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求助者必读:翻译请尽量提供上下文和自己的译文 [Copy link] 中文

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Oh, you've got it!

I know how to do later on and will continuously come to have a support!!

Let's improve English translation little by little here!

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版主说的quit right。帮忙翻译份合同吧,多谢了!

A.        The above parties have entered into confidential discussions concerning a possible business relationship between them.

B.        In order to facilitate such discussions certain confidential and proprietary financial or business information, including but not limited to reports, plans, accounts, documents, drawings, machines, writings, samples, tools, models, materials, know-how, and data relating to customers ("Information"), may be disclosed between the parties orally or in writing.

THEREFORE, it is agreed that:

1.        Any and all written or oral Information marked by the disclosing party as "Confidential" or "Proprietary" or which is by its nature confidential shall be treated and maintained by each party as secret and confidential as shall the fact of all part of ongoing discussions between the parties.

2.        The recipient of Information shall not disclose any Information to any third party, nor use such Information for any purpose not contemplated by this Agreement, without the prior consent of the disclosing party;

3.        For a period of two (2) years from the date of this Agreement, Information disclosed pursuant to this Agreement, shall unless the disclosing party consents in writing, be restricted to those employees and persons in the recipient's organisation or a related body corporate of the recipient or the recipient’s consultants who need to know it in order to further discussions between the parties or to perform services specifically requested by one party or the other.  Such employees or persons shall be notified of the confidential nature of such Information, and the recipient shall use the same degree of care in relation to the Information as it employs with its own confidential information, but in all events shall use at least a reasonable degree of care;

4.        The obligations imposed upon the parties by this Agreement shall not apply to Information which:

        a)        becomes available to the public through no wrongful act of the recipient; or
        b)        is already in the possession of the recipient and not subject to an existing agreement of confidence between the parties; or
        c)        is received from a third party without restriction and without breach of this or any other confidentiality agreement; or
d)        is disclosed pursuant to a Court Order or applicable law or a requirement or request of a government agency, but only to the extent so ordered, required or requested; or
e)        is disclosed as required by the listing rules of any stock exchange where the parties are listed.

5.        All Information furnished by one party to the other is considered loaned for use solely in connection with the discussions referred to in Recital A, and shall be returned or destroyed by the recipient to the disclosing party upon request by the disclosing party.  The recipient shall certify that it has destroyed or returned all copies of the Information in its possession or under its control;

6.        The recipient agrees that if it uses or discloses the information it receives pursuant to this Agreement it will do so in a manner that complies with the privacy laws in place in the jurisdiction of which this Agreement is governed and will indemnify the disclosing party against all damages, loss, costs and expenses, actions and claims arising out of a breach of those privacy laws by the recipient or its agents or employees.

7.        The recipient acknowledges that any breach of this agreement may cause the disclosing party irreparable harm which is not able to be compensated by damages, and agrees that the disclosing party may seek and obtain injunctive relief to restrain any breach or threatened breach of this agreement by the recipient.

8.        Neither party will be obliged to enter into any further Agreement or negotiation with the other or to refrain from entering into an agreement or negotiation with any other party as a result of any obligation or the provision of any Information under this Agreement;

9.        This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes any prior or contemporaneous oral or written representations concerning its subject matter.  No agent, employee or representative of either party has any authority to bind such party to any affirmation, representation or warranty not specifically included in this Agreement;

10.        This Agreement is governed by the laws of P.R.C and the parties consent and submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the P.R.C. and any courts entitled to hear disputes from them.

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i'm a green hand~~~the first time to come~~~and i'll be good

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An Ecological Food for Better Health—Camellia Oil   
This product takes natural oil-tea camellia seeds as the raw material,and is a purified camellia oil made by pressing the seeds and refining the oil. The product does not contain any cholesterol; it keeps the unsaturated fatty acid existing in the natural camellia oil; it is rich in natural vitamins and has a unique aroma and taste. It can be used in cold and dressed sauces, and in frying, stir-frying, boiling for both western and Chinese dishes, adding a nice look, a fragrant scent and a delicious taste to the food.

