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Is it really such a bad thing that the "old China" is dying (more like dead in the cities)? Look at where the "ancient culture" has led China to become: A poor, stagnating, backward place.

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The New China...

....viberant, exciting, fast paced, movers and the shakers....

...but no need to lose all the culture.

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Have we lost our culture?

no. We treasure family value dearly, we care for our aging parents, and earn/save bitterly in order to afford the best possible education of our kids, right?

And, Chinese people are always big dreamers, we have been dreaming for China's regaining the No. 1 economic status in the world,and we are sweatering for the day coming, right?

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If you go to any of the major cultural sites in Beijing (or anywhere else in China for that matter), you will often find "please do not take photograph signs" around delicate/important artifacts - obviously in Mandarin as well as English, with an easily understood "universal" sign. Yet every time I see those signs, it seems that the only people disregarding them are Chinese tourists. That rather indicates that many Chinese people do not have a proper respect for their own culture and/or feel divorced from it - ergo there is a problem that needs to be resolved.

Equally, although this is not exactly a "problem", the disinterest many have today for traditional things can be seen through the fact that more and more Chinese are not religious. As to other areas, people involved in cultural arts like Peking (Beijing?) Opera, traditional instruments, etc say that fewer and fewer people are taking them up or expressing an interest in them. Perhaps this is inevitable, but it is a sign that modern culture is far more appealing to the majority.

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"People are the water, the ruler is the boat; water can carry the boat, but it can also capsize it."

-- Li Shimin (2nd Tang Emperor, "Taizong")

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Just curious?

What do the Chinese believe.....

.....happens when they die?

Just dust?



I mean what do the majority of the Chinese believe?

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Most of the Chinese I know

Are true agnostics.  We openly laugh at the lame brained and their giving themselves up (literally) to established religion.  Yes, we do burn a cord or two of incense before our ancestors' shrines in the back of the flat come the first and the 15th of the lunar calendar, but more out of  respect than a belief in the afterlife.  Yes, we burn offerings of paper marche cars and suits and currency at the obligatory grave visits (and more recently the offering include 2nd wives and cell phones, but that's another story), but  again that is not so much because of a true belief in the afterlife.  It is more out of respect, and more like earthquake insurance - "you are sure it won't happen to you, but why risk it " sort of thinking.  

There is a Chinese saying  "a person dying is like a light going out."  The imagery, mind you, is not that of a modern electirc light, but more likely that of an oil lamp.  The light goes out, the smoke swirls for a little while (as your descendants remember you for a little bit), and then all that's left are the half inch of ashes on that burnt out wig.  That's about it.

Hell and heaven?  Those are cruel hoaxes used by charlatans to trick the gullible out of gold in this lifetime.  Established religion, in the collective history of human kind, has  done much more evil than good.

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Yes...religion you may be right...

....religion is man made....

......but God is not.:)

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