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why do americans always "fuck" [Copy link] 中文

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and yes, it's a VERY dirty word, I think.  

It's never used in public for the most part, unless your're in a bar or something...or on china dialy ;-)

But, as frothrow said, many people use it, and apprrently, my VP does in public???

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it seems become a idiom ~~~

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Don't be so stupid. The words meaning changes with the times and the context. Do a search for The origins of the word fuck. I think the monlogue is by George Carlin. It's brilliant. Listen and learn how the "f-word" can enrich your life.

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Words are words

Using profanity is almost part of the language in America in expressing yourself and is being more and more accepted by the general public . Even the vice president Dick Chaney used the word . Maybe it is getting out of hand .

Fuck no! =)

On to a even better word,
Motherfucker is a can be a person , place or thing.

Ex: The other day I went to that motherfuckin place, I saw that motherfucker and used a motherfuckin crowbar and smashed that motherfuckers head in.

...and it makes sense like a motherfucker.
~All that which glitters is not gold~

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hi leejee

i can show u how to ---- if u are a girl, pls dont mind. i just wanna teach  u

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It Just Accurately Reflects

The use of foul language accurately reflects the upbringing (or lack thereof) of Americans, and their respect (or lack thereof) of other peoples.

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Reply #1 leejee's post

Originally posted by leejee at 2006-3-26 16:00
well,i have a confusion about it... why do they always say "f u c k" it really a dirty word or not?
i am kinda annoyed at when they say "iam high as f ----"" i am f---- o ...

It is an OFFENSIVE word and

Americans are simply OFFENSIVE people.

When I first joined CD "f u c k" was the word the Chinese said they were taught as a "good" word to learn.  This, I guess, is how Americans populate their vulgarities.  In the end, the world becomes vulgar and no one feels guilty about saying or being it.

Just like irresponsible sex, promiscuity and pornography ..... they mass-sell to the gullible world, their American DECADENT and VULGAR culture and you see how MESSY our world is today?

Who knows, they may next promote KILLING as good and justify it as their fight against terrorism and extremism, when they actually BREED them - terrorism and extremism.  

So, don't be surprised.

Anyway, don't trust the Americans too easily and whatever they say is good.


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When asked what they least admired about the West, they replied
MORAL DECAY, PROMISCUITY and pornography which...

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