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China yet has to develop a new soul for its own, probably a combination of  an adapted version of Confucianism and universally held modern values.

Confucianism has been in the past millennia and will continue to be, the core of chinese culture.  While it was once or twice denied, negated, and worse still discarded  during China's recent history in favor of other "better "forms of ideology, its  values are still cherished by a good majority of Chinese people. To this day, many Chinese people still observe its tenets. Even the least knowledgeable person living in the most rural area knows to quote some tenets of Confucius in educating their child.

What's the core value of Confucianism and why such a tenacious hold on China's culture? This is the question I often contemplate and many  must have thrown light on.  My thoughts lead me to this conclusion: People need to be good, and Confucius was a great mentor to learn from. Despite some demerits it bears, some of them truly oppressive ones, Confucianism teaches people how to be generally good. As a matter of fact, these values are not unique to Chinese culture. They are also present in other cultures of the world, only in a different form, religious or otherwise. Culture is to people a way of expressing the common good  we desire for humankind.

By modern values I mean the  new ingredients over the past recipe for the benefit of all, in science, art, politics, etc. We  have learnt from the west in many areas in the past, and we should keep learning. A good governance obviously is pivotal to all systems that work. I believe democracy is the ultimate path for China.

And who says this conflicts with the core of Confucianism: to be generally good?

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Maybe it's that thing which impelled Jet Li's Fearless to hold back that last wushu solar-plexus knockout punch, after taking on four of the world's best martial arts fighters to redeem China's honour, while

dying from the poison administered in his tea by...that evil and perfidious japan foreign minister aso.

Or, maybe it was in the last teardrop of the beautiful blind countrygirl who saw with her heart that he would never return to be with her anymore.

China's soul is the deepest and wisest yet.

But so that such posts need never be written by tired old men again, she must energetically seek 'continuous improvement' for her future.

So what are the credentials of those who have parcelled her before, stolen her land and treasures, debased and killed her people, who now in the pristine glory of their descendants, would parade the earth to tell her what is good or not good for her when they could not even do honour to their own fellowmen and those of other nations?

Put the fan-tan on the deck, and deal your card.

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chinese actual soul

At first denoused i'm not a nationalism . i think china 's soul is different from american'.
   actualy for chinese country is the first ,second is socialty and the last is private
    as i known americans put  the private onthe first position.

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I like this


Good mountains, good waters, good places,
Every road is wide.
For friends who come there is great wine,
And if there come jackals and wolves,
We greet them with our guns.

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I Often Wonder

WHY do our American friends so want to condescend to us Chinese, and insist that we are just not doing it right, when they are the truly screwed up. Is it because it makes them feel good pointing out the alleged shortcoming of others?  Is it an inferiority complex?

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BTW, what's wrong with "work hard and get rich"?

better than spending on borrowing.

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Communism is not the soul of China, religion is not the soul of China, getting rich is least of all--it's just a way of living, not a soul.
Only our traditional culture that formed during the thousands of years--- the value, virtue and motal, the spirit of a nation, is the soul of China. Sadly many people don't have it, or even recognize it nowadays.

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