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America's secret super weapon against China [Copy link] 中文

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roger604: Victim of Anglo Amerikan propaganda

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I don't know whether to laugh or to cry

I have seen the Chinese newspaper from America.  There is not a lack of professionals that are Chinese.  I have no idea what this guy is talking about.  You mean to tell me that all these Chinese doctors and lawyers and accountants have difficulty finding smart and pretty Chinese girls for spouses?  Mayhap the problem is not with being Chinese American, but just with being less than successful?  

There are bitter everyman in every society.  Just as the Chinese get most of the 2400 in the new SAT, the bigger problem may be with famous colleges trying to keep the successful Chinese out.  Most of the Chinese from America I've met are too busy doing deals to worry about not finding a Chinese wife.

Most Chinese I know that are in the U.S., teach their children that it is better to marry Chinese.   I am sure that there are a minority of girls who want to marry white.  But with interracial marriages ending 90% in divorces, I can't believe that people would opt for the high risk route.  Now if you say that some Chinese girls would rather marry Jewish, given that many of the Jewish kids are really smart and financially well off, maybe I can believe that.  But that is just a matter of considering all the factors, when someone tries to find a spouse.

Worry less about finding a Chinese wive - and spend more of your time studying or building a career, perhaps that would do wonders for your love life.

Push comes to shove, you can always go to Sichuan.


According to this website, more American Chinese men marry white women (12%)  than American Chinese girls marry white men (5%).

American Chinese who are married to:
Husbands         Chinese         89.5
(533,134)         Other Asians         4.1
          Whites         5.1
          Blacks         0.1
          Hispanics/Latinos         1.1
Wives         Chinese         83.0
(579,816)         Other Asians         3.3
          Whites         12.0
          Blacks         0.3
          Hispanics/Latinos         1.0

So where did you get your data from?

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Push comes to shove, you can always go to Sichuan.

Care to elaborate?
I hear about many at work and been with in Clubs but are they suppose to be reputable for marriage?
~All that which glitters is not gold~

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You are reading the data backwards.

Chinese husband / white wive -- 5.1%
Chinese wife / white husband -- 12%

Look at this statistics, showing younger generation US born Chinese women marry whites at >50%. ... s/RS-F40-2000US.htm

Dating is even more %, because some girls want to "have fun" with white guys before marrying Asian because of family.


I agree. American "culture" sucks.

Many Chinese do not understand! American culture pretends to love China. But really, they want to love Chinese women. And make white man better than Chinese man.


That is funny! I think Chinese Americans should unite with China. The stronger China is in the world, the more "face" Chinese Americans will have.

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"Should unite"?  What does that mean?

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Originally posted by sulara at 2006-5-8 11:31
"Should unite"?  What does that mean?

Tuan Jie! Wei Zu Guo Fu Wu!

We overseas Chinese suffer much pain. The West finds ways to kick us.

Brainwashing Chinese women to love white men and hate Chinese men is terrible.

Chinese Americans are very educated. We should bring our education back to China and make China stronger! No more westerners kicking Chinese Americans.


I suggest you look at the video link from Sulara. It will show you what Chinese American life is like.

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