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America's secret super weapon against China [Copy link] 中文

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10% is not a big difference when you consider the fact that:
More Chinese men marry women of other Asian ethnicities.
The percentages of Chinese men and Chinese women marrying out of their own ethnicities are roughly equal (within 2-3%)

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Originally posted by eyeofstorm at 2006-5-8 11:52
I suppose white man dating and taking home-bred Chinese girls makes it a kick when your down??

This my friend is called White priviledge, you should blame yourself for living this self-hatred j ...

I couldn't agree more! Glad to see you are back.

here is the question for#1 ,would you rather be dating whites? never? Even never thought or dreamed of an intimate relations with them? how about Chinese girls like Chinese-German / Swedish /  Russian /  Hungarian / Albanian / UAE / African? do they use this as a weapon against China? and how about vietnamese or japanese-American girls?

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The answer is right in front of you. WHITE PRIVILEGE

Chinese men should not have to be less desirable than white men simply because white privilege.

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So Sophomorphic

Go back and look at the premises preached by "Roger".

He is trying to convince us of the following silly falsehood that:

1.  White men is #1 in America.  

2.  Chinese women prefer White men, to the exclusion American Chinese men.

3.  Even married Chinese women would leave their Chinese husbands and marry white men.

4.  It is horrible, and thus Chinese should not move to America.


What is Roger tryinig to sell?  "Roger" is a white supremacist flipping his bird at the Chinese on CD, that's who he is.

Everybody knows that white men (excepting our Jewish friends perhaps) are no match for Chinese Americans in terms of smarts, drive and  achievements.  Despite the immigration of low pay restaurant help, as a group Chinese Americans are among the best educated and highest paid groups in America.  And "Roger" is really pissed.   So he is here doing his best to generate doubts in the minds of Chinese men.

How silly can you get, "Roger"?

Chinese men are not going to stop going to America because they are afraid they may not find Chinese wives in America, white boy.  If there is an income differential, they will keep going.   If indeed you are right, and a substantial of Chinese American women marry white, do you know what that means?  All it  will mean is that more Chinese women will marry across the ocean, and with them, MORE Chinese will move to America.

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Don't be stupid.

White men all want to have sex with many Chinese women.

In American culture, white man #1

Chinese women like American culture, love white man.

Many Chinese women love white man, no like Chinese men.

No more Chinese women for Chinese men.

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Roger Has Missed The Boat.

Poor roger604 says he is a Chinese  born in America. Lucky for you roger. So why this unadulterated and aggressive attitude against all things Chinese then? Something terribly bad must have happened to bring about this complete severence of your roots. Such a pity; just when the Chinese nation is standing up and collecting accolades from all over the world for their fortitude, dedication , frugality and hard work. Do you really want to miss out on this , the start of the Chinese Century ? Of course not.

The American century was a non-event. It never reached any height except in wars and devastation. Their yellow culture ,strong on pornography and licentiousness is attractive , but so is prostitution and loose women. Anti-Americanism is reaching a crescendo in the rejection of their drug culture, yellow culture, gun culture and the culture of laziness and tardiness. Their claim to fame is the contribution and delivery of fast and junk food, overweight and obesity. Their education standard is lower than low (40% of Americans cannot locate LA on a map !).

So roger my boy, while you are travelling on this road to Damascus, see the light and turn round. Never cut off from your own roots. At best you will be labelled as " not too bad for a gook " or worse. I hope you get that " lightbulb moment " sooner than later. The Chines Century is here. Join us.

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You Wish

Silly boy, white men may WISH that they are #1.  

Check any census in any state - Chinese on the average are about 3 years more educated then your kind, and Chinese make more money than white trash:

American born Chinese families make more (average) income than ANY other ethnic groups measured in the 2000 census.

Who gives a feck what white men (you mean your own wet dreams, of course) "wants" as far as sexual preferences goes?  They also all want to win the lottery once a week.  I am sure in your dreams all the Chinese American women would come to you and submit.  In your dreams, boy, in your dreams, and that's about as close as you'll get.  

White men #1?  That is such a silly statement., boy.

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