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urgent!!help,the native english speaker and .. [Copy link] 中文

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Freakyqi ,thanks for yor helpful corrections.~I am sure it's of great help to me~~~

You said above you wanna call me  "wiggles", but i wonder if i know the exact meaning of this word. Does it mean swing? If you like , of course you can..

By the way, why not keep trying to write some here in Chinese? Make youself more brave, and put aside any
formality and do not care what other's think of you. Some chinese including me here will like to help you improve your chinese.
Any correction to my sentences is appreciated!

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Genius at Work
Henry Ford didn’t always pay attention in school. One day ,he and a friend took a watch apart.
Angry and upset, the teacher told him both to stay after school. Their punishment was to stay until
they had fixed the watch. But the teacher did not know young Ford’s genius. In ten minutes, this
mechanical wizard had repaired the watch and was on this way home..
Ford was always interested in how things worked. He once plugged up the spout of a teapot and
placed it on the fire. Then he waited to see what would happen. The water boiled and, of course,
turned to steam. Since the steam had no way to escape, the teapot exploded. The explosion
cracked a mirror and broke a window. The young inventor was badly scalded
Ford’s year of curiosity and tinkering paid off. He dreamed of a horseless carriage. When he
built one, the world of transportation was changed forever.

Any correction to my sentences is appreciated!

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Don't worry wiggles, it's just a silly cute name, it doesn't mean anything bad. When I see wygls, that's what I say in my mind, it's like the word "wiggles". It doesn't quite mean swing... hmm.... a child wiggles in his seat in school when he doesn't sit still. A worm wiggles. It's like you can't sit still so you try to get away a little bit.

That Henry Ford essay is too hard for me!

Here's my try at Chinese, and it's true, it's really what I did today:

今天 在纽约 我去看了一个"新年快乐" show. 他们有很多different performances,
我喜欢"梅花"(a dance) 和 一个鼓performance. 我也喜欢一个  performance?
skit? act? 有一条中国红龙.
我儿子也去了. 他要一瓶可乐, 可是US$4!!!! 太贵了! 因为我们在expensive/fancy place,
他们charge us more! (it would be $1.25 where we live)

我们都很喜欢the show.
I am not rich.  :L

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Boy that took a long time for me! (the chinese up there^^)

I'm taking your advice, wiggles. You said:
(this is how I would say it)
By the way, why not keep trying to write here in Chinese? Be more brave, put aside any
formalities and don't worry about what others think of you. Some chinese here, including me, would like to help you improve your Chinese.

or "...will be glad to help you improve your Chinese."

I was a brave little girl up there!
When I was writing it, I felt like this:
But now I feel like this:
I am not rich.  :L

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Hi, freakyqi, Very nice to meet you here everytime. You are a girl,I have thought you are a boy
What do you do in US.?a college student? May be, if not,  how do   you have so much time  with the internet,also, you are learning Chinese..

Each correction by you is of great help to me,which do help me find the problems with my english writing/expressing,and quickly get the native/proper  way to express ourselves. Great, i like to do so.,wish you too.

Now let me show you how i write your Chinese if it were me writing.


Any correction to my sentences is appreciated!

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