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who can inform me about chinese table manners [Copy link] 中文

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some Chinese food are pretty spicy and can cause stomach upset if you are not used to it.

Just make sure you know what you're eating.  Go for small bites first or at least let your host know what food you cannot take or want to avoid.

Good luck.


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there is many practises at the chinese meal table... of it is...

..not to talk when your mouth is full of rice.... not point your chopsticks at others...... not place your chopsticks pointing at your guest or host..... only after chewing, swallowing the food and cleaning with a cup of tea or liquor....

...there are more...

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Xila Pengyou

Good to hear that you find the bits and pieces of information useful for your coming trip to China. The closest I have been to Greece is the stopover at Athens airport, but somehow when I come in contact with things that are remotely Greek, like some of the herbs sold in South Asia; or when I listen to the melodious Balkan music (Nana Muskuri), I have a feeling of deja vu. There could be two reasons: sharing of certain things between our ancient cultures that has as yet to be identified, or I was a Xilaren in my previous life. Whatever it is, it is a feeling of friendship.

With regard to Chinese cuisine, there are four principal schools: Sichuan cuisine; Cantonese cuisine; Shandong cuisine; and Shanghainese cuisine - the last named should more appropriately be called Jiangsu cuisine

Sichuan cuisine is known for its spiciness, plenty of red pepper. For those not afraid of spicy hot food, this is the type recommended. I recall trying out Greek food at one time and found it very enjoyable because it was spicy hot.

Cantonese cuisine prefer using fresh ingredients with the amount of salt added well controlled. It is therefore well known for its fresh taste.

Shanghainese cuisine tend to be a little sweet at the same time as being salt. There must be something in it that makes people cook like that, but that might not be to everyone's taste.

Shandong cuisine is normally what one gets in northern China, it is mostly what you have in Beijing. The amount of salt used tend to be rather more than the Cantonese cuisine and there is therefore a higher percentage of high blood pressure patients up in northern China.

Chinese cooking stood proudly as its own until the introduction of MSG (monosodium glutamate) from Japan in the early 1900s. MSG was found to enhance flavour and have been liberally used in all the schools of cooking. Anyway, MSG could not have been a part of human diet in the course of evolution, and as such, there are people who react negatively to it. So in your case, it could be your reaction to MSG. But of course there are top class restaurants that offer Chinese cuisine with no MSG at all, i.e. no addition of even Maggi's chicken cubes.

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oh one more thing

another thing to be noted is the seat facing the door is saved for the most privileged people of the whole group, usually for the most important guest.

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Ha ha ha yes that is what you read on the internet.

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Ha ha you mede me laugh.Come on I am not going to meet the real chinese world since I will be a guest in my friend's houses.There are people who behave in a civilised way in China.My friends belong to this category and If I am mistaken then I do not care .I  will still love them .
Thanks for your warning though.Quite useful.

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Zhong lobsang

Thank you very much for your advice.I am grateful to you.

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