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Chocolate may be a 'secret' to many Africans, Aztecs and African-Americans.  I personally eat about four chocolate bars whenever I get them, usually PURE DARK CHOCOLATE, OR MILK CHOCOLATE.  The beauty of chocolate starts when the cocoa pod begins to ripe.  Talk about SWEET, the seeds used to make chocolate when in the cocoa pod have a white mashmellow-like, creamy pulp that is very, very sweet.   Some people in the tropics eat that pulp straight from the pods.

Anyway, BOTH CHOCOLATE AND COFFEE ARE VERY GOOD FOR THE BODY.  Chocolate has a high level of anti-oxidents.

ANTI-OXIDENTS HAVE THE SAME EFFECT ON THE ENTIRE BODY THAT THE PIGMENTS MELANIN (BLACK, BROWN, RED AND YELLOW) HAS ON THE SKIN.  Anti-oxidents prevent the body from aging quickly.  It retards the aging process.

In like manner, BLACK MELANIN (in the skins of Blackskinned/brownskinned people) also prevents the skin from aging and getting burned by the sun.  

Coffee itself is very good in preventing DIABETES TYPE 2.  Coffee cuts it down by 45 percent.  Coffee also has anti-oxidents and coffee helps to prevent constant athsma attacks.

The other thing about chocolate is that it GIVES A STRONG FEELING OF 'WELLBEING' WHEN EATEN.  It is a feeling that is constant while one is eating chocolate.

THE MORE THE CHINESE EAT CHOCOLATE, THE BROWNER (JUST KIDDING, THAT COMES FROM SUNLIGHT AND MELANIN)  AND MORE BEAUTIFUL THEY WILL BECOME.  Chocolate has b vitamins and that's good for health.  They will also maintain the cool demeanor that Chinese people have in the US (and China).  Cool as in not letting things make your blood pressure go up.

see my poems on chocolate, coffee and licorice "HIP-HOP WRITERS AND POETS PAGE"

LISTEN TO THE BEST IN BLACK AFRICAN-AMERICAN TALK RADIO "THE POWER 169" WOL 1450 (Washington, DC) Hear the issues, politics, talk, commentary.

Sadly, though Ghana, the world's largest producer of cocoa has a serious problem with child labor and the selling and exploitation of children.  The government and people of Ghana should GET CONTROL OF THEIR RESOURCES AND MANUFACTURE AS WELL AS CREATE THE BEST CHOCOLATES ANYWHERE.  As it is, nations in Europe seem to be the ones leaching off African resources and using African children as slaves.


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CORRECTION:  The NGO's say that children labor problem of working in Ivory Coast, not Ghana.

See article posted by Bantu Kelani  RASTAFARI TIMES

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If the following description is still true, we have to take it seriously

Slavery and the Link to Chocolate

Slave traders are trafficking boys ranging from the age of 12 to 16 from their home countries and are selling them to cocoa farmers in Cote d'Ivoire. They work on small farms across the country, harvesting the cocoa beans day and night, under inhumane conditions. Most of the boys come from neighboring Mali, where agents hang around bus stations looking for children that are alone or are begging for food. They lure the kids to travel to Cote d'Ivoire with them, and then the traffickers sell the children to farmers in need of cheap labor (Raghavan, "Lured...").

Don't be a blind consumer. Some people are allergy to chocolate. They have headache after eating chocolate.

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Chocolate yummmm... I have sweet tooth but cant eat too much for keepin' fit.

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Recently I have been eating chocolate for my desert after dinner....

just a small piece....I like the nutty (almond) chocolate bar.:)

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I love chocolate, so i'm chocoslover:)

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I don't this!INCUMBENT!

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