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Chief officials to assume responsibility for accidents [Copy link] 中文

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Chief officials to assume responsibility for accidents  Thursday, February 16, 2006  

China's chief administrative officials will take first-line responsibility for work safety accidents, the State Administration of Work Safety said Wednesday.

"Nothing is difficult as long as chief officials assume chief responsibility," a senior official with China's safety watchdog said.

Work accidents witnessed a decrease of 10.7 percent year on year and the death toll declined by 7.1 percent in 2005, official figures showed.

Party chiefs and province governors have stood at the forefront of the battle and paid a great dealt of attention to work safety, which has brought down the above numbers more than other years, the official said.

Work safety will continue to be an important indicator to evaluate local chief officials, the official said.

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Officials face punishment over fatal accidents

Punishment can be extended to provincial, municipal Party and government chiefs when fatal accidents due to safety lapses occur, a watchdog announced yesterday.

Currently, only deputy governors or mayors in charge of work safety can be held accountable for major disasters.

A spokesman with the State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS) said the country has been preparing legislation to make provincial and local top chiefs shoulder more responsibilities in realizing "safe development" in China.

Work safety to influence job evaluation of officials in China

Work safety will greatly influence the job evaluation of the officials at all levels, according to the State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS).

"This will make officials not only focus on the GDP growth, but also see if the death toll can be reduced," a senior official with the SAWS, China's safety watchdog, said in Beijing Wednesday.

China will also make chief administrative officials take first-line responsibility for work safety accidents, the official said.

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don't pay more expectation

It sounds very heartening, but I think it’s just the SAWS’s unilateral thought.
The Chinese government always gives non-realized resolution, in the government organization construction, the local officials of work safety should report to the local top governor, when there’s a fatal accident, how can the safety official rebuke the offense of the top governor?
In all ages, in China, how many the general Party secretaries and the chief governors were punished for work safety?
The colliery accidents, the traffic accidents, in the recent years, tens of thousands persons lost lives, and why the fatal accidents can occur continually; all because the general Party and the chief governor can’t fulfill their respective duty, the top China government lack effective preventive measures and the punishment determinations.  
And the SAWS also have the non put-off responsibility for accidents; as expert authority, most of the staffs lack professional knowledge of work safety.
Don’t pay more expectation, the work safety accidents can’t be resolve in short time, only the government behavior is effective supervised, the problem maybe resolved.

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i really really doubt it will work

as i remember, about 10 years ago when premier zhu was still in office, similar measures  were introduced to tackle satefy problems ,but seems they got no results and were abandoned soon afterwards,  though in the beginning a few senior officials did got punished for serious accidents then. workplace safety problems are not that simple as i see it., you can't expect to solve it overnight just by demanding highest ranking officials in an area to take reponsibility when accidents happen. officials in areas where, say, there is a high concentration of mines and mining industry is the mainstay of local economy would surely complain a lot and list tons of pratical problems like lacking funds to get so many stateowned mines renovated, local economy and employment will suffer blah blah......,and problems involving corruption are more complicated cuz we all know how much money in the form of bribery, interests, dividents we are talking about here. corrupt officials won't give them up easily even if they might lose their job or go to prison for it. i don't think our gov has the determination to fire all those thousands of officials. cuz it may mean harm to stability and stabiliry  is always our gov's chief concern^_^.
in short , if central goverment really wants to solve this problem once and for all, it has to invest quite a lot in equipment etc, and won't waver even if it may mean sacrifice in the economy growth rate and when facing strong resistence from local officials. i really doubt our gov has this resolve. i have ample reasons for my lack of confidence, when for once have we seen really tricky problems in our country got sovled in all these years?

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This stipulation will once again become nonsense in reality

Believe me , the oath sounds perfect, but they never take substantial effect in China.
One way or another, the chief will escape easily.

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don't expect too much of it,the tackcles are made so many years,but the safe problem seems no decreseing,and i think only the highest  govener response to it  is not rational, i know when the colliery  accident occures,if the injured died in 24hours,the head would be punished,but if died  after it ,the head would not be,as a doctor ,i know,it is not a diffucult  thing to prolong one't life for 24hours,then you can see......when there are some small accident occur,they are sure not to report it ,unless some large incident which they can't disguise ,so all we see is some large ones ,in reality,there are far more incidents than we  know,what to do then .........don't konw
give a infelicitous example.maybe everyone remember  Ma JiaJue event,i dont know why the school principle is dismissed till now,do  he should  be responsible for it.why?as a head o f the school ,it is impossible for him to take care o f  each one,even the class sponsor  can not do that,i think,but why the govener did that,maybe she  is don't  know what do too,but  she think she should do something for it,so.....
i know many such voliences  occur  in  the colleges,who shoul d  be responsable for it ?the parents?the middle shool principle or high school?or the college?yeah,the education should ,in other word ,it is the government should be responsible for it,not the shool,
have had studying in school so many years ,the education systerm should be changed too,
maybe china is changing now,every things are not perfect,someday ,i hope it would come to be a perfect socity

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