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Do you object to inter-racial relationships? [Copy link] 中文

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Race is not seen as a problem in love, friendship and such...for my long as I recognize it as love, friendship and such...

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Sorry simba ...

Originally posted by afri_simba at 17-4-2006 11:03 PM

Look back to your designed poll.  The first option is ok while the second is not well designed.

Can you elaborate your second option?

Seems you were in a hurry preparing your packa ...

You are right! My poll was thrown together hastily after I found posts from the likes of ricman blasting white people (males in particular) dating Chinese. I have also been stalked by a particular nutter from these forums who thinks I attack all things - especially China and Chinese.

Please make your comments with or without a vote.

For the record: I like China, I like Chinese people, I like much of my country and I like much of most countries. I dislike online losers preying in Chinese girls, I dislike foreign predators preying on Chinese girls, I dislike scammers and tricksters trying to cheat people here with online scams. I strongly dislike racism and those who claim to be superior. I will attack the posts of those that I oppose.

I hope that clears that up!
Take me down to the paradise city, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty

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reply to #18

That's odd; I know a whole bunch of Chinese/other East Asian guys who are as tall or taller than me (and I'm 5'9"!) and very attractive.

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No I dont

No I dont its better understanding other civilization. There are many things which are different but Love is unique and i am sure loving a person is important an not his/her  race. People who say I want to love someone, I want someone and never say I want an Indian/chinese /or etc so Love dosent define boundries between two nations.

A stupid topic to pick......

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Originally posted by cougar at 18-4-2006 01:42 PM
A stupid topic to pick......

Why is it a stupid topic? You are new here and have not seen how often this topic has been aired - the purpose of this poll is to try and get all of the comments into one place.

If it is stupid why bother posting your valid comments? Your comments are good - the topic is valid.
Take me down to the paradise city, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty

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Mr. Guitar.  If this was a simple yes/no question, we wouldn't have a problem.

But it just isn't that simple.  If the IR Dating disparity favors one sex or just certain cultures the problems become huge.  People are hiding their prejudices in this forum.

Why?  The only way we can have an honest conversation is if we have the courage to speak the truth.

Originally posted by tmphgt at 2006-4-18 03:49
Ok, I want to deal with this topic in a conclusive way because it keeps cropping up across these forums.

Do you object to inter-racial relationships?

There have been posts here from gu ...

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The real issue is NOT inter-racial relationship !

My school has sent "university graduates" to China for the last 130 years. The seniors applied for the positions and were screened very carefully before embarking the journey to China. (Shannxi Province to teach English)

12 of them were killed during the Boxing Uprisings in Shannxi but none of the Americans who represented my school got involved in any kind of relationship with the local Chinese in the last 130 years.

My school sent the best to China for cultural exchange and those returned back home to the States continued on their Ph.D. degree .

But so many foreigners nowadays are using the route of "Teaching English" in China to engage in wanton behaviour and get involved with the local Chinese, I truly believe it is not a representative of the majority of American, British and other foreigners who go to China to teach English. They are only interest in getting another contract the next year, going to singapore for R & R. Shame on those foerigners !

It is ashame so many of those "white"  teachers engage in this kind of wanton behaviors and have the gut to openly post these kind of topics.

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