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Do you dare to believe western media's reports on China? [Copy link] 中文

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Daring to absorb Western media with respect to China...


My love, interests, and respect for China originated and continue to originate from western media.  25 years of news, documentaries, books, all produced by westerners and delivered in western fashion propelled me to open heart and mind to China.

It has been western media that has made China human for me - you can't genuinely love someone or something that is manufactured.  I couldn't love China if the extent of what I viewed or read about China was a series of declarations by the Pentagon about "who should be afraid of this" or being repeatedly told daily by the CPC that the world is destined to be "harmonious".  These are manufactured sentiments that are so thoroughly dismissive of the blood, organs, nerve endings, internal and external forces evident in human existence that they have no relevance to what China's people have in common with anyone else that isn't Chinese - those things that don't have to be broadcast by any media and simply are because they are.

Western media has delivered for me these basic elements of life as they are experienced by Chinese people - it isn't about positive and negative - it's about life - indeed, western media got me off my bum and overseas so that I could experience real Chinese people on real Chinese landscape - and I saw and interacted with all kinds of positive and exciting humanity that showed me nothing remotely related or connected to "let's build a harmonious world" or "who's got the bigger tanks and ships" or "let's see how miserable and angry we can get about intellectual and racial divides between China and U.S.".

If I restricted my views of China to what has been presented to me by Chinese media, I'm certain I would be feeling that the greatest drive of a human being of Chinese origin is to simply replace what isn't Chinese with something or someone that is such that the world isn't so messy or inconvenient to one's cultural sensibilities.

The world is a messy place - I daily live in this mess and I thank the western media for delivering me huge amounts of positive and negative energy about this mess form so many perspectives that assault my cultural sensibilities - these sensibilities, as a result, have expanded to include a love for China that only China can take away now.  Western media and/or government is quite satisfied with my love for China and to date, has not asked me at any point to stop loving China.

I'm grateful to the western media for allowing me to experience some lives of China's people such that I don't harbor any sentiments about wanting to replace them with myself -  I want there to remain a nice mess of human beings on the planet that all take joy in waking up to live another day and only get miserable about being seriously sick or dying.

I'm confident China's media can some day recognize a value that it's people already recognize instinctively when they  wake up in the morning each day to daily living:  life as life is valuable.  The people of Harbin breathing, talking, selling, buying, cooking, eating, complaining, arguing - they are harmonious because they are in discord and exist.  They are, in this manner, identical to the people of New York City.

That leader which desires to rise peacefully will opt to connect a Harbin and a New York City without replacing their respective contents - and that leader will have a media that is comprised of very human individuals who jump to experience both places to experience humanity that isn't manufactured.
But until I am, it's gonna be hard to verify that I think I'll be more effective.

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Fish had a thread in the Taiwanese section on unification through development of democracy on the mainland
Some topics are not allowed, like promotion for seperation, hatred among ethnic groups etc. However, if you want to talk about corruption, abuse of government power , government policy or things of that sort, you can find plenty of them everyday in major Chinese forums.

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Originally posted by 666adrian at 2006-3-15 01:12
I don`t think the word "dare" is appropriate here, but......

I don`t believe them, but I don`t believe what the western media says about 9-11, Iraq, Israel, US, UK, or anything else re ...

I agree with you on using the word "dare" here.It's still necessary to realize what their feelings about china,meanwhile, keep them in mind by our judgement. Some reports from western media really disclosed the fact of poverty and ugly in China,but some exaggerated and some show up extremely aggressive.I believe we should keep hopful. No more beautiful things than the hope for our country.

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Many wrongly believe that China should change.

Many people wrongly believe that China should be more like the USA in its free speech rules.  I believe that America should be more like America believes it is when it comes to free speech and tolerating dissent.

I do criticize my country's government more than I do the China government.  I know my own country's government better and I don't know China's government and traditions as well.  China doesn't have a tradition of allowing anyone to say anything, as we think we do in America, and, in your case, mencius, the UK.  But I don't know the UK traditions that well either, I should add.

You know perfectly well that plenty of comments are deleted here. If it doesn't happen to you then it's rather obvious why given that your criticism is saved for the US more than anything. Fish had a thread in the Taiwanese section on unification through development of democracy on the mainland - that vanished without a trace. Many other topics or targets of criticism are off-limits.

No, I'm not aware of any comments that have been deleted here in recent months.  Once a moderator moved a thread of mine from one forum to another, but that's all I've experienced.  2fish, whose posts number in the high 4000s and who now averages 9+ posts per day, is always looking for a new way to have his comments deleted.  That's his choice.

One thing I especially like about China's government is that they are honest.  China doesn't have the same rules on free speech that are found in other countries.  That's not how they are.  So my satrical comment that the world would be simpler if everyone would just act more American is directed to your belief that China should change its free speech traditions to suit you.  I think we would all be better off if American organizations simply respected the free speech values that they claim to hold so dear.

I am as unimpressed as ever with "Reporters without Borders."  Reporters aren't like doctors, but there are some self-important people who would like to create trouble everywhere they go, and they use the excuse of press freedoms to do it.  mencius, if you and enough other people like them, then that is all they need to remain afloat.  To me they look like everything that's wrong with Western media these days.


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If I have to make a choice between that of the western and the Chinese, I'd rather believe what the western media reports.

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Originally posted by matt605 at 15-3-2006 10:57
No, I'm not aware of any comments that have been deleted here in recent months.

Funny, because I've had two deleted on this thread and another in this sub-forum. And guess what happened. Once again I was merely criticising an uncomfortable truth.

Nothing changes, I see, mods. Still running scared, eh?

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"People are the water, the ruler is the boat; water can carry the boat, but it can also capsize it."

-- Li Shimin (2nd Tang Emperor, "Taizong")

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My experience is as I describe it.

I haven't had any posts or threads deleted in the past several months.

I guess you know more about what will get a post deleted than I do.

2fish works pretty hard at getting his threads and posts deleted, so I guess he knows a lot about how to make himself a victim of oppression.

Mostly when I see Americans complaining about China it just looks like people who want China to lower the prices on goods it exports.


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