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Could you share your New Year plan with us? [Copy link] 中文

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As the lunar 2005 coming to an end,  can I launch a thread to acquire our dear forumites'  "harvest " of the year?  And, if possible, could you share your 2006 plan with us?  Some will start his/her own business venture, some will go abroad for study, and some will get married, right?

Did you buy an apartment? on mortgage? How much is the monthly repaying burden? what do you think of the prices?  will it  go down in 2006?

Did you buy a car?  what brands?  (american, german, korean, or japan, or domestic brand?)  how do you feel about the pump (gas) price?  are cars bringing you (your family) lots of fun and leisure?

Did you even went abroad for trips?  where are your favorite destinations?  which country is most hospitable? how much did you spend on a trip?

And, are you planning to buy a house, a brand-new car,  or a trip overseas, during 2006?  Are you confident of future opportunies and pay rises?  

Thank you very much.

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what a shame!

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Anyone can help me?

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three Nos, three Maybes

it is great to have such a thread to let me break for a while and think about what has been done and what will be done. thanks.

i have followed closely the car, housing markets over the past year, but havenot got any idea where and when to buy a house. you know, housing prices in beijing are so horribly high that i have save and save before doing so.

i havenot bought a car either. first, because i dont have the need, and second is the headache of parking, traffic congestions,and maintenance. but i will buy a car, i prefer german cars and japanese cars.  and i will do so if there is a need.

As for the overseas trip, i didnot pay any single visit to the outside. and i am planning to visit some neighbouring countries this year, for example, south korea. that will be an exciting experience. and a chance to know the world. and i am consulting travel agencies over the fees and necessary costs.

i will be very confident in the future, though uncertain.

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All noes!

As an editor with a website for only one year, I'd say all the items listed are luxuries to me, but anyway, I'm willing to add my two cents to your questions.

Of course I haven't got my house, and am currently sharing an apartment offered to the singles by my company. The rocketing housing price has made my dream of having my own house in Beijing too difficult to accomplish.

I am not quite interested in cars, so haven't much knowledge on the automarket or gas price.

No foreign trip during the past year! My favorite  country is Holland, another dream yet to be fulfilled.

My goal for 2006 is not a house, a car or a trip overseas, as they seem so far for me. To be practical, I want to have a trip to Hainan with my parents, a place we all liked! :)

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:D that will be a very interesting thread

I bought my appartment in 2004 on mortgage, but I moved in this year after spending long time decorating it.  I've been satisfied with the style my wife and I have worked out.

I feel so lucky that my wife and I had made the the timely decision in 2004 to buy an appartment asI don't belive the housing price would go down before the end of 2008.  Actually,  the decision has saved us 100, 000 yuan or more, and that makes us even happier with our home.

As I don't live far away from my work place, the very good decision also spared us the troubles and money of driving. We don't have our car, but I think driving will be a burdon to us economically and to the worsening environment which I care a lot.   

Abroad trips used to be a too luxurious thing for me, but they do seem much an acceptable option as I find myself could well afford it if I don't go too far. Southeast Asia or South Korea would be my choices for the cheap price. Anyway, I prefer domestic trips more as  long as I still can find out places which interest me.

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house and gas prices

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