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1976-2006 -- watershed years to initial prosperity [Copy link] 中文

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Yes Mr Chao

One whole month of my absence. Hope you enjoyed the BREAK!

That's enough time for any iluvfish to sire a school of mackerels Agree fully.
If i look at my tank of guppies, it is all full with baby fishes.
Luckily, I know Buddhists prayers and sent them to heaven.

Non-colourful guppies which is tough in polluted environments is used
to curb mosquitoes breeding in the drains.

Mr Chao - Want to clarify or check with you about the Christianity in-road threads, you did not mention Buddhism? Perhaps it is not China grown but was there since Tang dynasty! Shao-lin temples and many others speaks of it. Thxs
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Buddhism is harmless

..because there are no political motivations accompanying the propagation of Buddha's messages.

That's what differentiated Felongooners from Daoists, Buddhists and Confucians (if Confucian can be regarded as a religion).

The Felongooners are particularly vicious and are under the auspices of Western spy agencies.  The leaders of American felongoon organizations are WHITES.  Think about it.

No doubt about it -- they are using this evil cult as a break in the wall to make inroads into China.

What other religion asks its members to adopt a certain (lotus) posture for conveying political messages in front of embassies?

Buddhism was not always harmless in Chinese history.  But it is today.

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Thxs Mr Chao.

Now i get your full message.

Felongooners is never Buddhist. It is a combinations of many.
But people masked it and used it deviantly.
But true Buddhist knows from this statement of Buddha Sakyamuni.
" Mara you have transformed into me. I can see your true self.Show yourself.
Show me your greatest armies" Alas - Mara lost and had to backout.

I doubt Fish will ever understand. The topic is so wide that she just drown in it.
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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It takes quite a bit of effort to sire a school of mackerels in one month

Well he is obviously busy writing his second bestseller -- this time properly quoting his sources no doubt.

You are not from Hongkong are you?  Somewhere else in Southeast Asia I bet?

So how do you feel about Premier Zhou En-lai?

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Great - I remember Premier Zhou En Lai for freeing China.

And the legacy carried on by Deng Xioa Peng.

And remember well his Banana skin example.

I am Fujianese in Malaysia.
You won RM50.
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Please do not elaborate on the felongoons.

I am so sick of this group of scam artists that I don't want to even talk about them.

I mean their political intent is so obvious that it is truly amazing how long and how widely they have disseminated their evil messages using a plethora of guises.

The entire organization has been used by foreign spy agencies just like earthlings had been kidnapped by aliens from outer space in the movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers."

The evil cult has nothing to do with Buddhism.  It pretends to have something to do with Chinese qigong, a breathing exercise practised by Daoists and martial artists; but that is only a cover.

It is essentially a Hanjian organization camouflaged under religious overtones to deceive the laowais into supporting them in anti-China activities.  That is their true purpose.

Please talk about something else pertinent to this thread.  Anyone who has sympathy for this evil cult -- including Ma Yin-jeou of Taiwan -- should have a MRI scan for  brain damage.

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Good to see you are still posting, wchao37 !

I don't think Zhou deserves that much respect considering he survived CR only by begging Mao:


    为人民为世界人的为共产主义的光明前途(原文如此--作者注) ,恳请&&在接见布特同志之后,早治眼病,必能影响好声音、走路、游泳、写字,看文件等。这是我在今年三月看资料研究后提出来的。只是麻醉手术,经过研究,不管它是有效无效,我不敢断定对&&是否适宜。这段话,略表我的寸心和切望! 从遵义会议到今天整整四十年,得&&谆谆善诱,而仍不断犯错,甚至犯罪,真愧悔无极。现在病中,反复回忆反省,不仅要保持晚节,还愿写出一个像样的意见总结出来。


    现送十六日夜报告&&一件。请你视情况,待&&精神好,吃得好,睡得好的时(候) ,念给&&一听,千万不要在疲倦时念,拜托拜托。


In this regard, Lin Biao was at least more of a man than Zhou. Lin was the only one who dared to stand up to Mao, and he was the only one who made a plan to set up a power center in Guangzhou to rebel against Mao.

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