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1976-2006 -- watershed years to initial prosperity [Copy link] 中文

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Don't worry lah.

No problem, be happy.

It was that i directed him to read somewhere and he understood.
Well, we say chinese have the art of mind transfers.

When talks are suitable and friendly, joins us.
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Right, being polite to pirates doesn't mean we can't cross our swords

Yes Mr Chao
You applied the right strategy.
You know Sun Tzu, win a war witout losing a single person.
Win your enemy over. They will be more obedient or grateful to you
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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The situation at Ground Zero in global realpolitik today

This is as important as it comes.  It is the gist of everything said in this post and others.

As I had always said, there will be no peace in the world unless the Middle East problem is solved.

It was no joke that they talked about the "final war of reckoning" being fought in the Valley of Armageddon in the Middle East..

When you think about it, the biggest terrorist is George Bush, not the Islamics.

Unless the widely perceived injustice against the Palestinian Arabs is equitably resolved, there will be no sustainable peace in the Middle East because that tis where the real seismic faultline is in the world's geopolitical landscape.

If there is no peace in Middle East, the entire world will continue to face the real possibility of nuclear war.

The U.S. fears North Korean nukes because of the prospects of proliferation to nations opposed to Israel.  

Why would anyone want to hurt the West including both the U.S. and the Europe Union if not because of the obvious double standards they apply in favor of Israel?

The U.S. fears Iranian nukes because of the prospects of direct nuclear strikes from Iran against Israel which is enjoying a monopoly of such weapons now.

Instead of compensating for their past long history of persecution of the Jews in Old Europe in the pre-WWII ghettos by giving up their own land in Europe for the formation of the new Jewish state, they bullied the Arabs into surrendering the Palestinian lands.  

That's why countries like France were most eager to help Israel to develop nuclear weapons and Germany equally eager in helping Israel to develop the cruise-missile-capable submarines.  

Only by making Israel impregnable to Arab attacks could the Europeans and Americans sleep well and not be afraid that they would have to deal with displaced Jews in their own lands.

In this sense, Israelis and Arabs are both victims of Western imperialism.

So you see the evil root of all instability in the world lies in Western imperialism.  It is not the Jewish people.

Zionism is but a form of manifestation of Western imperialism, so is Japanese militarism.

There is little that the Jewish and Japanese people can do except to go along with their governments which are controlled indirectly by Western neoimperialists by proxy through the Jewish Zionists and Japanese militarists, who now share the same strategic predicament in Rumsfeld's retrenching U.S. forces to East Asia.

That's why Koizumi wanted to meet with Sharon before the latter pulled a fast one on him and played hide and seek with him in a hospital.

I can't make it any more concise or simpler.

This is global realpolitik at Ground Zero today.

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China did discover North America

Map bolsters America-discovery claim (Chinadaily)
The controversial yet tantalizing theory that Chinese explorers may have discovered America 70 years before Christopher Columbus gained credence yesterday with a new map unveiled in Beijing.

The map is fairly small, only 60cm by 41cm, the oceans faded blue and the continents crammed full of inscriptions and descriptions. In the bottom corner is a couplet which says: "This chart is drawn by Mo Yi Tong, a subject of the Qing Dynasty, in the year of Qianlong (1763), by imitating a world chart of 1418 (Ming Dynasty)."

China is in the centre and dominates, but the shape and scale of Africa and North America are impressive. California is mistaken as an island, Australia is out of place and far too small, but other than that there are few significant improvements in the European maps which immediately followed it.

The map is owned by Chinese lawyer and collector Liu Gang. He told China Daily what caught his eye about the map: "When I saw its appearance, I could see it wasn't contemporary. It must have been 1763 (because of the inscription), imitating another map, but it had the outline of Antarctica. There was something wrong, many descriptions and depictions were inconsistent with common knowledge on world discovery, so I bought it. It was very cheap, only 4,000 yuan (US$490)."

Liu purchased it in 2001, but only realized the potential importance when he read "1421: The Year China Discovered The World," a divisive work by Gavin Menzies, a retired British naval officer with a passion for maritime history, published in 2003.

In his work, Menzies claims that Chinese explorers led by Zheng He (1371-1433) discovered Australia, parts of Africa, the Americas, and even sailed close to the Arctic. While historians bristled at the occasionally piecemeal documentation and tenuous evidence, the book was a bestseller, and has been praised for igniting academic debate into a previously unheralded topic.

In a telephone interview, Menzies told China Daily his feelings when he first saw the map. "When I saw it, I didn't look carefully. I thought it was just a sketch of a map that I had done!"

However, he has no doubts that the map is "absolutely, completely authentic."

"There are several reasons why. There are a number of European maps based on this one, and they would also be forgeries if this were a fake. There is a mass of corroborative evidence, and everything in the map appears in separate Chinese records. Finally, European explorers found Chinese junks and evidence of Chinese people in North America. This shows the Chinese were there first."

Historians from around the globe are studying the maps and evidence provided by Menzies and Liu, but the map unveiled yesterday in the presence of virtually the entire foreign press corps in Beijing including journalists from CNN, the New York Times and the Finanacial Times certainly appears to be the most convincing so far.

However, the fact that this map is only a reproduction of an early work, the whereabouts of which is unknown, means the authenticity is unlikely to ever be fully proved or disproved.

Aware that the map would likely come under immense scrutiny and questioning, Liu said he strongly believed there were other similar maps out there, and he hopes his decision to go public would help "wake up these maps."

The map also raises doubts over the dates of Zheng He's discovery of America, which Menzies claimed was in 1421, but the map shows was prior to 1418. While Liu was happy to put this detail down to a margin of error, Menzies was more candid. "It is quite important. I have underestimated the extent of Zheng He's voyages before 1421."

Liu has no doubt about its importance. He told China Daily: "In the view of historians, Zheng He only sailed the Indian Ocean, but this map gives a completely different picture. It will change Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) history, and change the history of world discovery."

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Reply #39 wchao37's post

I read about it. Now the evidence is popping out.
It showed China prospered during that time.
And so did China neighbours.

Now is about the right time for China to prosper again.
And trade globaly.
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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As I had always said, caringhk, wanting to regain primacy in the world is one thing.

Being able to do it without a revolution is something else.

China has had a social transformation to the very roots of her culture.

Other nations are not so fortunate.

Many developing nations have neither the social nor the historical impetus to go through a radical transformation in their infrastructure, and so no matter how well-intentioned the original planners are, they still find it literally impossible to implement policies from beginning to end.

Traditions die hard.

Well-meaning plans written on paper will not transforum into reality unless the social climate is ripe for the implementation of the plans.

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Reply #41 wchao37's post

Yes - Social climate must be ripen for trees(plans) to bear fruits.
And with good fruits too to fetch a higher price(quality).

And China good at social changes, eg Mandarin throughout for thousands of years. and further down, how to spread the wealth all around.
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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