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Originally posted by tongluren at 2006-5-9 05:24
Just this year alone, I have three Chinese American friends whose kids are getting married.  One is marrying a movie producer.  The other one a doctor.  The third a CPA.  Everyone is Chinese.  



I'm going to answer your question because I think you sincerely believe what you are writing.

First off, I want to point out that your "impression" of Chinese Americans, is itself, a reflection of the stereotypes we Chinese Americans have to carry around. America doesn't see Chinese Americans as individuals, nor as mainstream Americans, but as a stereotype.

The stereotype you are referring to is the "model minority" stereotype. This is the idea that all Chinese people are these nerds who just care about school. They take violin / piano lessons at the age of 8 so they can have some sort of extracurricular for college applications.

This is the stereotype that American culture promotes, but it screws over Chinese Americans in the long run. Because at the same time, the popular media denigrates this kind of character. Girls don't want some fucking violin playing, mommy's boy, get all A's and go to MIT to study electrical engineering nerd. They want the football player, the fratboy, etc.

So by promoting this nerdy model minority stereotype, it cuts off Chinese Americans from the SOCIALLY PRESTIGIOUS positions. We are perceived as not being "cool" -- not football players, not fratboys. This only benefits mainstream America, it harms Chinese Americans. Now mainstream America says, "Hey look, we're so accepting to minorities. Look at these Chinese people. They are so successful." But in reality, what this does is turn Chinese American men into a bunch of stereotype nerds and geeks that women, quite frankly, want to have nothing to do with.

And..... in the end..... the alpha male is still the white man.

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Against all odds~

It's true there is this Model Minority stereotype for the Chinese-American demographic but there is also the Thug Life stereotype for the African-American demographic and Mexican infinitum. Perhaps you have only lived down the path of self-hatred and become what you love to despise and what you see American culture spit at. However it's up to your damn self to change your own destiny that are controllable. Im sure eventually the universe tends to unfold itself and there no such thing as the 'real life' in your mind but here's a little insight. I played Football, I pledged for Frat, I got both good and bad grades in high-school and straightened out in University respectively. I played Rugby, I did Chemistry, I did Biology, I did Marketing, I did Business, I got hammered, I lived a western life and im a Chinese-American. The reason why I don't bitch about anything is because I chose to fall out of that stereotype but eclectically taking in the Eastern values of discipline in academics and so on because thats not exactly a BAD thing. Further, my good friends that are Chinese-American some from Hawaii or other places play Football too and leads the same normal american apple pie-esque life I did in Highschool and Uni. Like what the flick 'Better Luck Tommorow (BLT)" said "never under-estimate an over-achiever". That my friend is quoted for the truth, be content you have some of the best ethics of being successful in life.

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Actually, I've had pretty much the same life experiences as you did. I think you misunderstand by thinking that I am angry at what American culture has done to me.... but rather I am angry at what American culture has TRIED to do to me.

Like many other Asian men who feel that, growing up in America, our manhood is threatened, I fought back. Lifted weights, did a lot of martial arts, got into driving fast, etc. in college. Mind you, even with all this, we Asian guys are still at a disadvantage in the dating scene. But I've just finished graduate school now, and I see this problem as fundamentally a political problem.

Asians must "fight back" against the system that tries to turn us into a bunch of dorky nerds so the white guy can have his Asiaphile fetish satsified. We can only do this by making ASIANS IN ASIA understand what the hell is going on. They have no fucking clue! Only when they are fully clued into the Asian fetish agenda can they deal with it.

I also think that China should help repatriate the Chinese Americans who just don't feel "at home" in America, even though they were born there. I know not every Chinese American would be interested in moving to China, but I think some would. Especially if there was a community of similar Chinese Americans there. You know, we could all speak English and do Asian American things.

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You know, we could all speak English and do Asian American things

Why bother further isolating yourself from your fellow Chinese if you can make Asian-American cliques in California or other Coastal places in the U.S. I am a social butterfly so I drift whereever I please, I don't like to be cliquey because theres no fun in that.

There are actually some in Beijing, Shanghai and even Guangzhou. A little ABC niche sort of deal haha. As one of my Chinese-American buddy once said to me, "We (ABCs) are all in this social dilemma / curse / gift were in the West we are on par mentally but not physically and vice versa in the East. Therefore for people like us we truly belong in Hawaii".