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SPECIFICATION #3                        “5”和“6”的说明
SHEET STEEL: All parts made from prime grade mild cold rolled sheet steel free from surface
imperfection, and capable of taking a high grade enamel finish.
HINGES: .074" thick, 2" high, double spun, full loop, tight pin, five-knuckle hinges, projection
welded to door frame and securely fastened to the door with 2 steel rivets. Doors over 42" high
shall have three hinges, all other doors shall have two hinges except the 24" wide x 60"or 72"
doors which shall have four hinges.
FINISHING: Chemically pretreat metal with a six stage cleaning phosphatizing and metal
preparation process. Finish coat shall be electrostatically applied powder coat enamel baked on
at 350 to 400 degrees. Select colors from manufacturer's minimum standard 21 colors. All lockers
shall be painted inside and outside with the same color.
EQUIPMENT: Coat hooks and coat rods are zinc plated. Truss fin head bolts and hex nuts are
zinc plated.
FABRICATION GENERAL CONSTRUCTION: Built on the unit principle - each locker shall have
an individual door and frame, individual top, bottom, back and shelves with common intermediate
uprights separating compartments. Lockers shall be fabricated square, rigid and without warp.
Doors shall be flat and free of distortion.
DOOR FRAME: All door frame members to be not less than 16 gauge formed to a channel
shape. Vertical members to have an additional flange to provide a continuous door strike.
Intermembering parts to be mortised and tenoned and electrically welded together in a rigid
assembly capable of resisting strains. Cross frame members of 16 gauge channel shapes
including intermediate cross frame on double and triple tier lockers shall be securely welded to
vertical framing members to ensure rigidity.
BODY: Bolt spacing in locker body construction not to exceed 9" o.c. All locker body components
shall be made of cold rolled steel specially formed for added strength and rigidity and to ensure
tight joints at fastening points. Tops & bottoms shall have three sides formed 90 degrees and the
front offset formed to be flush with the horizontal frame member. Shelves shall have sides formed
to 90 degrees, the front edge shall have a second bend. Backs shall be 18 gauge; all other body
parts shall be 16 gauge.
DOORS: Doors 20" or higher shall be formed from one piece 14 gauge cold rolled sheet steel.
Formations shall consist of a full channel shape on the lock side of adequate depth to fully
conceal the lock bar, channel formation on the hinge side, and right angle formations across the
top and bottom. Doors over 15" wide and over 30" high shall have a 3" wide 20 gauge full height
reinforcing pan welded to the inside face of the door on 6" centers. Doors for box lockers 4, 5, 6,
8 & 9 tiers high shall be 14 gauge steel and have channel formations on lock side and hinge side
and have right angle flanges on the top and bottom.
DOOR HANDLE & LATCHING 1, 2 & 3 TIER: Handles shall be recessed in the door and be
finger lift control. The 20 gauge drawn pocket shall be brushed stainless steel securely fastened
to the door with two tabs plus a positive tamper resistant decorative fastener. The pocket shall be
of sufficient depth to prevent a combination padlock, built-in combination lock or key lock from
protruding beyond the face of the door. A lock hole cover plate shall be provided for use with
padlocks. The lifting piece shall be 14 gauge formed steel, attached to the latching channel with
one concealed retaining lug and one rivet assuring a positive two point connection. Handle finger
lift shall have a padlock eye for use with a 9/32" diameter padlock shackle. It shall have a sound
deadening molded comfortable finger lift attached. Doors to have latch clip engaging the door
frame at three points on 60" & 72" high and two points on 20" through 36" high doors. Locking
device to be positive, automatic type, whereby locker door may be locked when open, then
closed without unlocking. One rubber silencer shall be firmly secured in the frame at each heavy
gauge latch hook. Latch clips shall be glass filled nylon for long life and low friction and shall hold
doors shut by engaging the latch hooks. Latch hooks on diamond-perforated lockers shall have
tamper guards. The latch channel assembly shall be quieted by the use of unique nylon glides.
DOOR HANDLE & LATCHING 4 TO 9 TIER BOX LOCKERS: Doors shall be punched for use
with padlocks or built-in locks. Doors for use with padlocks shall be equipped with an 18 gauge
combination door pull, staple and lock hole cover plate with integral friction catch.
VENTILATION: All locker sides and doors 20" or higher shall be perforated with diamond-shaped
openings 3/4" wide x 1-1/2" high in a quantity and pattern to insure maximum ventilation and
maintain structural strength. All other doors shall have small diamond-shaped perforations 7/16"
wide x 15/16" high.
NUMBER PLATES: Each locker door to be supplied with a polished aluminum number plate, 2-
1/4" wide x 1" high, with black numerals not less than 3/8" high. Number plates shall be attached
to the face of the door with two aluminum rivets.
INTERIOR EQUIPMENT: Locker openings 60" or higher shall have a hat shelf located
approximately 9" below the top of locker. Locker openings 30" or higher, 12" or 15" wide and less
than 18" deep shall have three single-prong hooks and one double-prong ceiling hook. Lockers
18" or more in depth shall have a coat rod instead of a ceiling hook. 20" & 24" lockers shall have
three wall hooks only. Hooks to be steel, ball tip zinc plated, attached with two bolts per hook
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now I see!

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got u

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