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Do you dare to believe western media's reports on China? [Copy link] 中文

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for reyquer

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How Westerners imagine China

I have written an essay on how the Western media views China unfairly, which is too long to publish here, but which can be viewed at http://www.journeysthroughchina3 ... ners+imagine+China/

There is a debate raging at present on this site about the nature of China's today (called the "MAJ-Sojourner Debate) which has attracted the interest of the journalist Philip J. Cunningham, who sometimes appears on CCTV 9s "Dialogue" program.

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since china is officially a communist state
it is only but natural that the western media had to paint china in a negative light.
otherwise their target audience will embrace the idea that communism is superior to that of their system.

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Yes, exactly!

I agree with you here too - much of the negativity towards China shown by Western media commentators is ideologically driven.

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Mark, My Darling!

MAJ, where have you been all this time? It's been soooo long. I'm having a ball here in Guangzhou and was wondering why I didn't see you at the doctor's convention last week. But don't worry, my dear, we'll catch up with each other sooner or later.

To the adoring readers here who are scurrying off to read your debates, let me point them to another debate that's even more entertaining. You can find it here:

I absolutely LOVED, Philip's comments in your debates. And Hillary - why, she sounds so much like you it's almost as if she were a carbon copy. And the funniest thing, Marky my darling, was your astute observations in your debates about Marcuse. You know, where you say,

"Desublimation," by contrast, is a system that permits some degree of natural expression or satisfaction of instinctual energy, and is therefore quite powerful as a force for capitialist producers to exploit. " (

But wanna know the strangest thing? I found the exact same quote, word for word, doing a simple google search: ... ree&btnG=Search

Imagine that. Strangest thing I ever did see! Good to know you're up to your same adorable tricks, the things that make you so special! That's why we all love you, Marky-Mark. Anyway, I'm sure youre delighting your audiences'with your famous cut and pasted wisdom and personally I think it's just wonderful. You know, writing your own ideas takes so much time and so much effort, and google makes it so easy! Keep it up. Oh, did I mention that nearly everything you wrote in your debates can be found using google, if you know how to strip out the clever words you threw in to cover yourself? Clever clever clever. That's my MAJ. All the readers wondering about my love affair with MAJ simply HAVE to visit this hilarious and unforgettable thread:

Go here now! Philip Cunningham is commenting there, too! (Well, not really, but that isn't Philip in the "debates" either, it's one of my many, many "personas." Love to all. See you at the medical convention! A dieu! Gan bei!

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You're unreasonably picky!

Ann-Myers, Philip Cunningham did write those comments - ask him youself if you don't believe me. Hilary isreasl too. And as for the charges of plagiarism - well, you're being ridiculous! So what if I use the internet for research? I acknowledge the authors and the titles of their studies, and I quote from them. As for the part about Marcuse' views on "sublimation", that particular internet source did not provide an author's name, nor an article title. It was from a university encyclopaedic entry, similar to a wikipaedia article. The arguments and ideas themselves I acknowledge as being those of Marcuse - simple. It's not plagiarism. You are simply being hostile towards me because you are from the Peking Duck crowd, you so you have an axe to grind against me. In fact, you are probably Richard himself!         

Look at my articles more carefully, and you will see that I use many sources - I synthesise them all to come up with an overall analysis about China of my own. Show me where somebody else has expressed the same  overall analysis of today's China as me!!!! You won't find anybody, because me the overall analysis I have developed is mine, unique to me, and if I don't apply the same rigorous standards of academic citation by usinfg footnotes or endnotes then so what - these are only blog comments! I'm not writing a thesis or a book for publication here, am I?

Wherever I have used somebody else's research to support my arguments, I have accreditedit to them through the use of  quotes, and by naming the author and the name of their study. Simple. Period.

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Good idea

I like the idea of Massage Milk and Milk Pig playing a trick on the BBC et al.

I don't like the BBC. It portrays itself as objective and free, but I feel it makes the news itself by filtering the real news and telling us "all we need to know"

I didn't fully understand that anne_meyers, why does she write in that strange style?

I like Beijing Duck, it's may favourite food.

"We know it's weakness, but the weakness is so strong!"

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