Haha he's a character...good times.
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I think you generalize too much.  Some white guys may think they are number 1 in America, but that is not in all cases.  Sure there are some whites guys that are social butterflies, and have many qualities to attract women regardless of their race, but there are also socially-inept white guys who have a Asian fetish.  These dorky white guys are not lady’s men, and struggle to get attention.  They may have many strikes against them including being divorced, not gainfully employed, or employed but in some blue collared, low paying job with no power to speak of, have a lot of negative baggage, may not be attractive, and terminally dorky.  

I have two assistants in my office, one is an Asian woman, who is reasonably attractive, and the other is a Latina.  Both are outspoken, and pit bull like in a good way, since they are my screeners for unwanted guest at the office.  One day, this dorky white guy, Paul, his real name, came by the office, but I still don’t know what his purpose was in visiting my office.  He kept going to my Asian assistant pretending to ask more stupid questions.  Anyway, she about had enough since she is a busy woman, so she told him to go talk to the other assistant.  Later that day, I received a call from Paul, and he was complaining to me that my assistant was rude to him and she was unprofessional.  It turns out he was afraid to talk to the Latina, and was under the impression that my assistant would be the stereotypical passive Asian woman.  She is not, and he learned that the hard way.  

It took a lot for me to keep from laughing into the phone at this dorky white guy’s complaint.  When I gathered myself, I told him as professionally as I could, “I trust my assistants to do her job.  If someone is here for business purposes, and they conduct themselves accordingly, they will be treated with respect.  However, if they have other things on their mind, which has nothing to do with business, then my assistants have my blessing to usher them out of the office, as this is a place of business”.   I guess that wasn’t what he wanted to hear, so he hasn’t return to my office again.  

Paul, and other dorky white guys, apparently buys into the passive Asian woman stereotype.  My assistant must have given him a rude awakening.  Rather than being number 1, some white guys are the most dorky, socially-inept, stereotype buying, baggage filled guys, that some unfortunate and equally baggage filled woman will be stuck with if they are unlucky.  If you really think about it, it is sad indeed.  This reminds me of the dorky white guy who purposely look for the mail-order bride, because he wants to feel better about himself, and purposely look for someone he deems lesser than him.

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I Am Troubled By Roger's Chinese Back To China Pitch

Didn't they try that with African Americans in the Civil Rights days, and actually started a colony or two?  

American born Chinese would have the same goldfish out of the water experience going back to China to stay.  It's be a bit of a culture shock, even if you are going to the large metropolitan cities.

By all accounts, we Chinese were the first to be on the American continent - you can either count the natives who came walked over Berengia 40,000 years ago, or Cheng, Ho's boats in the Ming Dynasty, which supposedly reached the N. American shores hundreds of years before Columbus.  Either way, the Chinese have as much, if not more, claim to stay and prosper in N. America.  The Chinese did largely build the transcontinental railway, which enabled the conquering of the final frontier.

Roger, if you are real Chinese, work on doing well after grad. school.  Participate in politics if that is your cup of tea.  Sports is a dead end - the odds are just too slim and the payback small.  

I still cannot get over the fact that you are bitching and moaning about no Chinese women.  If you have unrealistic expectations of 3 girls a week brought on by reading too much Hustler, it serves you right.  But if you are sincere in finding the lady to mother your chidlren and spend the rest of your life with you, I just can't believe that you would have difficulting finding an eligible Chinese mate.

Unless you are butt ugly, that is.

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Wow what a great description and observation on the socially inept dorky yellow fever white guy. I see far too many of them now in China and whats really funny is the fact that ONLY in asian countries can they be comfortable to speak in English obnoxiously just to create some 'attention'. They think by speaking English and being White, Chinese people (mainly uneducated ones who are still submissive which fuels the notion of Chinese girls are 'easy') assumes they are wealthy and successful. I know too well that once these guys step back onto the North American soil you won't hear a 'chirp' from them. The girlfriends which I had back in the States in University were all strong, confident and intelligent women. They don't take crap or fall into anyone no matter how much 'game' they possess. As what I have observed, its mainly the first generation Asian-girls in suburbs that are easy to get hooked on white boys due to their neighborhood surroudings (white). As for the backpackers to come to China to teach broken English and seeking prostitutes at the same time. The reform of education policy in many of China larger city schools will have them soon in alligator waters.
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