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Fear of Death: the Beginning of Religions [Copy link] 中文

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Christopher_104 typed:

"As soon as we developed intelligence enough to see  that
everything  really does end at death we humans invented
religion so that we could pretend otherwise."

This seems to suggest that it has been conclusively proven that everything really does end at death.

I responded:

"As far as I'm aware, no scientific experemient has yet conclusively proven that theere is no life after death.  Would you mind referring me to it please: I find this bit of news fascinating and am surprised I somehow missed it. obviously it naver made it into the mainstream media and just got lost in some accademic journal I suppose?"

Never did I suggest in this responce that it has been conclusively proven that life doeasn't end at death.

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Originally posted by seneca at 2006-3-25 23:32
I consider this one of the most heinously biased, arrogant and ignorant xenophobic posts by a Westerner. This is not a meaningful contribution to the general thread on religions; it is nothing but a vile attack on Muslims!

We certainly ought to show more respect to other religions.

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I don't understand Marxism

I don't understand why Marxism rejects religion.  Marx and Engles crafted a philosophy of government and economics that sought to help the poor and the workers, and then they rejected religion.  It's as if communism is designed to be the antithesis of Capitalism and Christianity more than it is designed to be a more effective way of organization.

How much better off would the poor have been if Marx had not been hostile to religion?  What if the western democracies of the Cold War did not have the support of their church leaders?  How would the politicians have waged an effective Cold War against a communism that was not Godless?  It is the freedom of religion that added the religious fervor in opposition to communism in the West.  

Pope John Paul II's active opposition to Soviet Communism was based on its rejection of religion, but what if he had not had this issue, then what would he say?  That his political views justified mobilizing the world's Roman Catholics to opose the Soviets?


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Very good point , Matt

What would happen if Marxism had not rejected religion, and kept it at "neutral zone" as much as the choice of a partner to marriage. Catholic church would have much of a trouble to organize any massive back up.
Of course it is pure iffying. Marxism preciselly pointed out the dictatorship of proletaryat as the only power to be, with elimination of any potentialy opposing force.

The wrongdoing of this led to final fall of comunism in any country , where the regime wanted to ease on terror. Lack of any independent voice is damaging factor , the beginning of the rottening of every dictatorial system, not just marxist only.
Andy Dob

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Reply #18 tianyuanedu's post

I have never been able to accept religion. The claims are amazing, for example
people really believe that the entity "God" is capable of turning a human into
a pillar of salt. Also the eternal life postulate when you think about it is a
horrifying prospect, imagine spending 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years
  sitting next to Cliff Richard or GW Bush in heaven  and that is just the start.
No sir, religion is an invention, in the words of the British Philosopher
Bertrand Russell: "Religion is the early dawn of man's thinking"

However , I agree that communism may have been  brought down
or helped down by religion. The "proof" line of argument really
is meaningless  because you cannot prove or disprove  religion
just as you cannot prove or disprove that the block of gold I
mentioned with my name on it does not exist.

My main concern is unscrupulous people using religion
to con people into wars etc  , see shanhuang 's thread
Zion's Christian soldiers

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Reply #21 doberman's post

"What would happen if Marxism had not rejected religion,"

I think Marxism honestly thought that religion is wrong
and it is to their credit that they did not promote religion

A UK street opinion poll of 2 or 3 years ago said over
50% of a UK sample of over 1000 were not  religious
at all.

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to westerners' eyes, communism is also a religion. at most, it is a school of thought. no science has proved whether there is an afterlife. philosophers only think and ask us to believe them. we think, so we are.

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