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Do you object to inter-racial relationships? [Copy link] 中文

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I don't object to interracial relationship!

if i have choices, i would like to be more open-minded. The most important things lying between men and women is true feeling.

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Yawn ....

Originally posted by kanyuek at 18-4-2006 11:55 PM
The chance of a local Chinese to meet and marry a foreign girl is nil.

So why did this poster want to do a survey ?

Apparently, he(she) is not a Chinese and has every intention to engage in inter-racial relationship

1) You are wrong. Foreign "girls" go to China and do meet local Chinese men.
2) The poll was explained at the start - can you read?
3) Who said that this poll as about Chinese, or Asian, or white, or black? You assume far too much.
4) This poll is not about me however your obsession with me has been noted before.

You seem to be concerned about my relationship or my life. In your case I am happy that it bothers you but you will have to find a new target for your stalking since you have been "busted"!
Take me down to the paradise city, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty

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Where's ricman when I want him? I found an interesting possible factor in why there are more Asian female + white male couples than vice versa in the US -

"For example, if an Asian American woman receives a date request from a white or black male, she assumes that this person is not racist and may be willing to go out with the man. If an Asian American male was asked out by a black or white female, he would probably feel the same way. But the difference is that, overwhelmingly, men initiate dates, not women."

So that's a factor I never thought of. I'm not saying it's the ONLY reaosn, but there can be many reasons all piling up on one side, and this may be one. Men are more often the initiators. Oh- the article was about asian men in the US, saying that they are mostly among white people and possibly feeling racism so that's why they'd be more likely to not initiate dates with white women.

Also, here are a bunch of books & movies with asian man + white woman: ... 23?%5Fencoding=UTF8

And somewhere he asked us to name  - no, he DARED us to name a famous asian man with a white woman - Isn't Yo Yo Ma's wife white? And if he wants a non-famous one we know in "real life" - my taiji teacher's son.

If this is like Truth or Dare, I'm winning. I came up with a list of successful asian businessmen for him elsewhere after he dared us to name one.

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I am not rich.  :L

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Originally posted by sinfulangel at 2006-4-18 01:04
I am an easy doesnt matter much which race you come from..the main thing is that you know what love is..and be nice..sweet..and gentle to me...ahaha....

I forget to mention one t ...

SA curry boy is looking for a date.  Is he ok or too dark?

One of every 4 people is mentaly  ill. Think of your
3 best friends, if they're okay, it's you.

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Originally posted by freakyqi at 2006-4-18 22:37
Mixed raced people are usually cool looking, I think.

Does English, Irish and Scottish count as mixed?  The Mrs. thinks I am kinda cute if that gets me any points.  My family has been in the states for almost 450 years now, (yeah I know they weren't states back then) and I am the first in my line to marry another race, the ex is Hispanic and current is Asian.  I don't see a problem at all.
One of every 4 people is mentaly  ill. Think of your
3 best friends, if they're okay, it's you.

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Originally posted by tmphgt at 2006-4-18 13:18
Please make your comments with or without a vote.

hee hee, I am back after a long vacation.

Voted: No objection at all to the inter racial relations.

Comment: The world is getting smaller and smaller, and we have got more and more chances to crash into each other.  Natural and simple.

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dont care

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