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President Hu's List of Do's and Don'ts for China. [Copy link] 中文

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Yes sing it loud

The pupils in Beijing sang the new Eight Do's and Don'ts in nursery rhyme.
实习生 王尧/摄

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Vision without action is illusion---Y.J.

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a good slogan again, it may  still hard to realize again,but we can not denied that the propaganda is improtant sometimes,and sometimes we have nothing to do with some difficulties  under the existing conditiions but to shout out some slogan.hehe.....and also we should agree that  many changes in china have taken placed,whatever and wherever!!

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I consider these principle to be just beautiful slogans more than useful rules.

As a  college student, these slogans will not affect much to me. I saw them today, and I forget it tomorrow. All these are basic rules of the moral. If a people are of high more, even loft, these slogans is unnecessary to him. Otherwise, a ill-moral people will pay no attention to these slogans.

Enhancing the moral standard is not by the slogans, but by the civilization of sciety and the education of the teenages

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hehe, somthing unique here.

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Upholding Hu's slogans

they are non-fashionable but far-reaching moral and ethical slogans to warn modern people not to indulge themselves inmaterialism and utilitarianism too much!

what's more, they are not pure political slogans just for instigation or fomentation!

Thus, I embrace such slogans, no matter how much they will work in treating the illness of our socity , which, at least, is advocating a healthy social vogue.

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i release the arrow now

President Hu has come out with a good list that can act as a guide going forward.  However, the world will be dull without cynics.  And the job of a cynic is of course to be cynical.  Not being able to come out with such a list themselves, they resort to throwing cold water and contempt on it, thereby pushing the peope down into the mud with their sallies and shallow remarks.  

It remains to expose what they would have written to replace President Hu's list, if they are given such a chance to do so.  So, against the real list, let us read what these jokers would say instead.  For China's people, it seems.

The detractors' list:

If it takes harm to love the motherland, harm the motherland as much as you can.

In order to serve the people, you must disserve them first so as to create a demand for the future services only you can provide to them, exclusively, for a premium price.

Remain ignorant and unenlightened so that people like us can continue to control people like you; science is a weapon against us;  therefore it must be discouraged from the masses, vehemently.

Laziness is good; it creates sick-man's disease; labour is bad; why complicate your life?  stay poor, so that we can write more why your government is not doing enough for you, so that  you will have to listen only to us.

Don't ever be united, for that will be trouble for us because we have learnt the best way to keep a people down is to make sure they're divided and thus conquerable; which government is so silly as to ask their people to be united?

Be dishonest and untrustworthy - the world works like that; squeeze blood out of the Chinese; after all, they're just Chinese.  Too many of them. The accounting tricks will mop away the bloodspills.

Oh please! lawlessness and ill-discipline are the ingredients for anarchy, and anarchy is the detonator for change, and change is the invitation for invasion. Invasion of both mind and matter.  But mostly, their markets.  Once we have their markets, begins the enslavement.

What you talking? luxuries we deserve, whichever way we can get. Never enough.  Helps to buffer and soothe away our conscience dulled by trying too hard to be cynics, detractors, sceptics, insects.

------end-of-detractors' list-------

See, they don't even have any imagination to add a few more to shore up their comments.

Now, why did i have to use one arrow to shoot at these insects? One thought in this spring, mosquitoes and flies hibernate.  But their eagerness to make mischief exposes them for what they will always be.


But i could be wrong.  i am already hearing them banging away at their keyboards with all of their 20 fingers and tails.  Insects don't have tails.  Humans don't have 20 fingers.  Not even chimps.   Only....?

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yes, mosquitoes and flies!

the good news is that China is good at sweeping them to the dustbin.

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