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1976-2006 -- watershed years to initial prosperity [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by caringhk at 2006-1-18 14:51
Yes - Social climate must be ripen for trees(plans) to bear fruits.
And with good fruits too to fetch a higher price(quality).

And China good at social changes, eg Mandarin throughout for thous ...

That's why even though superficially both India and China are developing their economies at a break-neck speed, with China averaging 10 percent for 25 years and India at 6 percent for 15 years, chances are that the Indian economic performance is more likely to be hampered later by diehard cultural and social traditions that simply will not go away without a social revolution.  In other words, modernity would not take root in the country until the mindset of the broad masses has undergone a radical transformation.  

That's why the Chinese people have to be eternally grateful to the Mao-Zhou-Liu-Zhu-Deng generation, although the visible results are more apparent in the past fifteen years.

China is not "good at social changes." More likely she is forced into such changes by revolutionaries who concentrated on ridding the nation of reactionary forces inimical to the development of a modern economy.

Just one example will suffice here -- how is a bovine-respecting nation going to cope with cattle running amuck on the streets of big cities such as New Delhi and Calcutta?   

Has anyone done the math and can tell us how much effort is needed to build downtown New Delhi or Calcutta into a true metropolis unhampered by antiquated tribal laws?

The Indian miracle is going to come in time, but not before she has a bona fide social revolution.

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Water, water, water

We have it.
You want it.

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requiem, requiem, requiem

We have it.
You are it.
Keep quiet,

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So what the Premier worked so hard for in Sino-Japanese relations was in vain

This post is relevant here because Sino-Japanese friendship was what China's first generation of leaders spent a hell lot of time cultivating, especially Zhou En-lai and Liao Chen-zhi.

They must be mightily disappointed to know that the descendants of the war criminals are calling the shots in Tokyo these days and that the culprits' ashes are enshrined at Yasukuni.

Those ash urns are like a javelin piercing the hearts of these great men who had the welfare of the Japanese people in mind when they devised China's foreign policies towards that island neighbor.


The entire post fishing for a "solution" to the Yasukuni Shrine visits presupposes that there is a solution and that with sincere effort on both sides, such a forthcoming solution can truly and not just cosmetically break the impasse.

Such a presupposition is not only deceptive but is dangerous.  It is deceptive because nothing indicates the Japanese WANT a solution.  It is dangerous because this red herring can mislead us and put us off our guard.

As I had been saying all along, the problem with the present Sino-Japanese imbroglio is not because the Chinese do not want to forgive the Japanese, but that the leaders of Japan do not believe that their forbears need forgiveness from anyone.  That's why they moved the ash urns of the fourteen convicted war criminals to the Yasukuni Shrine in the first place.

Koizumi just made a speech saying that Japan is a peace-loving nation.  That's like a skunk saying it has been a connoiseur of fragrant condiments, or a rapist saying he has been a paragon of virtues.

I remember that Adolf Hitler made the same remarks almost verbatim in the Nuremburg party rallies in the 1930s about The Third Reich being a 'peaceful' government.

If the Japanese want peace, what are they intensifying island-warfare training at Camp Pendleton north of San Diego for?  Is anyone threatening to occupy any of THEIR islands?

If they truly want peace, what are they bristling with hostilities in the East China Sea for?  Is China drilling for oil in any of the contentious areas?

If they definitely want peace, what's preventing them from simply withdrawing the ashes of the fourteen convicted war criminals from the Yasukuni Shrine? Is anyone stopping them from hiring a taxi or two to finish the job nicely?

If they desperately want peace, what is preventing her Asian neighbors from believing her just like they believe China's comparable pronouncement?  Is any Chinese lobbyist trying to twist the arms of Asian diplomats?

The Japanese are unbelievable because the entire track record of Japan's modern history makes her pretensions to act as bona fide advocates for peace incredible, while that of China's renders hers credible.

Even though a porridge already tainted with the droppings of fourteen rats isn't fit to eat, the symbolic meaning of the gesture of non-visitation or withdrawal of the fourteen ash urns would have meant a lot to other East Asian peoples.

So what's really preventing them from doing such a simple thing to improve her relations with her neighbors?

I'll tell you what.

They can't withdraw the ashes because that would mean a loss of face to the militarists, whose real intention in putting the ashes there in the first place was to revive Japanese militarism.  Without those ashes, all the preparations for such revival would have been in vain.

That's why there are no solutions to the impasse, not because nothing can be done, but because the Shrine visits are symbolic of the entire gamut of militarist maneuvers behind it.

The minute they remove the fourteen ash urns, that would be the moment the foundation of the entire pack of filthy lies vouchsafing for the 'innocence' of Japanese militarism falls apart.

This is because people will then ask, "why would they remove those ashes if what they claim about their innocence is true?"

So their profestations for peace cannot be anything but cruel jokes.

Their version of peace means they grab your land and they love the peace afterwards -- you cannot try to take it back or else you are breaking the peace.

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The key is to remove American fuel from the stoking Japanese fire

Any suggestion that a solution to the impasse can be found at this time is based on the assumption that the Japanese are trustworthy and that they want a solution in order to improve relations with other East Asian countries.

But it is clear from the way they are reneging even on their promise to remove before 2007 the estimated 2,000,000 chemical weapons buried in China during WWII that they cannot be trusted -- because nothing they promise ever truly gets done.

So you can talk about seeking a solution all day long but if it is never in their mind to find a solution and never in their heart to implement such a solution, all you have here is nothing but a wild goose chase.

TRYing to FIND a solution is not the crux of the matter.

To stop feeding the stoking fire with fuel is the crux of the matter.

Only by taking the American support away from the relationship can the militarist fire be extinguished and the Yasukuni issue resolved.  

In other words, America's attitude is the key, and right now Uncle Sam is playing dumb by saying hey go ahead and find a solution between the two of you, while knowing full well that without the threat of cessation of American support, Japan will never seek a solution.

Right now it is like Uncle Sam pouring fuel onto the fire while pretending to ask around, "What kind of water should be poured over the fire to extinguish it -- distilled or tap water?"

To untie the Gordian Knot, help from the one who tied the knot in the first place should be sought.

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Don't worry too much.

Japan needs USA as they know an economic juggernaut is rising!
That is why i read Japan wants to be in UN permanent seat.

I think chinese leaders knows how to react.
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Originally posted by caringhk at 2006-1-23 10:06
Don't worry too much.

Japan needs USA as they know an economic juggernaut is rising!
That is why i read Japan wants to be in UN permanent seat.

I think chinese leaders knows how to react.

Let's call that concern and not worry.

There is a difference between the two in that concern means you know the end result is going to be good, and you just want to give notice to all the interfering factors that can come up between now and the end.

Worry means you aren't confident that the end result will be good, so you fidget around trying to figure out what's wrong.

I am concerned more about what might happen if the Japanese do throw in a monkey's wrench in the nation's economic juggernaut.

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