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Imagination: A letter to my future husband [Copy link] 中文

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My Dear Future Husband:

One workmate asked me today, what kind of husband I'm looking for? I stared at him for a while, and smiled: Sorry, I don't know.


Actually, inside of my mind, i have the structure of my prince charming. but i am just a dreamer. LOL and I don't wanna say.

Though I don't know where are you now, and when will you appear in front of me. But I know, there's a day, i'll meet you, the eyes, the attitude and the feeling, I will be very sure that you are the one for me. I will smile and ask you gently: how come u r here?

Of course, I know you must be here. you've been waiting for me for this long, I don't want to let you down, so i come along and found you here. There's a saying: before the love starts, love has the name calls "waiting and searching".  As long as we meet, no matter how hard it was, it doesn't matter, the key point is an unexpected encounter between us.

We met. our love must be beautiful. However, i don't need a luxury love b/c i am not a material girl. I'd rather choose to be with each other under an exquisite sunset. I don't want you to be my shooting star, I hope you are my shinning star, stand together regardless of situation and be there for me.

Dearing, when we fall in love, you must forgive my stubbornness and foolness. Maybe I will call you in the middle of the night, just want to say "good nite", falling sleep with your gentle voice, and leave you at the other side of the phone till tomorrow.


Maybe I will ask you "Do you love me?" again and again. Even you heard the same question at the 1001st time, please say you love me with your real heart. I am not doubting your love towards me, I just like to hear "i love you" which said by your mouth lightly near my ear, I am satisfy with this little happiness.

Dearing, you must forgive my mistakes。Because I am a girl who's easy to be messed up with your spoiling。I desire to have a great moment with you that i am your bride since the day i met you.

I like European wedding style, soulful staring at each other with the soul kiss and say "I do". I think, it's heavy enough to take the responsibility and perform all the promises.

Image myself in a white wedding dress, holding a bunch of roses, I expect to be your happiest bride. no matter in a holy church, or in a crowded wedding ceremony, I will speak out loud: "I do" I know, at that moment, "I DO" is much heavier than "I LOVE YOU", but i am willing to bear everything with you.

I want to be your wife, I want to decorate our little home becomes your warm place. no matter how much pressures that you have to face and bear from outside, no matter how tired after the work, as long as you are home, all worries are not allowed to bring in our home. I want you to know, in this world, there's a "ME" and a place are waiting for you.  

Of course, I might not be an excellent wife.  I don't have an exquisite cooking skill, I don't have a bright brain, what I have is naughty personality and some wierd thoughts, A little bit being spoiled and a careless brain. For me, spend whole afternoon to change the style of a room is easier than to cook a delicious dinner. I don't want to change, but i just worry and afraid one day, cooking and cleaning will be my life, then i lose all my charming and attraction.


But, dearing, don't worry, I'll try to learn to study more knowledge, learn to negociate the price, learn to cook the food that you like. I'll make some surprises by preparing a romantic dinner, see you eat the food which cooked by me, no matter it's tasty or not, however, it's a must for you to taste the love within the food.


Dear Husband, I am your wife, also want to be your closest friend. I hope i can company with you to watch the football, cheer for the team that you like, sorry for the lost team;I wish I could be a friend of your best friend, chatting, drinking together. I want to go travelling with you, leave our love trace in each place; I expect we can share every single happiness, sadness, painfulness…

Life can be long, also can be short. If god really lets me meet you somday, please do treasure our love and time.


Dearing, when i am getting old, will you love me same as when I was young? Will you mind my wrinkled face? Will you still put a blanket on me when I fall sleep deeply?


I wish only, i have you in my life; I wish only, when we think about the past, you will touch my head and say to me with your little sexy voice:

That Year, I Met You……

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u did nt mention abt the care to our's old parents...

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"Dearing" isn't a normal term of affection; it seems you mixed "dearest" and "darling."

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that is sweet..

i just want to find a man that i can love for the rest of my life...

i want to grow older with have him by my side always....i know i will never be alone again....

i want to watch our beautiful babes grow up..etc......

life will be so great if i could find that one...
I don't know if I like you or love you, want you or need you, all I know is I love the feeling I get when I'm near you.

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so touching! i hope you can find him !

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I feel awful, my girl is still not coming. and I am a big boy now, I am , maybe, just be called" a strange shy boy"
No one loves me, and I cannot find my one.

Girls are hard to understand by me, and most of them, practical and material.

I got nothing recently, no big money, no house, car...?

I don't know, I showed my interest to some girls, they just give me cold water.

Maybe all because of my shyness, but I cannot and will not try to change my personality,

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have patience pal. LOVE CAN'T RUSH!!!

you have to find someone who really LOVES your character, NOT your money, nationality etc. always be yourself, DONT" change yourself. this will not work and wil only cause harm for you and her later on.

don't rush. you are young and have time. don't use all your time to 'find girls' Also work on your own future pal. STUDY, WORK!...a girl won't find a man who wants to find a gf asap attractive...

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