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1976-2006 -- watershed years to initial prosperity [Copy link] 中文

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We shall expand the content of this thread to include all the elements that brought on the nation's explosive growth in the watershed years from 1976 to 2006, in which China shifted her national focus from revolution and class struggle to reinvigorating her resplendent culture and revamping her struggling economy.

It was a narrow bridle path thrashed out with raw ingenuity.  In other words, there was no annotated map to trace her steps and so logically a hefty tuition fee had to be paid as she relentlessly pushed forward.

But the good news is that she came through the challenges in one piece, and the better news is that her economy as measured by GDP advanced at an average annual rate of 10 percent for a quarter of a century.

Here then is the epic story, beginning with Zhou En-lai -- our first Premier.

Yes, former Chinese premier Zhou En-lai left us on the morning of January 8, 1976 -- exactly thirty years ago to the dot.

In this thread we shall be commemorating him and his colleagues who also passed away that year.

Note the time this was originally posted on the left.  

That was the time Premier Zhou Enlai went to meet Confucius.

His passage led to a cascade of epochal events culminating in the new face of China we are witnessing today.

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Originally posted by wchao37 at 2006-1-8 08:53
Former Chinese premier Zhou En-lai left us on the morning of January 8, 1976 -- exactly thirty years ago to the dot.

We shall be commemorating his passage which led to a cascade of epochal events.

That year is a turning point in China's history.
The nation lost a great leader Zhou Enlai.
The 10-year turmoil of the cultural revolution came to an end.

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A cascade of events that began with a speech in January, 1975

There was a well-known promise from the youth of China that "the day we achieve our Four Modernizations will be the day that we commemorate the Premier's passing with pomp and style."

That was from a poem in that heart-rending April 5th, 1976 event that led directly to the downfall of the Gang of Four in October of that year.

Zhou's first enunciation of the march towards the Four Modernizations at the Fourth People's Congress in January, 1975 did not prepare the nation for his unexpected passage a year later, although it was manifest to his immediate entourage that he had end-stage prostate cancer.

That clarion call for dedicated efforts to bring the nation out of the tumultuous ten years of the CR was heeded and taken to heart by the entire Chinese people.  

In order not to let the Premier 'lose face' the Chinese people had to achieve his lofty goals within a specified period of time -- by the end of the Twentieth century give-and-take a few years.

The actual goal was then penned on paper by later generations of Chinese leaders to be within certain quantifiable parameters and was achieved JIT (just-in-time) before the century was out.

China today is infused with a deep sense of mission and destiny, with a national vista broader and more encompassing in scale than America's Manifest Destiny in the Nineteenth Century, and totally bereft of racist overtones at either the conscious or subconscious level.

The steely resolve to regain primacy in world affairs was not a fluky figment of imagination of a few mandarins, but the noble inspiration of an entire generation of havenots who were fed up with political infighting and were willing to do anything to see China great again in the eyes of the world -- all the better and merrier if that resolution were to be rewarded by opportunities for personal enrichment.

The Chinese people didn't exactly go from being paupers to nouveau riche in one summer, nor did the nation go from nothingness to modernity in one generation.  

For eons China had led as the world's most advanced civilization.  

Immunization against cowpox was widely practised in China in the Fifteenth century long before Edward Jenner introduced the practice to England in the Nineteenth.  

Paper currency was used beginning in the Tenth Century and an efficient postal service was established in the country long before Koizumi had to struggle with his by throwing down the gauntlet.  

The Forbidden City was completed a year after Admiral Zheng He discovered America in 1421 in his epic maritime voyage to all seven continents with galleons carrying more than 23,000 soldiers under the command of his four vice-admirals.  

The Great Wall which stretched farther afield than the expressways connecting San Diego with Boston remains even today as the greatest architectural enterprise ever taken by humankind.

Yet Japan's invasion of the 1930s epitomized China's state of misery before the revolution of 1949.  

China was like a big oceanliner negotiating sharp turns in her uncharted course towards her modern destiny.  Every ten years since the October Revolution of 1911 she felt the need to negate at least some of her policies or deeds of the previous ten years just to convince herself that the ship was still heading towards the right direction.

Yes, in 1911 Sun Yat-sen overthrew the Manchus; then Yuan Shi-kai negated Sun's revolution by trying to reinstate the imperial system.

The C C P held its first meeting in 1921, only to be betrayed by Chiang Kai-shek on April 12, 1927 in Shanghai with many of their comrades killed during the Northern Expedition.

1931 saw the 9.18 attack on Shenyang by the Japanese.  Still, this did not hold Chiang back from launching his New Life Movement in the mid-1930s, no matter how big a misnomer it was in view of the Japanese attack on July 1, 1937 at Marco Polo Bridge leading to the all-out war.

1941 brought in the Americans on our side in the eight-year arduous struggle against the Japanese because of the sneaky attack on Pearl Harbor.  

1951 China was fighting the Americans in the snowy mountains of North Korea with very primitive weapons.  

1961 saw the initial stirrings for recovery from the Great Leap Forward movement and withdrawal of haughty Soviet experts who carried off their blueprints with them when they found that Mao would not let them control China .  

1971 saw the death of Lin Biao which began the process of undermining the Extreme Left who had been in power since 1966.  

1981 saw further Sino-U.S. rapprochement which opposed the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.  

