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I feel very disappointed with the people of this forum [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by afri_simba at 2006-5-4 04:02
This is an open forum and  people are not willing to express their private feelings here until you have a competition of writing "My Mother".

Shall we start a new thread for an essay competition about our mothers?
Or is that too personal?
I am not rich.  :L

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again; DON'T generalize

There are ALWAYS exceptions. don't just judge by some situations of the 'wrong people'  you met.

you can say chinese are cold. Chinese may think, you foreigners are cold by 'not living or caring the family, too independant' etc etc.

Humans are emotional beings. And that is valid for ALL races, no matter which country you come from.
Did you watched some Asian drama's or movies? Japanese and Korean for example can make REALLLY touching movies/drama's....   ---> are they cold if they can think like this?...   

Every country has their own good and bad people, cold or warm.
Its not the PLACE that matters, but their CHARACTER + how they grow up + with which kind of family & friends.

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Originally posted by force_one at 2006-5-4 00:12
Hi dears

I do understand some costumes and cultures in this world are different and some with very opositive points of view, depending the topics or the situations
I am a foreigner working and  ...

the chinese social is  different from american.

we are an old nation,as you can see
we get the different education,read the different books.
it's true,we both have love.
but any way,we have the different expresssions
in china,we don't say,"i love you,mum" or "i love you dad"
but in the depths of our heart
we love our parents!

slient love isn't meaning less love

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As the Mothers' Day you have mentioned, actually I don't even know the date of the festival!   I only know that it is a werstern culture. For that, my family usually get together on the Mid-Autumn Day and express the feelings. Different countries have different cultures.

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Hello dears
Thank you for your replies. Now I understand more about chinesse culture,
I felt really sorry for whom lost their mother as freakiqi, my respect to you, but I didn’t understand another reply who said, that to talk about mother is a serious stuff, for this kind of topic is good to do it in a boardroom, wow, I just was talking about love but that reply confused me.
I also understand that this it is an open forum, and everybody is free to talk what they want to talk, but, if the people express many opinions of  differents topics, why not about their mothers? I mean, comparing with many replies some of them with excellent opinions and advices and others, (many) with empty meanings.  
Now I understand for some chinesse people prefer the silent feelings, and to show it or prove it not with words, just with actions, that’s great. I didn’t know it., also I didn’t know that Mother’s day is only an foreign (not western only) custome, I thought in this country chinesse people celebrate that day too because I saw this post in this forum and  I think was writing for a chinesse person
As I said in my post, I didn’t try to compare or judge or mark the differences between chinesse and other cultures, I just saw the Mother’s day post and I know many people watch and reply many posts, In my opinion or in my culture, I think you can show your love with actions, with words, for others with silent, I understand there are many ways to prove it but as some of you said, chinesse people are not cold, and continues saying maybe the foreigners are cold too, because “they are cold by not living or caring the family, too independent etc.etc.” in my case, I left my family very far from here, but I left because I want to be succesfull and I do the sacrifice to left my family to make a better future for me and them, even we are far away, why? because I love them.
Always my respect for all of you, your cultures and your opinions,


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It's a cultural shock!

Due to the cultural backgrounds, Chinese people are not willing to expose their feelings in social
activity. In fact, the problem you meet is just a general one. Deep down the bottom of their heart, they
are sincere and kind-hearted.
    Don't you know there are good guys and bad guys everywhere? Not all the people in the foreign
countries are warm. Do believe in this: Treat the other people the way you want them to.
    By the way, I'm sure you can make friends with a lot of Chinese here! I will be one of them!

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