign Investment Management Committee (FIMC) of Lao Government.
·        Request on allowing the land used from Laos Government for constructing the  Office Company building, Factories building, Residential for workers, public utility building .
·        Contact and coordinate with the State organization concerned.
·        Requesting for Investment License from Lao Government.
·        Requesting   the License for constructing the Office Building, Factories building, Residential  and others construction of project may need from the Ministries  and Department concerning project,
·        Requesting for the Business License in the period of 35 years and can be extension up to 55 years.
·        Request for paying Tax-duty 1% from the government, according to the law of Investment Management and Promotion of Lao P.D.R.
·        Service on supplying the internal labours and import the foreign labours (VISA, Work Permit and ID card), import license for construction materials and all accessories.
负责提供国内劳工和从国外引进外国劳工 (签证、工作许可和身份证)、建筑材料和所有辅助材料的进口许可证。
    4.2  Party B :   
4.2 乙方责任:
·        Responsibility to Supply of full fund and capital asset and working capital base on the project required of 100,000,000 USD to 150,000,000 USD for all projects or more.
·        Supply of complete and full machineries, equipments, technical in other fields.
·        Administrate to the business.
·        Survey –Mineral explorating, design based on party B required and implements the construction, selling and service by yourself.
·        Create and up grade knowledge to Lao staffs in Lao or overseas.
·        Responsible to pay all expense for the  Projects establishing, Registering, Concession fee and  the Compensation of land used and Royalty of Mineral Resaurse to the Laos Government.
·        Responsible to Pay  the  Salary to Party A amount of 2,000 USD per Month/ one person  and  Daily expenses, Social welfare, Insurance by the Laos Government Law firm.
Acticle 5:    The expenditure and profit sharing
第五条: 费用分摊和利润分配
     5.1 The Party B are accept the to responsibility for all expenses to Party A, to take over   for the mineral projects as following:   
5.1 乙方将承担向甲方支付接管矿产项目的所有费用,具体项目如下:
1). 350,000 USD for the Copper (Cu) mining with the located in Huaphanh, Louang Num Tha, Champasak and Attapeur Province and others Province Of the Laos People Democratic Republic.
1)        )在老挝的华潘、琅南塔、占巴塞和Attapeur省和其他的省份的铜矿35万美元接管费。
2). 400,000 USD for the Silver(Ag) mining in Huaphanh, Xieng Khoang, Louang Prabang Province. and others Province Of the Laos People Democratic Republic.

3). 500,000 USD for the Tungsten (W)mining in Houaphanh and Xieng Khoang Province  and others area of the Laos People Democratic Republic.
4)  300,000 USD for the Cement plant Company project.
4) 水泥厂项目的30万美元。
5)  250,000 USD for the Hydro power electricity project.
5) 水电发点项目的25万美元
           Those prices are including all the expenses for Party A to be responsibility as the clause of 4.1.
   5.2 The Party B are agree to pay the profit sharing ( one time)  to the Party A in amount of  20% of total amount of investment for each project during 55 years of project period..
5.2 乙方同意按照每个项目存续期间为55年且按照总投资的20%(每年)向甲方支付利润分配款项(一次性)。
Acticle 6:   Validity of Investment License:   
   第六条: 投资许可证的有效期     
  6.1 The type of Projects investment is B.O.O.T to concession according to the Laos Law and the Concession Agreement of the Laos Government and Governor of Province.   
6.1 这种类型的投资项目是以BOOT(建设、运营、拥有、转让)方式操作的,所以要根据老挝法律、老挝政府和省长达成的特许协议支付特许费。
  6.2 Validity of Investment License .The Laos Government Investment License and Concession Agreement is valid in 35 years and can be extended 20 years in total of 55 years.
6.2 投资许可证有效期。 老挝政府投资许可证和特许协议的有效期限为35年并可延长20年(即总有效期为55年)。

The Project detail schedule will be making later.

Acticle 7:   The Schedule of payment :   
7.1 Within 30 days from the date of this M.O.U signing, party B have to paiy  to
party A 50% of each mine and projects by cash in order to take over of the mineral , Hydro power and Cement projects above.   
7.2 The remaining amount sum of 50% of each mine is can be TTR to Party A account Number 010.01.4526007.30068. 9 ; or transfer to the Joint account in to the Bank Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao (BCEL) in Laos, but it’s not latter within 02 months from the date that Party B has resurvey and exploration report of the projects.
7.2 每个矿的剩余的50%的费用可以通过电汇(TTR)向甲方支付,账号为:010.01.4526007.30068. 9,或者转账到老挝对外商业银行(BCEL)所开立的联合帐户,但是在乙方已经出具了上述项目的勘查和勘探报告之日不晚于2个月内支付。
7.3  Party B agree to pay to the Party A the profit Sharing of 20% of total amount of the projects. Its will be paid after the Credit line is approved and TTR of the fund to Lao Commercial Bank (BCEL) in Laos.
7.3 乙方同意向甲方支付项目总投资20%的利润分配额。 该款项可在信用额度批准后支付,并通过电汇汇至老挝对外商业银行(BCEL)。
7.4 In case Party B can not implement within 60 days from the date of signing this MOU, Party A has the right to confiscate the money by without any claims from party B.
7.4 万一乙方在本谅解备忘录签署之日起60天内不能履行,甲方有权扣收该款项且乙方不得追索。
7.5 In case party A can not complete for the license on establishing from Lao Government, Party A must be return the money back to Party B.   
7.5 万一甲方不能从老挝政府取得设立许可证,甲方必须将该款项退还乙方。

Acticle 8:   .  This M.O.U made 04 copies in Lao and 04 copies English, each Side keeps 02 copies. Each copy has the same content equally and it is enforce within 90 days from the signing date to this M.O.U.  In case of validity are expired this M.O.U is to automatically canceled.   
第八条: 本谅解备忘录作成老挝语4份,英语4份,双方各持两份。每份内容均相同且在本谅解备忘录签署之日起90天内生效。如果有效期期满,本谅解备忘录自动取消。

Acticle 9:    The details of implement cooperation, both parties will be discussion and consider lately.
第九条: 合作执行的细则将有双方近期商定。

          Party B                                                                      Party A
乙方:                                                       甲方:                                                      

Witness:                                                                             Witness:

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oh my god this is bad (the English -- Laoslish? Laolish? -- hmm what would that be called?

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