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Can the USA buy Taiwan? [Copy link] 中文

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There has been talk about Taiwan being up for sale for $6,000,000,000,000. What would the benefits be
of Taiwan becoming the 52nd State of America.

#1. We could divert war between China and Taiwan killing millions.
#2. Taiwan could join a system that is very close to what they want.
#3. Taiwan could get Western Weapons.
#4. Trade would be free of taxes.
#5. Any Taiwanese that wanted to move to the USA could do so at free will.

There is only one question....

....Who would we pay?

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too much time on one's hands

Many times I enjoy and agree with the contributions of "fish", but this time I must
distance myself and ask "why?"  Pray tell where "there has been talk" of such a
deal?  Mad magazine or some theater of the absurd performance you attended,
maybe?  Or maybe you have failed to take some prescribed meds?  Come on,
let's at least be real here!

By the way, what would be the 51st state?

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It seems that Fish has been in this forum for a long time. I feel sorry that this experience can't help him konw better about China.

Fish is a patriot, do you konw most Chinese are also patriotic? Your propose is BS and an offence towards all Chinese.

Never doubt Chinese resolution to reunify taiwan!!!

Do you mean if taiwan become the 52nd State of America, Chinese will flinch? Ridiculous. Could we buy Hawaii from US?

I am irritated by Fish's arrogance. If US dare to provocate, a war is inevitable. Fortunately, I believe US government will not be that ignorant.

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What else will foreigners buy, as US continues to sell itself


This is your stupidest post, ever!  I’m not surprised.  US cannot even pay its bills!   The reality is, US is selling more and more of itself to the rest of the world.   It owes nearly $9 trillion dollars in debts, which is more than 400% of current revenues.  Add to that the current deficits, unfunded liabilities, under funded pensions, massive wave of baby boomers retiring soon, current account deficits, trade deficits, and almost $3 trillion dollars of currency owned by foreigners.  The more realistic question you should be asking is, what else will US be selling away to foreigners, or as they say in finance, retrenchment, in order to pay the bills?

Partial List:

New York  and California Real Estate, and US real estate in general, target REIT, LLCs, Partnerships, Commerical holdings
US Ports
Auto Companies
Manufacturing Companies
Raw Material Companies
Telecom Companies
Computer Companies

What is next for sale in the US?  Looks like foreigners want to diversify into real assets, and start moving away from dollars.  So what's for sale now?

BTW, someone asked me how did I get the number over 400% of current revenues for our debts?   

By end of this year, the accumulated debts will be $9 trillion plus (based on current deficits).

By US OMB numbers, our 2005 revenues were a little over $2 trillion dollars.  Revenues pay the bills, so don't get that confused with the most often quoted number, the US GDP.  GDP is not the same as revenues and GDP doesn't pay the bills.  

Therefore, it's simple math.  9 trillion divided by 2 trillion, gives you 4.5 times.  Another words, our debts are over 400% of our revenues.  That does not sound like a creditworthy borrower, and Central Bankers around the world are rightly concerned.

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"By the way, what would be the 51st state? "

Canada  :)

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It was GreenDragons fault


" value of Taiwan.....

GNP of Taiwan....currently US$350 billion.....based on 5% returns.....
It'll cost you US$7 trillion......"

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If greendragon really wrote that, he was just kidding with you.  

Forget buying Taiwan.  US will be lucky if it can just slow down the selling of itself to foreigners.   Over 400% of revenues don’t make a good creditworthy borrower.

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