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America's secret super weapon against China [Copy link] 中文

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The Nation of Your Ancestors

And to think that the nation of your ancestors, and what it asks of you - all that is asked of you is that you be the best that you could ever hope to be, wherever you be, and that when you do well, and you can spare it, give a hand towards bettering the lives of those still living the old country.

That is not a lot to ask, is it?

If you need a wife, the old country would even supply one, if you can't find one where you are (and that's the truth).  The Italians did it; the Irish did it; I don't see why the Chinese could not do it.

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You have to understand that people who grew up in different areas often have different views. You grew up in China, I didn't.

Imagine, for a moment, that we married eachother. How successful of a marriage would that be?

Language would be a barrier too.

Also, I can't just go to China and say, "ok, I need a wife, who wants to marry me?" That just wouldn't work.

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Any female who marries you have only herself to blame. You are an ostensibly intelligent guy but the narcissistic and egomaniacal make-up is almost 'roid driven.The racist attitude is palpable. I am sure you are a very nice person otherwise.  :)

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Perhaps he's not Chinese, I'm not Chinese, so I wouldn't know,.... but

I am American, have a lot of Asian friends.  Chinese and Vietnamese and Chinese Vietnamese.
Further, I am a guest at some of their houses, and I think his (rogers) sentiment may be somewhat valid as realtes to some Asian men.
As everywhere, easily discerned from the population on this forum, there are ignorant, race obsessed, media manipulated, and essentially deranged individuals living in all corners of the globe.

I think what Roger is speaking to, is the difficulty of a small homogenous, minority group and its members to find its place in society.  Immigrant families seek to maintain their heritage, the best of what they have from within, while encouraging their children to pursue matieral success.  This isn't dependent upon some racial characteristics.  West Indians, South Indians, North Asians, Eastern Europeans are all similar in this respect.  What roger is speaking to is resentment, failure to find his place, failure to give himself the acceptance he needed as he is the only person that could do that.  Why?  The only person because the world is filled with racist jackass*s better ignored.  Doesn't matter if they are white, brown, yellow, green, or similar as can be seen on this forum.

I wish Roger would tell the full story.  Simply, the genesis point of this, obvously his, pain.

I guess we can all get blinded when the easy thing is to point to the readily available, sparkling, reason for each our own distress.
Usually, this is all we do.  Rather than speak to the issue we throw all our wrath against the shiniest object of our imagination.

But is it imagination?  People like choices.  In an area where one can eat Ethiopean or Malaysian food, Mongolian or Argentinian I am neither surprised nor disappointed to see a Spanish lady with a Black Man, nor a white with an asian.  Good food gives health and life and bad food makes you sick.  So eat what you like, what makes you strong, happy, prosperous and good.

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There is a Context To Most Things

We are not upset that Roger is unhappy with his lot.  But I do disagree with his pitch that Chinese Americans should move back to China, because white men are taking all the Chinese women in America.  That is neither borne out by fact nore logic.  It sounds like white supremaist nonsense.

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Use your brains, folks

Do you not understand how powerful American culture is?

American culture brainwashes people.

You think you are strong? You think you are confident?

I will put you in a country where all the media (TV, movies) say that you are inferior to white people.

Everywhere you go, you see white faces as handsome, beautiful, successful, etc.

I guarantee you will not be happy in such a country!

WAKE UP CHINA!!! Western culture is invading China, and western culture says that white people are more handsome, more beautiful, more successful, etc.

Soon, Chinese people will start to worship whites. BE CAREFUL!

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yanyin said,

Also, I can't just go to China and say, "ok, I need a wife, who wants to marry me?" That just wouldn't work.

Actually, it can work. Goto a rural area and you be surprised what some people would do for money to their own children. I been to Chongqing and Chendu rural areas on trips before and believe me as a Chinese American , Caucasian...hell a domestic Chinese guy can be offered a wife if he has 'wen pin' or educational degree or a nice job. It's just that easy...sad isn't it. I have to admit, I dont care how drop dead gorgeous that girl may be, but if she doesn't have a certain amount of education and cannot communicate then the relationship would not last with me. Im not shallow enough to take trophy wives on a visual aspect haha. (It's like being with a blow up doll ahaha)
~All that which glitters is not gold~

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