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America's secret super weapon against China [Copy link] 中文

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"The Chinese do not have such dangers now....."

Even though China does not worship white people like girls worship whites in Korea and Japan, it is changing.

The problem is western media.

Western media brainwashes people to think "white is beautiful" and other races are not as beautiful.

So when Asian women watch western media, they think white men are beautiful.

Western media makes Asian men ugly and always show Asian women with white men.

DANGER!!! Western media wants to divide Chinese women from Chinese men, so all Chinese women start to love white men.

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Only the Lame of Brain

Only the lame of brain get brainwashed.  Do you see the Chinese on this site getting brainwashed?

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USD100k and Chinese Women

This forum has gone down-market. Signs of bad time to come?
Maybe I should eat at MacDonalds from now on...

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Originally posted by tongluren at 2006-5-26 09:28
Only the lame of brain get brainwashed.  Do you see the Chinese on this site getting brainwashed?

Do you know how to use your brain or do you just repeat back everything your parents teach you like a parrot?

"Only the lame of brain get brainwashed"???

Wow, you are naive.

Why do you think corporations pay so much money to advertise? Obviously getting bombarded continuous with marketing slogans has an effect -- it influences people.

So when the Hollywood media keeps showing Asian women having relationships with white men, and belittle Asian men, it has an effect on people. Start learning to think for yourself instead of always being so obedient to your parents.

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haha. good point.

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You over hype the media’s influence on people.  I was born and raised in America, and I don't feel it is as powerful as you make it sound.     

Some white guys are pathetically dorky like that Paul fellow I was writing about.  He could not get a woman if he was the last guy on Earth.  That’s why he has this unhealthy Asian fetish, and this creepy way about him, that really irritated my assistant.  These creepy white guys with the Asian fetish usually ends up with a my jin jaa, with equal baggage to fill a train depot.  

Secondly, the way you phrase this thread, the “Secret weapon” is stupid at best.  I’m sure there are white guys that reduce the Asian woman to chattel status, and try to use that relationship like some upsmanship point.  But the sad reality is many of these white guys are so socially inept, pathetically dorky, that they purposefully look for situations that give them leverage.  

Frontline did a segment a while back where they followed this divorced white guy on his journey to Thailand for his mail order bride.  How sad and pathetic.  This guy is so creepy that he needed to go half way around the world, to stack the deck in his favor, to find a mail order bride, because he is a  nobody in the states.  Apparently, he couldn’t find a woman interested in him, so he went to Thailand.  The woman didn’t know any better and married him.   Three months later, she ditched him, and he was left wondering why.  It was pathetically funny.  He was attracted to the Asian stereotype of the passive Asian, and the unhealthy fetish in his mind.  In the end, he got what he deserved.

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