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How to treat the porn industry in China   [Copy link] 中文

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Ladies and gentlemen ,  are  you familiar with  China's porn industry?
        I have ever worked for a  hotel and found that the porn industry has become one of the most important income of many  hotels.It seems that most of  hotels can't survive without  porn.
        In my opinion ,it's not quite appropriate to  abuse the manegers of those hotels for they also hate porn. But what's the best way ?
        I wonder what's the real  situation in foreign countries?

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Acquaintance is providence.

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Ok, I think you mean, prostitution.

Prostitution is officially illegal in China. However, prostitution in China is everywhere.  You have the municipal park girls, the barber shops, the sauna, the hotels, and the karaokes.

There is no solutions, because many of these establishments are protected by the very people who should be enforcing it stop.

Then it pays the bills and the girls who works there can care for their families back home. No one is really getting hurt. I guess is a matter of choice.

Of course like any good market economy you have supply and demand... Apparently there is a lot of demand in China. - China Sourcing Community

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Yes, prostitution. And its everywhere. From my short time in Beijing I got solicited three times without asking. Mainly at barbers (I decided to grow my hair long in the end ). Since nobody is willing to shut it down, you may have to get used to it. The hotels need the money, the women need the money, and the government officials in charge of cracking down on it want some of their money.

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Porn is part of a hotel's profit structure.

The original poster may  bave been correct about pornography, like web sites, DVDs, and pay-per-view movies in the hotel rooms.  Pornographic entertainment has been a part of the American hotel business for a while now.  In the early 1990, just before the Internet, there were several news stories about how a highly conservative organization was getting into the porn business because it was so profitable.


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If you can't beat it.... it!

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There is no porn industry in China. This is one of the lucrative and profitable markets the Chinese government has chosen to stay out of, because they have some Neo-Confucian ideas that porn is harmful to both socialism and the human psyche.

If the Chinese were as scientific-minded as they say the are, they would of course consult all the research available, which has found no evidence whatsoever of the claimed dangers of porn. On the contrary; in countries like Denmark and Sweden, where porn was first legalized, sex crime related offenses such as rape diminshed.

So, since porn is not dangerous, this leaves us with a big question mark. On the one hand, China has a huge unemployment rate due to the shift in economic model, and on the other hand we have that China says no to porn on purely Confucian "moral" grounds. The porn industry world-wide is worth some 60 billion dollars, and it is that kind of money the Chinese government says no to. China could in no-time have a domestic (just say no to international interests to protect the internal market) export industry worth 10 billion dollars a year.

You do the calculations in terms of new roads, schools, hospitals, ...

Now, as many have pointed out, the original poster probably meant the sex industry, with prostitution as the main industry. This sex industry has been estimated to cover 10% of the GDP... good luck shutting it down!

But it is remarkable that the more dangerous sex selling industry is tolerated, while there are huge and repeated crack-downs on domestic (not international) porn. It doesn't make sense.

The government should do like Japan, just take the god damn money and use it to improve the country. Let those who can afford to pay for porn help build China.

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re: Liangzai#6

I don't think that 60 billion dollars are all taxed worldwide.  It is just somehow like the drug money, which is not as easily to be control as legal gamblings.

What you can truly legalized is the brothel, not the sex workers.  Take Amsterdam as an example, most of the sex workers (around 20 thousand something) are not registered because they won't want to disclose their "profession"  to the public, neither to their families.

When I was at Amsterdam, I did the "window shopping", and I asked one of them how they charge the service fee.  EUR 50 per hour.  What made me thinking is that how they do the timing, by stop watch? By alarm clock? How does the gov't tax the revenue, by tax invoice? Is there an electronic cashier machine which is pre-programmed by the tax revenue authority?  You see, that money is not so easily to be taxed and it flows as black money as drug money does.

Once you legalize the prositution, you will create a grey zone for the pron-trafficing, which will cost you much to crack down...

Yes, theoretically and physically, the money is there, but can you really tax them?

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