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How to Read Girls' Hearts [Copy link] 中文

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Boys: Our romance is private. Why does she always want to share with others? This throws us off balance and makes us feel rather confused.

Scene: What a coincidence! Today is Xiao Li's and Xiao Fang's birthday. Early in the morning, Xiao Li's boyfriend comes to school with 11 roses and a birthday card for her. The whole class rocks with exultation and laughter. Although they are common gifts, Xiao Li is envied greatly by everybody in the classroom, especially Xiao Fang—she is upset all day. After school, when Xiao Fang finally goes home, she sees her stupid boyfriend waiting for her at the door with a bunch of roses...

Offscreen voice: Girls think that romance needs an audience. When given publicly, even the most common presents are invaluable.

An expensive garment or several bargains?

Boys: Girls are crazy about shopping. They are always complaining that they don't have any decent clothes. Why don't they spend the same amount of money on an expensive but decent garment instead of several bargains from the stalls?  The very thought of accompanying girls shopping really drives us crazy.

Scene: Two young lovers are shopping. The boy soon picks one for himself, but the girl keeps looking but fails to reach a decision. Later, at the girl's strong urging, they rush to a clothing market. With 1,000 yuan, she buys two scarves, two jackets, a dress, two pants and a pair of shoes.

Offscreen voice: When girls say that they don't have any decent clothes, they don't mean they want to buy something expensive. Instead, they want something new. For them, new clothes are always good. They feel rather excited when they can buy a lot of new clothes with just a little money.

Do girls want an escort?

Boys: We boys live in a world where everyone says exactly what he thinks, while girls' quality of reserve is exasperating. When it is late at night, I ask my girlfriend whether she wants me to accompany her home. She always says no. However, one time her “best roommate” called me to complain that my girlfriend really wanted me to do so, despite her saying no. So, the next time I gallantly volunteered to escort her home. But she didn't seem impressed, although it was very inconvenient for me and I didn't get home until midnight.

Scene: 10 p.m., two lovers are walking on the street. As the boy starts to board a bus, the girl's face turns sullen. Noticing this, he loses no time in stopping a taxi, “Let's take a taxi and I'll escort you home.” Strangely, the girl answers: “If you escort me home, you'll have to return by taxi yourself. Altogether, that will cost you almost 100 yuan, which is really a waste of money.”

Offscreen voice: Girls are very independent and don't need escorts anymore. However, they are flattered when you gallantly offer to serve as their escorts. It is a wise choice to give them 100 yuan and suggest they take a taxi home, even though they may finally choose to go by bus in order to save the money for something else.

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I'd be just as happy if my boyfriend gave me roses with or without an audience. As for shopping, I don't really want anything too expensive--just something a little newer or more in style. Or maybe I need a specific item of clothing--maybe we're going to a fancy restaurant soon and I need a pair of shoes that will match my dressier skirt. You're just about right with the escort thing, though.

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Every coin has 2 sides.

Originally posted by 3wcdcc at 2006-4-3 21:50


Boys: Our romance is private. Why does she always want to share with others? This throws us off balance and ma ...

Every coin has 2 sides. My view is that if you believe you can "read" people's minds correctly most of the time....then why stop using your skills?.... for you would be considered as a gifted individual....

if you don't think you can read people's minds....then why continue the practice?

Personally, I found out that I couldn't read people's minds long time ago (I could only interpret people's verbal and non-verbal languages within certain cultures), so I have not attempted to read people's minds for a long time.

On that bases, I have been doing what I think is right and the rest is up to the others! Hey, I might not have earned the title of being a mind reader but certainly I have made myself a very happy man. one man's opinion.

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When come to shopping, I believe most men are task-oriented.

Is my observation compatible with your views?

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TOTALLY agree once again with thunder
we are just alike hahah

anyway true, I also just shop as a task, fast and clear! done.
while my girlfriend walks into a lot of stores..checking...comparing..searching haha...
women ~~ just like the shanghainese weather: 百变.

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you can never read a womans heart.....what they have in mind is like needle in the ocean...
I don't know if I like you or love you, want you or need you, all I know is I love the feeling I get when I'm near you.

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yepyep yep :)

女人心,海底针 ^^

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