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Tax the rich? [Copy link] 中文

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Are you crazy? That can't be done.

the poor need to stay in their place don't you know? 5,000 years of great history can't be wrong.

5,000 years of total freedom...................ahhhhh china is the great Motherland...for all...............

didn't Deng Shaoping say that some people gotta get rich first????

then the rest will follow??              great idea...............................the economic wizzard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............................

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Ah, tax policy.

Attempts to tax the wealthy in the USA often result in the rich altering the organization of their assets in order to avoid taxes legally.  There's a huge amount of money to be made providing tax advice to the wealthy.  If you can show a wealthy businessman or widow how to keep hundreds of thousands of dollars, then they will reward that advice.

As for taxing the poor, this is very easy to do also.  In the USA, many states and localities use sales taxes, real estate taxes, gasoline taxes, and car tag taxes.  Most of the things the poor spend their money on, like rent, grocereis, gasoline, and clothing, are all taxed.  So you can't buy anything without paying the tax as you go.  Same with the car tags and rents.  Rent levels are very often determined in part by the landlord's need to pay real estate taxes, and car tags are very easy to police.

Who pays a higher percentage of their income out in taxes, a wealthy Amreican or a poor American?  I honestly don't know.  What I do know is that as incomes rise, the percentage of income that's spent on food, clothing, and shelter decreases, but the marginal income tax rate increases.

Tax policy is important for China.  China has to figure out how to share the costs of building up the country's infrastructure in a way that assures the economic growth trajectory doesn't stall out.  Good tax policy will benefit all.  Bad policy can create tremendous disadvantages to all.

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support taxing the rich people

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Enhance intra-rich competition...

...avoid letting the rich influence the MANDARINATE...

...keep the GENTRY active in support of a fair society.......

Avoid a EXTRAVAGANT STATE...encourage PAY-AS-U-USE society

...that would be the key, 5,000 years of history..

pay attention to MOUNTAIN BRIGANDS, PLAIN HORDES, FRIDGE STATE INSTABILITY, sea pirates in times of "bubble burst".....

That's how it is done....prevent the FEUDAL fringe state from terrorizing the MOTHERLAND.


Green Dragon

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However, the tax

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They earn more and build up a big fortune, they are obligated to pay more tax, that's why the personal income law is enacted.  

The government needs to set a reasonable threshold for tax payment so that low income family could make ends meet.

When the government decided to raise the threshold from 800 yuan to 1,600 yuan last, an out-of-tune voice from one national people's congress deputy (as senator in the United States) was heard: Raising the threshold would deprive the glorious rights of the low income families from paying tax. What a point! What is PEOPLE'S DEPUTY!

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Rates should be raised now!

I agree the tax rates on the rich boys must be raised,  immediately, now.

The money recovered as a result ought to be used to improve the livelihood of the impoverished residents, esp. in China's western poor provinces.

As a first step, tuition fees of farmers' children attending schools must be exempted.

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