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China is no friend to the suffering African people...

...China is a friend to the dictators that supress the African people.

China will always be welcome in Africa...

...because they don't ask any questions.

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With China's active presence in Africa

The lives of the natives improve.  They have roads and rails to carry their produce, and they become a lot more mobile.  They benefit from the schools and hospitals.  They most of all enjoy the well priced, high quality little everyday "luxuries" that makes life more pleasant and joyful.  They benefit from the technology transfer offered by the Chinese, and the agricultural experts that China offers for free, who have already brought about 8-10% growth in agricultural sectors in some countries, like Nigeria.

In comparison, what did the more than 300 years of Western presence in Africa wrought for the natives, other than heartaches and pain and blood and tears and famine and diseases?

China needs no excuses.  True friends offer real help, not like just the pretty words and hot air tha tthe Westerners offer year in and year out.  Where it comes to sharing prosperity with the less fortunate on the African continent, China has no peer, and China outperforms you all.

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You paint a picture...

...that many in Africa would disagree with.

"The lives of the natives improve" ....should read.....some natives.

You build roads...and bridges for two reasons. One you trade these for guns and secondly
your bleeding the country dry is done much quicker with good roads and good bridges.

All the products on the road....are going to China you hypocrite.

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Reply #60 iluv2fish's post

Mr. you not believe in the concept of "SELF DETERMINATION"

Haven't the CELTICS been tortured enough by the STUPID "WHITE MAN'S BURDEN" ideology....
Do remember, the ANGLO do not consider CELTICS to be White man!!!!!!!

Why then do you encourage a YELLOW MAN BURDEN on AFricans....
Africans are ADULTS...they are free to have SELF DETERMINATION...

Just because your HEBREW-GERMANIC faction has this "moulding others in their own image"...
It does not mean that we CHINESE are the same!!!!!!!

They are ADULTS, just like we CHINESE treats the HEBREW-GERMANIC faction of the AMERIKAN REGIME as adults!!!!!!!!!!

You are A SILLY FELLA, Mr. Fish........what happened to your CELTIC CONSCIENCE.....did you forget what the Anglo did to you you want to do the same to the BLACK PEOPLE.....what's wrong??????

Green Dragon
Divine Witness

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We are firstly...all human...

...that is except for are a lizard.

If a human is you not give the human food?

If the human is you not give the human water?

If the human is being raped by another you say...they are both adults
and they can work it out?

What is wrong with China? You guys got no balls.

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and i tell you.....china does not have a strong military.....

we cannot airlift units in any part of the world with ease....
that armed forces is only used to deter Amerikan Predation on the middle kingdom....

By the way....
when people are without food....we chinese go all out to help them....
note the FINE WORK done on African infrastructure....
when there is RAPE..we watch how the African authorities solve it......we don't think we know enough about the source of the problems in  Africa as well as you Amerikans....

When there is no WATER...there is nothing we can do...we have to ask GOD IN HEAVEN..why he don't cause rain in Africa....maybe God wants African to migrate to Europe, Arab nations or America?????

Is that good enough answer for you!

Green Dragon

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Murphy say....

"if you do not want to help...stay out of the way".

China should not be a member UN Security Council then...

is that what you are saying?

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