1991 saw thirteen years of Gaige Kaifang solidifed especially after Deng's visit to the south in 1992, prompting China to advance more boldly on all fronts.  America tried to undermine China's development by offering green cards to all Chinese scholars sent to study in America before the June ++ turmoil, attempting to rob China of a generation of her already scant supply of her best and brightest.

This betrayal negated the fruits of the previous ten years of improvement in bilateral relations after the Americans who -- like their Soviet predecessors -- found that China was not just another lackey willing to twist and turn like a contortionist would by tantalizing the Chinese with a fistful of dollars.

2001 was the first year in the new Five Year Plan which alternatively promulgated a new Progressive and then an Intensive Fiscal Policy.  This year -- 2006 -- is the beginning of a new Five-Year Plan that will implement well-planned policies including but not restricted to privatizing SOEs, expanding multilateral trade and establishing brand names in the global market.

China looks set to embark on her road of cultural revivalism, increasing her soft, economic and hard power every minute.  

Barring another Japanese invasion -- this time hitched to the chariot of neo-imperialists -- she is truly well-positioned to achieve what had been but a pipedream a century before in 1905 -- when the two foreign nations of Russia and Japan ridiculously fought a battle on Chinese soil.

And all this had started with the January 1975 speech of Premier Zhou En-lai, sublimated and congealed into national purpose and action upon his death exactly three decades ago on January 8, 1976.

Hence this commemoration note.

Wei Chao, M.D.

P.S. thanks for the correction.

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After reading your statement 37....

...I am wondering why that China and the USA are not better friends?

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Which part of the post, Mr. Ted C. Fishman, are you referring to?

I think you have misread.

Although I don't see the U.S. going to war against China face-to-face in the foreseeable future, I do see Uncle Sam's black hand behind every fumbling, maladroit attempt at destabilizing the Old Country, as in the recent dispatch of Japanese marines to be trained under American auspices in island warfare.

Now which islands would it be that they are so earnest to protect if not China's Diaoyudao presently occupied by Japan as well as other uninhabited 'islands' in the East China Sea?

Unable to win in land warfare against East Asians (except against the brain-damaged Japanese in WWII, of course) in North Korea and Vietnam, the diehard hardliners in the U.S. have now resorted to the morally repugnant endgame tactic of using East and South Asians to fight East Asians.

You think you are smart, but you are wrong, absolutely wrong.

Think about it in the deep winter of your windycityusa (Chicago), and see if I might be correct.

Your strategic aims are misdirected and your strategic plans in regards to China are misplaced.  

China will never hurt you but will also never kowtow to you.  

You are allowing your onus of hubris and your secret wish to be adored by the "yellow bastards" to guide your national military strategy, not your true need for national security.

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About the smiles of the Asos and the Abes in the presence of Rumsfeld and Rice

Do you think your Japanese partners will let you off the hook if they gain an upper hand over the Chinese who were never noted for ill intentions or deeds in conquering foreign lands in her historical record -- even when Admiral Zheng He could have done it so easily with his armada of hundreds of ships carrying 23,000 soldiers in 1421?  

Remember that in 1535 it took the Spaniards under Francisco Pizarro less than two hundred men on horseback to conquer the Inca Empire, and that in 1519 Hernan Cortes had conquered the native Aztec Empire with only 600 men, and built the city of Mexico on the ruins of Tenochtitlan.  So imagine what 23,000 soldiers with advanced weapons of their time would have been able to do had Chinese culture resemble anything like that of West Europeans.

Read your history books and come to the right conclusions about the Old Country and stop wasting your time arguing about the dangers of selling Western weapons to China.  Even better, tell your 666-member congress to stop wasting money on targeting China militarily.

Always remember that the Japanese are not just another East Asian people.  

They are a vengeful, remorseless, shameless island people who happened to have been bombed with nuclear weapons by one country -- the United States.

If they can be so cruel and ungrateful to the Chinese people who had treated them so well after the war (including but not limited to the rearing of the war orphans left by the defeated/departing Japanese soldiers and settlers in Manchuria) as to deny even the atrocities at Nanjing, do you think they will be grateful to the United States for helping them to fight the Chinese?

You will therefore have to excuse me for not joining you in your pep talk about China's allegedly desperate need to procure Western weapons.

As the awarding ceremony for scientists held today at the Great Hall of the People shows, China will depend on her own sons and daughters for scientific innovations in the Twenty First Century, and any foreign technology, including that of weaponry, will be but an adjunct to developing such capability.  That's what the great Mao, Zhou and Deng had been talking about all along -- self-reliance is the mainstay of our national policy.

The responsibility of any worsening bilateral relationship between China and U.S. over Taiwan and islands in the East China Sea will not lie with China.

Guess whose responsibility it will be?

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Have all the Zionists gone to visit Sharon at the hospital?

After talking nonsense about China's procuring Western weapons for the better half of a week, the Zionists here in this forum have suddenly disappeared -- confirming my suspicion all along that these folks really don't have any valid arguments to support their contentions in this forum.

I believe I have given them ample amount of time to explain themselves and to post as much as they wanted on various issues, so that when I do return they can't say nobody gave them a chance to talk back.

The facts have now proven beyond reasonable doubt that what they wanted was not fairness, but a monopoly of the cyberwaves.

One whole month of my absence.  That's enough time for any iluvfish to sire a school of mackerels.

Conspiracies won't work here.  

I know before you go to bed you still couldn't help but be curious what fish eggs I have netted for the day.

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